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  1. Serial Account Protection

    denied, thank you for suggesting however.
  2. A way to avoid annoying cops!

    suggestion denied due to no community support. Thank you for suggesting however.
  3. Few Medic Suggestions

    I believe this has been sorted by Tombaa
  4. not that I don't agree but given the free time I have on my days, this is a low priority for me. Currently I'm working on something else which is more of a core script, I don't want to spoil things but I'm pretty sure you know what it is. Of course if anyone else is willing to do this, that'd be cool but I know that the rest of the dev team members have other occupations. Now I could have told yes I will do it but then not do it and give excuses and so on but no, I don't do that, I've always been honest about the state of things.
  5. No we don't know that, don't turn assumptions into facts. And No that is not how it works, you don't think I would have thought about that?
  6. This is something which is already implementd in KATLA.
  7. Promotion

    gratz nigga
  8. Sales / Games on Offer

    Mount & Blade free for another 36 hours. https://www.gog.com/
  9. A way to avoid annoying cops!

    if someone keeps on going after you and only you which is basically harassing you, just report him to admins or get bribed and he'll be gone.
  10. Some secrets in SAES's site!

    ok enough of the discriminative talk.
  11. Scheduled server maintenance

    FYI, server is open once again, updates are finished. A few things are fixed inlucluding /class chat.
  12. Serial Account Protection

    I don't know if you even know what authorized serial account protection means but let me explain. enabling serial protection means we will have to authorize each and every serial everytime someone tries to join the server with a new one, this isn't made for public server but rather for private ones.
  13. Scheduled server maintenance

    Hello, The server will be closed today (04/05/2017) for a short period before midnight for a few updates. If everything goes as planned, the server should be back after 20 minutes maximum. During the maintenance, you are welcome to join our discord channel where you will be updated about the server status. Discord server link : https://discord.gg/ZruXX6u Thank you for being patient.
  14. If anything, passengers on stunt planes will be removed. As said above, stunt planes aren't a transportation mean.