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  1. Arrests scoreboard

    Fuck this topic now everyone is gonna arrest 1 star wanted ppl
  2. It requires a whole panel being made, not sure if the scripters have time for that, but you get a +1 from me.
  3. I have a simple suggestion, may not be that simple to script, but it could be worth it. Store acces to a private forum in a database instead as Cookie on the computer. Its frustrating to fill in forum passwords ever 3 days or so, and not only on PC, but also laptop, on tablet and smartphone. I only have acces to a couple private forums and even I find it frustrating. Some people here even need a whole list of passwords because of their thousands groups they are part of, wouldn't it be a lot easier to just have it stored permanently in the database? If the forum password changes, acces should be removed. PS: You can't let google chrome keep the password, because it will only work for 1 private forum.
  4. Website Fixes

    Brophy finished his viewer goal
  5. Why not making it standard?
  6. Signatures

    No, this makes the forum look messy OR - 1 row only - no YT videos - no extreme epileptic flashing gifs that annoys you when reading
  7. bumb, still would like to see this ingame.
  8. lets insult karitos

    Gz with your brown nickname
  9. You can create your own group by making a topic here, & you can use grouptags ingame. The chance of getting a group official is pretty small, you'll really need to bring something special in order to have it official. About a radio in M panel, you need to host it yourself and ask a HQ to get your radio's MP3 stream to be added in the M panel, altough I'm not sure if they accept any radio station that easily.
  10. I can still mute those sirens with a press of a button if i want to, and play music using a browser. But Id like to see this suggestion come to reality so we can still use the radios in M panel. Just saying that you should not and cant force anyone to listen to shit. I see in the statistics of EDMzone, ZebraFM, Slugs and Radio Active that people still like to listen to a radiostation trough M panel. Oh and not everyone likes metal ;) On the rest, I agree with what you've mentioned.
  11. Why wouldnt we be allowed to decide what we hear or what not? If I disable admin radios and there is shit being explained trough a stream, why wouldnt that be my own problem? You cant give admins a force button and expecting them to not abuse it