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  1. Я по поводу попа. Твой папа может мне помочь?

    1. LogiTechS


      да, звоните 79102095609

  2. Last Letter!

  3. AA Media Archive

    Event Type: Fallout Location: G6 area Prize: $1,500,000 Winner(s): SickFog75 Hoster: Arms Assassins, Black~Bullets, Tuga Thugs Sponsor: Kipt Screens: https://imgur.com/a/NMVvG
  4. Quality's Reward Change

    nope. Until u add me
  5. And justice for kmeta

  6. AA Media Archive

    That was my weekend, I wanted to relax a bit and chill out, but I recieved a call from my old friend, Mr.Adway, we used to lead the MC back in 1990x, He asked me to help him with kidnapping some guy, that betrayed him. I loaded some weapons in my Range Rover and went to Mr.Adway. We met at ThC base, We were talking about who's that person and where to find him. Fortunately we knew the place where he was. We came inside that bar and we found this guy on the second floor, he was drinking whiskey, Mr.Adway asked is he scared, on what he answered "no" and punched Mr.Adway, unfortunately I had to kill him. We moved his body to Mercedes AMG. After we went to Bone County to hide his fucking body. After we were done we went to the bar to chill out a bit and drink vodka. After that I don't remember how I got back to home...
  7. AA Media Archive

    It had been a typical day for me, I opened AA ammunition at 9:05. Since I opened it, I haven't seen any customer, but later in the day, around 14:10, the first customer came in. I couldn't believe it, it was my old friend from Tuga Thugs! He wanted to buy an MP5 for himself. I showed him some types of MP5 and he decided to buy the one with piercing ammo. After him, an unknown guy wanted to buy a Colt-45. Before closing the ammunition, some trucker wanted to buy sawed-off. He said he needs to protect himself from the criminals, as they usually rob the trucks. I sold him a sawed-off with 200 ammo, that should be enough. Can't really say that it has been a successful day, but I made about 30,500$ in profits. https://imgur.com/a/w06eT