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  1. Meet the new Government

    Just start elections.
  2. Good idea, once the cars get much consumed, it gets abit slow or with high engine sound +1
  3. SAES is 13 years old!

  4. Show us your car!

    Opel Vectra 2008
  5. Big Problem:

    Setting>Advanced>Streaming memory and set it to max then restart your MTA :)
  6. Meet me ingame for 2.5M.
  7. Jailbreak Siren

    12 Hours sirens? xD Nice idea but i guess they're adding a new jail
  8. This is an automated post for: M7modDonation: GBP 20.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! Thank you for your donation! HIII :D I want 2 vehicles - One inside AA base and one outside - A Security Car (Securicar) at AA base (This Location) With AA color code (#99004d) Locked to :"mahmoud1824" (me) -" jpmora" (Canelas) - "swe" (Sweman) - "kmeta" (Kmeta) -A Securi Car at LWS base (#1E2A12) Locked to : "mahmoud1824" (Me) - "jonnyoca" - "dennisd" - "dimeloo" AND i want any small interior (Whatever you choose) at my house (30 Seamen Road) at San Fierro AND FRIES WITH KETCHUP ! Thanks
  9. Mr.Faggio!

    1. JoeX

      You mean Mr.Food !

    2. sweman

      The best ride ever

  10. AA Media Archive

    Event: Reach the Roses Prize: 4,000,000$ Hoster: AA LWS: [AA]M7mod Winner(s): Knightshaw Screenshots:
  11. AA Media Archive

    Event: Arrest Canelas Prize: 4,000,000$ Hoster: AA LWS: [AA]M7mod Winner(s): Predator Screenshots:
  12. Hi, What about removing this annoying dust under the car and making it look clean and nice ? or what about making a cleaning cars script so you can go clean your car when it gets dirty for some money ?