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  1. Drift handling

    Reason: duplicate suggestion, link
  2. Reason: it's not possible to allow such feature again as its usage bugged the gang panel, thank you for suggesting, nothing we can do, it's MTA.
  3. Oi, can you please clean up your inbox?

  4. Can you watch discord message soon as possible ?

  5. do I use |HON tag now or wut? :leia:

  6. im so sorry i did not check the spoiler and it was because these troubles , i had PM'ed you but i dont know if you see it or not

  7. Basically, the State Trooper was added so that trainnes/gang members also get a chance to drive the dodge, otherwise State Trooper is pretty much the same as Trainee, a trainee with many arrests. Isn't arresting everyone on sight what trainees do best? (well, most of them at least) Don't see why it should be different.
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  9. I'm pretty sure when we used it it fucked up the order of the grid data.
  10. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    I was talking about this then you had to stick your nose into it
  11. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    The topic is about you liking gangs or not, not about you liking GMs or not and throwing accusations, be it implicitly or explicitly. Now back on topic.
  12. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    Stay on topic and don't start with your shit.
  13. oi view discord pm please :P