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  1. I know that at least for disk vehicles, that won't work. The only way to spawn a disk vehicle is via the disk itself. And also the reference is lost as Bob said because the vehicle is actually destroyed and not hidden or whatsoever. When a player spawns a disk vehicle, the vehicle is created again with a new reference. even if it worked for mapped vehicles, that still is a problem.
  2. Vehicles that are completely destroyed (go on fire) and then repaired, become damage-proof until respawn. It's an MTA bug.
  3. Donation:Deathshotdj (Amount 1.00 GBP)

    Please don't change the default format. Get in touch with an admin ingame for your money reward.
  4. save passwords when you're prompt to with a meaningful name, and you're all good.
  5. Map voting

    That means having to test every single map with players on. The only way to do that is have the map loaded on the server so that's not possible. best thing you can do to help now is go through the maps with someone and report the faulty ones here : http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/93144-report-faultybuggy-maps/
  6. Radios need to be updated

    please report broken radios on the bug tracker. You may also suggest ones here on the forum.
  7. make sure you lock your vehicle when you exit it and you're good. Cops carjacking people to arrest them get ejected automatically from the vehicle so they can't edit your vehicle, which leaves you no excuse not to lock your vehicle.
  8. Disk in JB

    there is almost always an arms dealer during jailbreaks. a disk would only allow criminals to respawn as soon as they exit the jail, there is already a disk close which is in the skatepark.
  9. Some secrets in SAES's site!

    @Chaterte don't bump old topics. Everyone had moved on and forgot about this.
  10. Signatures

    wrong, they do work on this forum, they just fill up a lot of space since some people have large signatures and makes forum pages more or less pleasant.
  11. I realize there are multiple maps that are : bugged has unbalanced weapons the mapping provides unfair advantage to either of the teams has no map limits has teamkill on it the map is just really bad that nobody plays it. other issues (specify) This topic is for community players to report these maps so they can be fixed to ensure a better overall experience for everyone. If you have any irrelevant concerns, please post them here. fill in this short form: Map name: Problem(s): Please note that any contribution to this topic helps us provide you a better play experience and moves us forward to fixing other issues. Your input matters to us, you make the server even better. confirmed list: rvb_arena (teamkill on), bugs rvb_farm (no map limits) rvb_rebbelion (map sucks, no map limit) amphibious assault (teamkilling on, no map limit) rcwars (shit weapons, teamkilling on) rvb_elvis (no map limit) rvb_ghost (same as ghostpwn but guns suck) pending confirmation:
  12. Map voting

    until we are sure that all the existing maps and everything else is working fine, that won't happen. Reason is that sometimes maps are buggy and players have no choice but to wait for the whole duration while doing nothing. Having a chance to vote again will avoid this issue. But I do understand that some people start votes even after a map has been voted which may be annoying. This issue will be addressed in the future. The plan is to prevent the same map from being voted many times in a row.
  13. Arrests scoreboard

    more of a "has no life" list
  14. Taser is fine as it is.