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  1. no idea why is this pinned on the general chat section while it's group related, at the best should be inside 'SA Gov and Military' or 'TSG'. which one you want me to move it to?
  2. General Chat

    hihihi first kill with @Maybar66
  3. Bastage Rust Server

    @Brophy @Magnus all the plugins are not working since the last update.
  4. Rust Bastage Team

    Growing up arms Taking down a chopper
  5. Rust Bastage Team

    Whaat, what happened?
  6. Rust Bastage Team

    I'll be on this evening and tomorrow.
  7. Rust Bastage Team

    I don't mind but imo we need more players than mods right now Here is my steamID (64) : 76561198065860292 will try to get some people on this evening.
  8. Rust Server

    if you're interested, here you go
  9. Rust Bastage Team

    I figured the best way to gather people around is to create an official rust team. Anyone who is interested in joining, please post your steam profile link below, regardless of how many hours you have if any. The idea is that we'll start with the basic things, gathering resources, building bases just for fun. Once the server is populated, we can do PVP.
  10. A gift for a Great HQ

    how is it asslick when he has nothing to gain from doing this?
  11. Meet the new Government

    No @Bazuka it has to be done in a very nice RP fashion, otherwise it is considered DM.
  12. [RvB] Suggestions & Ideas

    There is a Deathmatch dimention already where you can DM all you want.
  13. new job

    very nice, I like it!
  14. General Chat

    Yhea, can do, I'm also mostly available during evenings except weekends due to college. I've also been administrating a rust server a while ago before bastage got their own server, so I know pretty much everything there is to know including my.gameservers.com/ etc.
  15. Make use of 999 p

    911 p isn't locked to police only, anyone can use it. Using it for RP or not, that's every player's choice and we won't force anyone to roleplay, it's how it always has been. On the other side, server rules remains aside, if you break those, you get server/admin punished. If you want to roleplay being dead, that's different, that's not DM.