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  1. NanoBob's Female Version.
  2. Car Bomb Garage.

    and face the dm!
  3. What if we have the CJ skin and we dress it the things we want ? like freeroam servers
  4. Official Quote Wall

    When @System suddenly warps to you.... Few moments later....
  5. Show us Yourself v2

    Seems like you're on your period again!
  6. Tunisians on SAES.

    This is just a joke, no need to feel harsh!
  7. AA Media Archive

    Event Type : Last Man Standing Location : G6 Area Prize: 2,000,000$ Winner: UE|Koko Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/ETqwq
  8. The greatest disappointments in SAES History

    Sadly he got a reason to add me :( P.S : Fuck u system.
  9. to nano fucking bob

    Calm down dsco, be cool!
  10. AA Media Archive

    Event Type : Parkour Location : G6 Area Prize: 5,000,000$ Winner: [TT]Expert Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/DrGOK
  11. Hello Haas, This event was mine I'd like to tell you that the event was possible but it was only hard. Don't call it impossible just because you failed to pass it. To add, 20,000,00$ shouldn't be easy, since it's a great amount of money. The event was tested, and everyone was able to pass it (So dont blame the LWS member who built it) because there were a lot of defenders.. I also used to heal cops as i used to heal the defenders (There were also few medics and drug sellers) We also had a participant who entered the area that we shoot from, but he failed at last second because the amount of defenders. Why shall i do it in purpose that no one can win ? I'm not the one who pays for it. My job is just to build and manage it, so I don't pay a single penny.
  12. Show us Yourself v2

    Tunisian crocs hahaha
  13. Show us Yourself v2

  14. Show us Yourself v2

    Back from Holiday, here are some photos :)
  15. SheraP's Apologize

    Long live sherap! we love you