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  1. Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #3 (A Video Sneak Peek)

    @Tombaa with this amount of announcements and rumours I expected more.
  2. Hi folks, Here we'll post EDMZone media, events, parties and other shit. #1. Halloween party at BS base by @PittHead
  3. [TO BE ADDED]Ejector seat

    So if a 42 star wanted guy enters your car you'll still not be able to kick his ass?
  4. Black Syndicate - Media Center

    Event #601 Event type: Chicken Shooter Price : 1.500.000$ LWS/G6: Batman Winner: Wolf1 Screens
  5. Show us Yourself v2

    Accepted for EDMzone gz
  6. [TO BE ADDED]Vehicle respawn announcement

    I think its possible to just select moved vehicles to respawn
  7. [TO BE ADDED]Vehicle respawn announcement

    No, just remove the entire idea of the respawn script. Just make a script that respawns a car that haven't been entered for 10 minutes or so.
  8. Official Quote Wall

  9. Reward change

    Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 10 pounds When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? March 9 Why do you need this change? Because with a shamal, its difficult to land somewhere Links to your donation topics: http://saesrpg.net/topic/58236-donation-patrick2-amount-1000/ Links to your previous donation changes requests: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: Shamal at LV airport Location: LV airport, you can locate it using my username (patrickrick). It has a spawn icon wich has to be removed. Interior: ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Maverick Location: Any airport (I prefer the one in the desert) Username: patrickrick Interior:
  10. So.. what?

    Its a bug, but is he abusing?
  11. Official Quote Wall

    Just wait till a server restart.
  12. [RESOLVED] Colorable hotknife

    The yellow one reminds me from
  13. [RESOLVED] Colorable hotknife

    Lel, frank has been pissed off by almost whole server, but now, everyone wants him to make a colorable hotknife for saes... hypocritical...