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  1. Quality's Reward Change

    All sorted, donation icon added to the Dodo so you can spawn at it.
  2. Donation: fares (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Money rewarded
  3. Fortnite Battle Ground

    yeah, it's cool, if someone still plays, add me ardron92 :p
  4. Lerov's reward change

  5. Donation: Jim (Amount 10.00 GBP)

    Money sorted too
  6. The purge in SAES.

    And what about the people from different time zones that want to experience the RPG part of the server and can only play at night time, our time?
  7. A few more days and it should be up.
  8. MTA Screenshots

    Found some old pics, will post more soon! Omg I see @Absent
  9. That's why I'll release it in stages, to see if it will be used. Also, will be used in Fort Carson RPs
  10. Hello, well, firstly, would like to say that it's not really a suggestion since I restarted my work on it, together with @Kristiina, and planning on getting an alpha version by maximum one week time from today, but more like would like to hear some suggestions from the community on what it should contain. Firstly, gonna mention how I structured it till now: The database itself has a PHP interface, web hosted, compatible with the in game browser; A Register/Log In system with user accounts with different levels of permissions (can add criminal records, can only browse, can edit, can delete, etc.), with hashed passwords and secured subpages that can't be accessed unless logged in; A table containing registered police officers with the case numbers they are involved with; A table containing people that have criminal records with full details (RP details) about the person itself; A table containing the actual criminal records using case numbers and tied to the criminal's profile and officer involved in the case, or officers where that is the case; More ideas soon; How will this work? Simple. Let's give a simple example, you pull over @Henry which has the RP name of Cooper. If he was like speeding and got a ticket, that can be added as a report in the database using the in game browser by the officer that pulled him over. How is this helpful? A few days later, another officer pulls him over for speeding again, the officer can actually check the "license plate number" or the suspect's details themselves and find out that a few days before, the suspect has been stopped again for a speeding offence and such and what measures or warnings he got before, for roleplay purposes. Now, this is the initial version, planning on extending, a few ideas and questions for the community: Integrating other emergency services? What should a police officer profile contain? What should a criminal profile contain? What details about the person or vehicle or such? Should we allow the public to view the database or should it be based on request towards a PD/Police Officer? What should a report form contain (for cops)? Should I allow civilians to submit a report? (reporting a possible crime) Should I make an ID system for people? (assign an unique ID number to each person - in a RP way)? Any other ideas?
  11. Hello Mr Andrei, when can I book therapy session with you and Doctor Kristiina?

