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    1. Auto

      Hahahaha legend omg

    2. ChasinTLSN

      Legend's love, Legend is life.

  2. What you like to do

    I like when someone posts the Russki gameplay of the server, weird addiction haha :D
  3. Promotion

    Congratulations, through all the shit we've had and everything, I gotta admit that you've put some effort into getting those tags infront of your name.
  4. do me a favor

    sapa scam gang
  5. Texas ~ Cartel | Media Archive

    First off all, don't make events if you're being a disgrace for the gang, after waiting shitload of time on your you simply answered to us ''stfu'' when we told you to start, secondly keep your eyes open and sit the fuck down before picking on me while you clearly seen that I was moving in the start and all the time, never seen a cunt inside the gang like you are, so I hope you get your arse kicked you disrespectful newbie, shame on him whoever invited you.
  6. Arms&Drugs dealers

    Yeah, it would be just pure spam if it would be implemented, there are so much going on with /sell in every minute, some even spam the bind so the marker will pop up for several times, in RP wise it's good idea but if coming to this factor then nah.
  7. How do you imagine the users to look.

    More like:
  8. Roast the person above you.

    You can't toast me whoever changed my content, either you can't roast me, you're right!
  9. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    That's because if you say the truth in your opinion, it will get you banned sooner or later, it might not be because exactly for because stating your opinion here but if you've butthurted someone with saying the truth or just clearly your own opinion, then reasons can be found from everywhere if anyone inside the clan wants to, we have alot of butthurts around the server who are weak enough to take the criticism, not talking about insulting but just a constructive criticism, that's why peoples hold their mouth shut or just praise the ones who have some kind of rank around, for example the admin panel, this isn't the science, it's clear as that.
  10. Show us Yourself v2

  11. Show us Yourself v2

  12. how old are you ?

    27 years of beer science, alot of experience blyat :D
  13. how old are you ?

    I'm 22, but who gives a shit if you feeling like 17-18 aswell look alike.
  14. What the fuck have you done lmao.


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    2. Tut Greco


    3. alius

      Luv you chasin <3

    4. Noisyboy

      Nanobob banned u ?

  15. forza horizon 3 Forza Horizon 3

    I really wish to play this game, been watching alot of gameplay at YT and it seems interesting asf, especially with steering wheel and shifter :D