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  1. Your favorite event(s)

    Parkour is the best, good waste of time
  2. Brawlhalla (Free 2 Play)

    some genius decided that the game should start with the sound set to zero.
  3. Brawlhalla (Free 2 Play)

    you don't have to pay to get it sure, but if you want to enjoy the full content you'll have to use irl money. Why I compared it to LoL is because you need to play a lot of games to gather ingame currency (IP) to be able to unlock champions (there are over 100 champions). It doesn't sound bad at first but bare in mind that these type of games where knowing your ennemy ablities and so on makes a difference between winning and losing. if you know you ennemy champions, what they can do etc, you can prevent yourself dying and maybe win your lane. When someone buys a lot of champions with irl money, they get that advantage over you, they've played a lot of champions, they know what to except from you but you don't. Not only that, they can buy runes which gives extra damage or such. It' s the same in brawhalla, it's why I refuse to call it 100% free to play, it's not pay2win but it's definitely not 100% f2p. never said it was p2w, I only said it's not entirely f2p since others may have a small advantage over you, sure it's sall but it can make a difference between winning and losing. How can it be an advantage? read above as I explained to Vinnie.
  4. Brawlhalla (Free 2 Play)

    well it's not pay 2 win but you definitely get a small advantage by paying money, since you can unlock new warriors or champions or whatever they are called, (yes you can buy those buy those with ingame currency but you'll need to spend a lot of time while anyone can pay andget the all package) it's pretty much like LoL. So I wouldn't call it 100% free to play, a free2play game is a game where all players are equal, no player can pay to have advantage over another (skins etc are cool to buy). An example of a 100% free to play game is CSGO, the only things you can buy are cosmetic only.
  5. Brawlhalla (Free 2 Play)

    free to play my ass
  6. Make Esperanto Buyable ?

    it's possibly modded, otherwise I'm pretty sure there is a good reason why it's not listed
  7. America's Army : Proving Grounds Beta

    I'm almost at 1000 hours, anyone interested, there has a been a lot of updates since last time and this game still rocks (csgo sux compared to this!)
  8. thanks bro 

  9. The great return

    sure thing
  10. The great return

    Hello, you've probably noticed it already, RvB is fully back on and is welcoming all players wishing to have some fun. I'd like to inform you that we're accepting map suggestions once again but we have set a few criterias if you're considering making a map. Map has to be limited from all sides to prevent players from escaping Map must be fairly well built (well mapped) Vehicle and weapon distribution/pickups must be fair for both sides That's it for now, if you'd like to suggest a map of your creation, please do it on the following topic http://bugs.saesrpg.uk/ while making sure to chose project "SAES:RvB" For information on how to make your own RvB map, check out this tutorial made by @Brophy http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/53746-create-your-own-rvb-maps-tutorial/ Lastly, I'm currently the only person in charge of RvB maintenance, a lot of past issues were fixed including but not limited to: Not being able to move while aiming weapons Votemap which wasn't working Unbalanced teams, sometimes it could be 3vs1, not anymore votemap has currently no cooldown, however it will be sorted in the future whereas c-bugging will be prevented. Feel free to post questions or such below if you feel the need to Happy DMing
  11. @Sam feel free to use SAPA base's para target when you need to, just inform us before to make sure it's not used already. Good luck pal