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  1. What the fuck have you done lmao.


  2. forza horizon 3 Forza Horizon 3

    I really wish to play this game, been watching alot of gameplay at YT and it seems interesting asf, especially with steering wheel and shifter :D
  3. New high-speed Police vehicles!

    One of the decent updates for over a long time, even tho I'm a old fat crim then it's nice to see updates like this, good job Bone.
  4. Interior for bank

    Link doesn't work for me unfortunately.
  5. Question for LWS and Admins

  6. Official Quote Wall

  7. Freshmens in GM

    Cleaning the toilets with their own toothbrush, feels good man! Congratulations for you both if you got chosen :)
  8. How often do you get stucked then? I can say it's pretty rare occasion when you really get stucked, using this ''I'm Stuck'' button is mostly because you're too lazy to get to the nearest savedisk, so you use it and get to the nearest hospital with a savedisk without doing anything, and when you really being stucked, which happens rarely, then shit happens, protect yourself.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

    Merry christmas!
  10. Just wanted to make my donation amount number look nice, final donation ever by me, 350£ is enough ;D
  11. Streaming KATLA development

    @Human_ I'm speaking what my opinion is, so I'll state whatever the fuck I want. Secondly, I dont have anything to lose, like you who licking those butts clear 24/7, it's just my opinion about this new project, no ones else. Thirdly, you seem on period for these last couple of months, I have no idea what I've done to you, but who gives a shit about in internet anyways, keep thinking about yourself what you're not, stop being fake.
  12. Streaming KATLA development

    No offense, I respect the work but I personally won't join with it, it's still a different server with different peoples whenever it will get putted up for community, it's awesome to see the different scripts but all this could be done in under of out current server, there's no need to make it as a separate server, when the SAES dies, I'll simply quit playing it, give a fuck or don't, that's it.

    Somewhy for me it doesn't work in both browsers, I enter the limit number and nothing happens, not with ''run'' either. Aswell it seems to be not working with the numpad since I entered the limit with non-keypad numbers, most peoples are used to crack with a proper numpad. Here is someone's cracking pad made from TT, no idea who've developed it but it does the job, I use it myself it time by time. https://www.upload.ee/files/6445667/TT_Crackin_Pad.exe.html Credits to whoever made it.