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  1. MetalHead's Reward Change


    HI I wanted to ask a question to whom I have to ask to be SWAT sorry if you do not understand something is that I'm using Google translator

    1. Ardron

      Hello, in order to join SWAT you have to make an application first here:

      But since you are probably new on the server, I suggest applying first for SAPA (San Andreas Police Academy) to gain some experience. Here is their topic:



    2. Tut Greco

      SAPA is the official abbreviation for San Andreas Police Academy, it's basically a RP squad teaching players the duty as an officer, and later apply to a professional police group (certificate'ish).

      We however do have rules for applying, which you can find in the various pinned topics by following the link that he gave.

      Using translator to submit your application will also get you denied.

  3. today you gonna go to Kritiina ? :D 

  4. Accepted. Also, has been tested and invited. Welcome to the team! @Haas Dear Haas, thank you for your interest on joining the team, your application is now "under review" and has been moved to our forums where it will be checked and discussed through the next few days. The final result will be posted on this topic in the following week. I would advise you to go through your application once more to look for grammatical errors as i found a few mistakes. Feel free to hang around us and join our patrol so we can get to know you better. Wishing you the best of luck. - SWAT HQ
  5. Reward change

  6. Roster is now up to date.
  7. Accepted. This is your last chance in SWAT tho, so try not to waste it!
  8. How is Kristina?

    1. Ardron

      She's good! Why xD

  9. Cheess' reward change

  10. How do you imagine the users to look.

    No picture of Tombaa for you anymore @Rennie!
  11. Accepted. Please, see one of the HQ members ingame for your test.
  12. SAES Meme pictures!

    Not affraid to say that we are together tho, and it has nothing to do with being an admin! :)