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  • "long story short: Work hard for the things you would like to achieve and never stop until you achieve them."

long story short: Work hard for the things you would like to achieve and never stop until you achieve them.

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  1. /switchweapon command

    one shouldn't be able to shoot while cargrabbed, if it's anything otherwise, feel free to submit a bug report here: http://bugs.saesrpg.uk/
  2. /switchweapon command

    don't see the problem as long as everyone can easily use it. And it's not a bug abuse, it's using the script, feel free to practice and get better at using it.
  3. I'm not talking about donation vehicles only, I'm talking about the entire server vehicles that were meant not to despawn after catching fire to allow firefighters to respond to them, what you mentioned isn't a resonable argument for the change. As for the suggestion itself,it us up to server management/HQs to decide, as it's not a regular suggestion but rather an additional donator privilege.
  4. you're asking for an extra donator privilege not a fix to the problem since the rest of the players also deal with the same situation. Not all vehicles respawn after catching fire, that is an intentional perk to allow firefighters the chance to respond to fires.
  5. Co-driver

    or, use cruise control.
  6. Remove traffic Officer skin mod

    as per majority vote, the skin mod will be removed. edit: removed.
  7. [Championship] League of Legends

    is it going to be on the week end? I can only attend saturday/sunday
  8. Remove traffic Officer skin mod

    should be replaced with a better skin
  9. Sales / Games on Offer

    sadly no
  10. Sales / Games on Offer

    FREE THE WITCHER - Enhanced Edition: Final Thoughts http://www.epicbundle.com/article/game-for-free-the-witcher-enhanced-edition
  11. you are asking for another BR, you even suggested the same mechanisms as the BR which is really pointless, it would be simply another BR with a different name. There is ground here but if this suggestion was to be considered for server implementation, it would need to be different. Feel free to suggest any changes/ideas to improve the suggestion.
  12. A way to cancel police calls

    Reducing the time it takes for the backup call to be canceled should be fine, the person who initially called backup will be notified and if they still need backup, they can resend it. Otherwise, we'd have to remove trainee's access to the command as it seems they're the ones who do not care enough to cancel their backup calls when no longer needed. For now, I will add a message that invites the player to cancel his backup call once it's no longer needed. Will give it some observation time and if the problem persists, will either lower the time before backup is canceled or even remove trainee's access.
  13. A way to cancel police calls

    /999 cancel Anything can and will be abused, history taught us that players can't be trusted to follow the rules. No you won't be allowed to remove other people's backup calls. What could be done is reduce the backup duration so the 'S' will disappear much faster, and then if you need backup still you can resend it.
  14. 22 vehicles + 1 interior reward change

    22/22 vehicles sorted + large int 19.