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  2. SAN ANDREAS HIGHWAY PATROL SAFETY, SERVICE & SECURITY Founded: 5th April 2018 Squad tags: [SAHP]Name|Rank Squad balance: $25,000,000 Squad level: 0 (Unofficial) Squad colour: #B89E4A Headquarters: The Big Ear (BC) Motto: Safety, Service & Security Discord: https://discord.gg/R2RwpHC The San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP) is a law enforcement agency of the state of San Andreas. Established in 1950, following a government review into the number of traffic related incidents on state roads, the agency was set up to deter, educate & punish those flouting the rules of the road in an effort to reduce such incidents. Since its inception, the number of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents has generally decreased each year, with latest figures showing the lowest death rates since records began. Due to the agency's resounding success in lowering these figures, it has received numerous increases to its budget throughout the years, allowing it to expand its operations into rural areas and affording them the latest in law enforcement equipment and technology to assist them in their duties. The agency continues to work towards further reducing these figures, and generally making the roads of SA a safe place to be! Our main role as highway patrol involves enforcing laws and regulations on the state's roads and highways. Highway Patrol Officers may regularly deploy speed traps, DUI checkpoints and various other methods to enforce such laws, and ensure the safety of road users. In addition to traffic enforcement, other responsibilities include accident investigation, commercial vehicle enforcement (weight limits, load inspection etc), educating road users, emergency response & assisting other law enforcement agencies when called upon. While the agency's primary mission is related to transportation, it also possesses full law enforcement authority and can enforce any state law anywhere in the state of SA. Within the agency, there are several divisions tasked with undertaking specific responsibility. These include an Investigations Unit, responsible for investigating vehicle theft, fraud and collisions; the Air Support Unit, whose responsibilities include coordinating with ground units in the event of a pursuit, conducting aerial patrol & assisting in search and rescue; and an Escort Division, responsible for providing dignitary protection. LEVEL 5 Commissioner Shaun (PC) LEVEL 4 Deputy Commissioner Sam (PC) Assistant Commissioner ProNuBs (PC) Chief Haveer (PC) Assistant Chief <Vacant> LEVEL 3 Captain Kain (PC) Lieutenant N/A LEVEL 2 Sergeant N/A LEVEL 1 Officer N/A LEVEL 0 Cadet Jaimy INFLY Honorary Members Tut Royalty Piemonster11 Member count: 7 PC count: 5 1. Always follow the server rules and laws listed in F1 2. Do not arrest players under 10 stars (the exceptions for this rule obviously include JB, SR, BR or if you're under attack) 3. You will be removed from the squad if you receive 3 warning levels. However, members who receive a warning level whilst on probation risk being immediately removed, depending on the severity of the rulebreak. 4. Try to refrain from using any language other than English. This rule applies to all channels, whether that be main chat, local chat or clan chat. 5. Always use and apply common sense (arguably the most important rule!) 1. PERSONAL INFO Nickname: Username: Age: Gender: Nationality: English proficiency: Do you use Discord often?: Are you a member of our Discord channel?: Tell us a bit about yourself: 2. IN-GAME EXPERIENCE When did you join SAES?: Hours played? (check tab): Current group memberships: Previous G/S/C history: Reasons for leaving them: Previous punishments on the server: 3. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS Briefly define our role: Why do you wish to join us?: How many hours do you play on average daily?: Did somebody recommend that you apply for SAHP? If so, who?: Is there anything else you wish to add?:
  3. Changes to Auctions

    SAHA will be dropping all support for forum auctions as of today. This means all rules relating to forum auctions have been removed. The forum will instead be used as advertising space, to receive maximum exposure for any properties you intend to auction ingame. To summarise: 1) We will not monitor bids or chase buyers once the auction is over. 2) Bids will be made directly to the owner. You are no longer required to post them. 3) There is no longer a 48 hour limit. The seller decides when to end it and which bid to accept. All topics are archived after 2 weeks regardless whether it has been sold to keep things tidy. 4) We will continue to offer a middleman service to players who request it. We will not deal with any reports where players have been scammed without the use of a middleman. You have been warned. 5) As a result of this change, ALL current housing bans have been removed. See the following topic for more info:
  4. New SAHA Members

    Hi! As mentioned previously, we planned to bring in another few SAHA members to fill in the gaps left by recent promotions. As of yesterday, we invited @Tut Greco to the team, in addition to @Hesha & @nicus. from the recent staff intake! Please give them a warm welcome and spam them with any housing requests you may have from now on!
  5. New Staff Members

    Evening all, Thank you to those who expressed an interest in joining the Community Staff team this time around. After some discussion, we have come to the decision to accept the following applicants. Please join me in welcoming @Human_ @nicus. @ProNuBs @zeking @Toreno @Hesha to the team! This leaves quite a gap in the SAHA roster, so expect an announcement to follow on that shortly as well.... Congratulations to the new staff members, and good luck keeping your sanity amid the deluge of reports you're about to experience!
  6. Premier's Donation Reward

  7. Hi All, On behalf of SAES HQ and the rest of the clan, I'd like to welcome the following as probationary SAES members: @Mohd @Piem11 @Nemesis. Obviously this leaves quite a gap in the staff roster, so we'll be opening up recruitment for new Community Staff members as well! If this is something you feel you'd be interested in, you can apply here: http://saesrpg.uk/cs_application Applications should be submitted no later than a week from now (20th February 2018). Congratulations to the new members, and good luck to those applying for staff!
  8. Reward Request!

  9. gudi's reward change

  10. New SAHA Members

    Hi guys, Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in joining SAHA during the recent recruitment. After a week-long discussion, we have come to a decision to invite the following two players. Please join me in welcoming @ProNuBs and @Groove to the team! They will be available ingame to deal with any housing requests you may have from today. Please allow them time to settle in to their new role before bombarding them with requests! As for everyone else who applied, thank you once again - your interest will be kept on record for future recruitment and you will be contacted should a position become available.
  11. Housing Agents Required

    Hi all, SAHA are looking to bring on another two agents to join the current team and assist with all things housing related. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out the following topic for more info:
  12. Update from SAHA

    Hi guys, As per the recent housing changes whereby the limit was reduced to 8, we have gone through and removed any excess properties from players who exceeded this limit beyond 21st August 2017. As a result of this, we have decided to create a number of special auctions which can be viewed in the usual area of the forum (Housing Auctions), allowing everyone to place their bids over the next few days. Please make sure you read the topics in full before placing any bids. http://saesrpg.uk/community/forum/356-housing-auctions/ Happy bidding!
  13. Donation:Ricarda (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Police LS, Police LV added at SAPA base (user: frankstan2) Thanks for your donation!