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  1. Trucking Update!!

    Terry house robberies are in the past, fuck them, cops are already overpowered so without climbing to the roof you'll end jailed even more easily lol. But about the trucking update, cheers Kain, I'll find out from the tutorial how to get rid off from the bug, cheers.
  2. Chasin's reward change.

    How much have you donated for the server? 350 pounds. When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? 17.07.2015 (over 2 years ago) Why do you need this change? Because I haven't done a donation change for ages and I want to put all my donations to use. Links to your donation topics: (In the order of the date, 2014-2017) 1. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/50746-chasin-£20-donation-rewards-to-be-chosen/#comment-914673 2. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/53536-donation-chasin-amount-10000/#comment-978733 3. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/55688-donation-chasin-amount-3000/#comment-1027691 4. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/55870-donation-chasin-amount-100/#comment-1030860 5. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/64606-donation-chasin-amount-1000/#comment-1198426 6. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/72238-donation-chasin-amount-1000/#comment-1352086 7. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/72239-donation-chasin-amount-6000/#comment-1352091 8. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/79199-donationchasin-amount-10000-gbp/#comment-1489029 9. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/88705-donationchasintlsn-amount-1900-gbp/ Links to your previous donation changes requests: (In the order of the date, 2014-2017) 1. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/60634-reward-change/#comment-1122693 2. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/64012-big-reward-change/#comment-1188079 3. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/67589-reward-changes/#comment-1256339 4. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/69833-reward-change/#comment-1302574 5. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/74039-chasins-donation-change/#comment-1388159 6. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/74456-chasins-donation-change/#comment-1397456 ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Huntley. Location: Kurcina Hideout (Property owner is MrWan (jaycee2016)) Username: My username is ''decrypter1'' Vehicle 2: Burrito Location: Same location as above, around two meters to the left from Burrito. • Thank you to whoever will sort these two vehicles out, topic will be edited today/tomorrow.
  3. Website Fixes

    oo Brophy oo
  4. Millionaire Evil Cow

    That's how Millionaire laying on the cell whenever he's jailed.
  5. Show us Yourself v2

  6. nays activity guys

    Go play hide and seek and fuck yourself.
  7. Brophy remove dis shit or we have to consider to prohibite chicken for ya you black arsed twerp

  8. Show us Yourself v2

    Oh shit mate what's your foot size :D
  9. LS Jail back & /sur fixed

    WOOOOO, damn those feels to have it back, thank you devs <3
  10. Yo, you donated to summit1g? Just saw your name pop-up.

    1. LEFT

      Too bad someone started a donation war xD But probs to you for supporting him!

  11. New SAES Members and Community Staff Recruitment opened!

    Was about time, congratulations gentlemens.

    1. ChasinTLSN

       ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

  13. FAGGOT

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  14. Store Robberies