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  1. Show us Yourself v2

    Beautifull eyes u got
  2. hello bachwa

    1. bachwa

      hello fatrick :patrick:

  3. Just use discord. You can do pretty much the same aslong as you're creative.
  4. Crafting system

    ability to craft nuclear bomb... Im in!
  5. count to 1,000,000

  6. Taser suggestion

    Makes me wondering how its possible that killed-by-tazer happens that much if it only damages 1 out of 100. Can we get rid of this issue by setting any damage to a 10th number? Is that technically achievable? Does that require lots of scripting or is it just changing a number?
  7. Taser suggestion

    then lower the tazer damage to 1 hp, or if possible 0.01hp
  8. @NanoBob @Angelo. Any technical toughts on this?
  9. Night Time in SAES

    You get a plus one from me. Another idea is to randomly make it rain/cloudy/etc/flood. 24/7 clear sky gets a bit bored..
  10. I just won't ever let this topic fade away.
  11. Atleast shorten the max radius!
  12. Inviting system

    I have. (13/14) Tough, the only reason people spammed gz, is to annoy and fuck with the admins. Admins couldve simply not step in and the 'badass' gz spammers wont feel that badass anymore.
  13. Inviting system

    Our chat ain't a holy/serious place. GZ spam was fun and mostly it didnt became a big thing. Mostly it was only 5 rows of spam, how can it be a problem? 3 words non-english causes: - 2x "speak english in mainchat" in all languages at topbar - 1x red colored row ... has been muted by ... - 1x green colored row ... has been unmuted by console. I think I know what people bothers the most in this case.
  14. Patrick's Reward Change

    For some reason, the vehicles are public & are not showing in the Modify Donation Vehicles page. I dont want to become a public car!