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  1. Giveaways

    proof or didn't happen
  2. Giveaways

    no scratch that, doesn't really count as a giveaway. They are making you have "entries" just to get a chance to earn one of the 50 copies.
  3. Official Bastage team

    We're still looking for players!
  4. Official Bastage team

    Can't find your name.
  5. Giveaways

    noice! thanks <3 !
  6. Changes to HQ

    grats pal
  7. SAES is 14 years old!

    happy birthday SAES. 4 years has already passed since I first joined the server.
  8. Question To Forum Admins

    This is not the proper place to post questions. Next time post your questions on the general chat forum, help & assistance section. http://saesrpg.uk/community/forum/166-help-and-assistance/ Anyhow, issued solved, locked.
  9. [GAME]Squad

    Looks interesting, I'll download it and try it out first actually nevermind, it's 40 bucks
  10. New Gang Management

  11. my colour is better

  12. Hotel rooms

    neat mapping!
  13. Official Bastage team

    It has been several months now since LoL bastage team was created, however we never got around making it official, That time has come. We have several community players in the team already and are always welcome new players. Currently, we are playing on EUW (europe west) If you are interested, leave a post below with your LoL name and rank/ level as well as champs you like to play / main and finally your preferred role.
  14. League of Legend team

    this topic is 3 years old and you just bumped it... I'm pretty sure given that it's that much old, the team no longer exists. We have a bastage team on EUW if you are interested, add me "LordAngeloOx"
  15. League of Legends - General Chat

    Buy Galio Win games done but one thing to do is, everytime you encounter a new champion, read about their abilities or maybe even see videos on Youtube. You need to know what the other champions can do, their safe distance, what spells to they usually max, etc. Once you estabilish a wide database, you'll feed less and win more games. Also, pick a champion you enjoy playing and main it. When you're just starting, you'll need to be able to survive on your own, don't rely on your team to save you, so pick a champion with good mobility / escape. what's your name on LoL?