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    1. Horizonts

      i think u sent the message to the wrong guy, u think u wanted to talk with @Noisyboy and @Kybalion1.618 

    2. Zeta

      The only guy who eats pene is you, so I guess the message was right ;D

    3. Kybalion1.618

      faggots, besenme la montañaaa

  2. Texas ~ Cartel | Media Archive

    Event Type: Sniper LMS Helpers: Cripz>Zaza Location: Bone Country Price: 2.000.000$ Winner: [NNB]Eagle ScreenShots:
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    2. Noisyboy

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    3. Kybalion1.618

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  5. Texas ~ Cartel | Media Archive

    ~Bamk Robbery (25-03-2017)~
  6. I'm desperate

    you mean this one? maybe the rock one is a special song for the movie. lol i did my best, but i couldn't found the song. xD
  7. Texas ~ Cartel | Media Archive

    ~Activity (23-03-2017)~
  8. Texas ~ Cartel | Media Archive

    ~Los Santos Bank Robbery (20-03-2017)~
  9. SKY-DIVING TRAINING Training Led By: Horizonts Training Location: Los Santos Docks Date: 13/03/17 Participants: SDO|Horizonts, SDO|Robles, SDO-H|Asesino, SDO-H|Kybalion SDO-H|Gonza SDO-H|Dog Screenshots: (sorry for the delay, but i was kind of busy)
  10. wow, seems pretty cool, great job :D
  11. Texas ~ Cartel | Media Archive

    ~ Texas Cartel - Event ~ Event Type: SuperLMS Helpers: Stay Location: Price: 10.000.000 $ Winner: Alius Screens:
  12. == Sky-Diving Organization Role-Play (22/02/07)== ~The New Gang On The City~ I were at the SDO base repairing one of our planes, and I got a call from Zeta, one member of a drug cartel, he told me “Come to our base at 01:35, I have a job for you.” When I arrived on their base, he gave me information about the job. “A new gang on the city is selling drugs on our territories” he told me, so he wanted to get the answers for some questions about this new gang, who are them? , what kind of drugs they are selling? And who are buying them drugs in our territories? he asked, for this job I had to infiltrate on his base to get the answers, zeta told me he will get me there with one of his helicopters. After some hours we arrived there, and upon their base I took my parachute and jumped from the helicopter to the gang base, it was hard to land, they had to many bodyguards, also the security was very good but despite this I landed on their roof. After this I walked around the base and took many pictures also information of some of their computers, they are a gang called Hell Soldiers and the answers of the other questions was on a USB, when I took the information, I left from their base and i gave the information to my customer Zeta, he was happy for the job and gave me 5000$ as payment.
  13. Type of event: Air boxing Price: 2.000.0000 Winner(s): [FOX]Hassoni Hoster(s): Horizonts helper LWS/G6 member: Stay Helper: Robles Screenshots:
  14. Pene

    1. Noisyboy

      Chupar mi pene

    2. Horizonts

      Nosisy tu quieres falo de kyba y de zeta al mismo tiempo