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  1. Donation:Adrian! (Amount 10.00 GBP)

    sorted, thanks for donating!
  2. I could have not even replied if I wanted to do that and I wouldn't have to do a thing. Calm your tits now.
  3. Nobody spawns at Whetstone, Montgommery or even Bayside. Why should we add them while nobody or only a handful people will use them?
  4. be more specific as to where the ambulances are needed.
  5. siren sound is default in GTA SA and can't be changed. The only way to do this is having custom sounds. With that, having multiple clients stream the sound and sync it with other players will cause performance issues.
  6. League of Legends Players

    stfu noob
  7. that and it reminds other people what happens when they break rules.
  8. Sales / Games on Offer

  9. I did read it, I did not bother reply because it's not true. Hitting game objects do not trigger the wanted script. It maybe possible before but now, you do not get damage when hitting objects with your vehicle. if there is a bug that you want to report, we have a bug tracker especially for that. In case I am wrong and you are right, you are welcome to report that bug and we'll make sure to fix it as soon as possible.
  10. look where you are driving. Raming pedestrians is always your fault, no matter what you think. You are going at a high speed, you should watch where you are driving. I do not know if you have a driving license irl, but that is how it works. You hit someone, it's your fault, you should have paid more attention.
  11. you don't make sense. If you are driving, and the trainee is on foot, you would ram him which makes him fall on the ground while you can keep driving. They can nor shoot you nor arrest you. Also, you can simply watch where you are driving, when you see anyone around, just get away from their way. Also, just a tip: posting a topic that is called "remove the retarded..." and going into fights and ragning on your comment won't get you anywhere. And since you are the leader of NSA, that just reflects bad leadership. If you are pissed, go chill before posting w/e posts, because usually anger & reason do not co-exist.
  12. [ADDED]Ejector seat

  13. you mean shoot them with tazer, right? hmmm maybe if they are going at a very low speed.