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  1. @Haas it will not work that good As we all know to get in the car as a driver when the car is locked door have to be open.Players will have a change to open front doors by trying to get in as a passageer and then just get in as a driver..
  2. Arrests scoreboard

    Update here too
  3. Rewards for Accepted Suggestions

    @ILLUSION i dont have anything against your suggestion.its fine but.. Even now admins can not sort all of suggestions and keep alot unanswered.If people will start to spam with suggestion...we just will have alot of cool but not surted suggestions
  4. Rewards for Accepted Suggestions

    Also let people pay admins who scripted it and also who loaded it on server
  5. Official Quote Wall

    @Leblanc in action
  6. Reduce time in prison

    @XXXBLIZZACION both sides have to be balanced.At this moment we can already see disbalance which comming from criminals side since they can shoot cops from long range(rules do not kill criminal without trying to arrest him),Big ammount of criminals everywhere against three-five cops per city(or even less) How do you think cops have to deal with crims which will go out after 3-4 minutes of jail? I am agreed with having fun in jail but you all was crying about bringing old jail back so now you got it...
  7. Reduce time in prison

    At this moment jail time is fine.If admins will decide to reduce it alot of disbalance will happend.Even now,when cops trying to stop store rob crims have enought of time to stay in jail for 7 minutes,eat donuts,watch porn,get back to SR and kill everyone. Current time is fair(i even think would be better to raise it to 9-10 minutes) because there wont be tons of arrested by you criminals getting unjailed in 3 minutes and killing you again
  8. Official Quote Wall

    @Velona @Joe Keep calm and fight via PM
  9. I. Personal Info In-game Name: Dufabo Username / Account-name: dufabo1900 Age: I’m 19 years old. Gender: Male Nationality: Russian Languages Spoken: I can speak russian,english,german(but im sux with german)...thats all i belive? Rate your English skill level (A1-C2; click for reference): C1 Average Ping: 80 Average FPS: 66 Do you use Teamspeak/IRC: I hate teamspeak,but i have it.Mostly using discord Tell us about yourself (Requirements: minimum 50 words; cohesive text): Good day,my name is Ilya but on server mostly known as Russian cyka(Or dufabo).I am living in Russia,Moscow.I am 19 years old.Likes to play some video games such as MTA,PUBG,Fallout and others.Also like to watch movies with GF or even alone(because its more intresting huh).I dont like some kinds of sports such as Football because its too dangerous!(ask vektor!!! ) II. In-game experience When did you join the server: I am saes player since august of 2013 How much do you play each day: I am playing on saes liiike....5-6 hours per day Previous Squads/Gangs/Companies: TST,FOX,SAFP,ALT,HA,SRT,STF,CripZ,SWAT, Name the reason(s) for leaving: Too much text.Will better explain it to HQ Current group memberships: Homeland Security Investigation ArmsCorparation(IAC) Desert Eagle San Andreas Medics LWS Pro Cop Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s): Was banned once and muted few times Name the reasons why you received these punishments: because of my gangmate...he blew up event that was hosted by admin and whole gang got banned. III. Personal skills and knowledge Your strengths*: My strengths is my activity mostly,also i am friendly person who can deal with any situation without a fight.My shooting,driving and piloting is good aswell Your weaknesses*: I had swimming and boats...thats all Why do you want to join S.W.A.T.*: I want to become SWAT officer because i was SWAT back in times...when it had good members and HQ team.For now you have good members..but few of them not enought skilled.maybe i can teach them some things as old ass player Why do you think you will be good for S.W.A.T.*: You know me gents,i am old,active,usefull and friendly player.My RP skills and activity will be good for squad. Describe a SWAT specific RP and how you would approach the chosen situation (Requirements: minimum 200 words)*: That was early morning of monday.Officer Anderson just woke up,ate breakfast and started to wear his SWAT uniform.He got a call on the phone from his wife which was in another city because of work.She told him to be more carefully on him job because she worries about him and about his life.Anderson told her that he loves her and he had to go.Officer arrived to SWAT base and was started to wait for backup call.15 minutes passed and nothing intresting happend.Officer used to make some coffe and keept waiting.In next 5 minutes he got a call on radio that one of gangs selling weapons to terrorist organizations.Anderson took his weapons and went to the enforcer to regroup with rest people of his team.Once they arrived on adress they heard some shoots.All officers took the cover and was waiting for an order of their captain.Captain told them to report about shoots on radio and go inside.Inside the building they saw 5 dead people almost all of them got shoot and only one got knifed.SWAT's secured the area.Crates around the house was empty...seems like those crates used to carry weapons.One of officers took a look on locked crate.He told others to see what inside.Officer Anderson decided to open it and when he did it he saw a bomb.He had just 5 seconds to react because it was a mine...he decided to block the blow with his body and jumped on it meanwhile all others SWAT's starte to run away.After blow rest of team came back to the room....They didnt even found any party of Anderson's body...Captain reported on the radio that they lost one of officers and called his wife.... (And i will just post banana as reminding about old SWAT apply format)
  10. Dufabo's rewards changes

    Donator 1116 posts Report post Posted December 8, 2017 (edited) Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 130 pounds When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? 8th of december Why do you need this change? Left squad and now moving some of my cars to PD's Links to your donation topics: Links to your previous donation changes requests: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: Mesa Vehicle 2: Mesa Vehicle 3: Securicar Location: I_A_C_Headquarters Vehicle 4: Shamal Vehicle 5: Shamal Vehicle 6: Shamal Location: LS/LV/SF airport Vehicle 7: refeer Location: LS Vehicle 8 : Police dodge Location : LSPD ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Police dodge Vehicle 2: Enforcer Vehicle 3: Police dodge Location: LSPD Username: dufabo1900 Vehicle 4: Police dodge Vehicle 5: Enforcer Vehicle 6: Police dodge Location: LVPD Username: dufabo1900 Vehicle 7: Police dodge Vehicle 8: Enforcer Location: RCPD Username: dufabo1900
  11. TST - The Strike Team

    Dear @Card voting on private forums set your application status as under-review.Keep patroling with us.You will get answer shortly.
  12. TST - The Strike Team

    Dear @WATIB the voting set your status as Accepted.Meet any HQ / COL in game for test
  13. MTA Screenshots

    Thanks for the roleplay guys,that was awesome @Alperreis @Zaza
  14. S.W.A.T on SAES

    @KaKush Only SWAT using SWAT skin on saes.TST for example using TST skin..NNB using NNB skin.