  12. F.B.I--21st.Branch

    Name : Ardron Account : king1992 Age : 25 Access to PC (ProCops) - If not , why havent you applied / Tried to gain it? I do have Past Squads/Gangs + Why you left them: 1. SAPA : Left if firstly after getting my ProCop. I rejoined like once more, left after a small issue with Istar as far as I remember, been a while. 2.TST : Firstly left it after like 6-7 months, was HQ at that time, and was tempted by SWAT who was in one of it's best times back then; Rejoined like 2 times but it was never as before so I didn't actually stay for very long after; 3.HS: Joined only for like 2 weeks, was my first gang but it was really inactive back then and I was kinda noobie as a crim; 4.ALT: Enjoyed trucking for a while but it got boring after some time. 5.RDMC: I can say I enjoyed my time in RDMC, specially the people that were in but I didn't really find so much biking and such as I would have wished; 6.B~B: I joined BB after RDMC trying to seek a new role in the criminal life. Spent quite some time in and I can say it was one of the best gangs I was in for sure. Left to return to the cop side. 7. SoA: After leaving BB I rejoined SWAT for a while, where I got HQ. Left for SoA which was really a place that I enjoyed a lot. Managed to reach a HQ spot in there and it was really cool and wouldn't have left actually but SWAT was dying, it was on the edge of a demotion to lvl 3, so I had to help. 8. SWAT: Well it's the squad I spent the most time in. Managed to grab leadership after rejoining from SoA, and together with my members we brought SWAT back to lvl 5. I left it this week for a new challange. How much time have you been playing as a cop ? A lot, over 2 years and a half. Why do you enjoy being a "cop" - " agent of the law" ingame ? Mainly because I enjoy putting crims back where they belong, in jail and to act the role of a cop trough roleplay; Why would you like to be part of FBIs 21st Branch ? I would like to join in order to help the squad get back to where it once was. Why should we accept you ? Well, I would say for my vast experience within different police organisations and general knowledge of the server. Been in leading positions on both sides, cop side and criminal side so maybe the squad could use that experience. Different Scenarios:- Sce 1 : - You are the Active Sgt of a patrol unit that includes 2 more agents. There is an active SR going on, there is no backup and only you and 2 more agents with you. You have to "do" and tell us how would you raid that SR succesfuly. You need to select a car or heli and choose a weapon ( sniper/CS/M4). Then you describe us how you would lead your little team towards the SR. Explain Below: Would order one of the units to grab a sniper, one with a CS and me with an M4. The chosen vehicle would be the helicopter. I would name the sniper to pilot the helicopter firstly, and we would start moving as fast as possible. Firstly, we would fly really high and use our parachutes to jump down towards the store rob. We would open the parachutes quite early in order to perform a slow descend so that the sniper has time to land on a roof nearby and scout the store rob using his sniper. Then if the situation is "good", we would continue and descend a lil' bit faster and, depending on the situation, landing on the store rob roof, using our nighstick/taser to arrest people there while the sniper provides fire cover. If there would be too many, we would land as close as possible and try to get inside the store rob and maybe eliminate as many criminals as possible using our weapons. Sce 2 : - You have to raid a criminal base, as you have recieved report of drug business going on. You have 3 teams on your lead. Assault Team - M4/CS - Police Cars+ Sultans / Heli Backup Team - M4/CS - Police cars / Heli Approach team ( Recon) -Sniper - Police car / Heli The criminal base has a fence and it is protected by 4 armed criminals. Inside, there are 3 guard-criminals armed too protecting the main entrance of the building. Your mission is to secure the outside areas of the building, how ? that is up to you and your choosen tactics. Explain Below: Once all the teams are ready, we would move out in the area. Firstly, the approach team would use the helicopter to scout the exact location of the armed criminals inside the base, using the heli camera from a higher altitude. Once the exact locations have been transmited to the other teams, the approach team's heli would try to find a suitable spot to deploy the sniper units, for a possible fire location. If there is none, they would prepare to assist the troups on the ground from the air by directing them. The backup teams would firstly have the mission to secure the area around the building, while the assault team would be deployed using the helicopter(s) in locations which provide good cover, locations dictated by the approach team that would scout the place for such possible weak points. At this point , the backup team would be on the roads arround, ready to help too in case of need, with the helicopter flying around. Once the assault team has gathered and secured, they would move as a team providing cover to each other and proceede, coordinated from the heli team, to take down the suspects. Sce 3 :- SAPD HQ has called the local SWAT/FBI units to lead and solve a hostage Situ on a nearby building. 2 criminals were tryin to get away with some money taken from a local McDonalds fast food Sh. As the police was gettin closer to them they decided to get inside a clothes shop and take as a hostage an old woman. The criminals are 2 young men, armed and very nervous. You lead your teams to the scene and you have to rescue this old woman. How would you do it ? What would you use ? etc. Explain Below: Well firstly, I would prepare an assault team formed with armed units with CS and M4's and 2 sniper units, in case we get a spot where to shoot in case of need. Would also prefer to have a good negotiator in the team. Once arrived there, as fast as possible, using helicopters most likely, we would surround the store to make sure there is no side exit, and if there is, to secure it to make sure nobody runs out. Once that is done, we would call for the suspects to come out with their hands up and surrender. If they would refuse, we would try to offer the negotiator as a person of contact, and ask the 2 what they would need to let go to the poor woman. The negotiator would go in, unarmed, backed up by the snipers if possible and with an armor vest. The negotiator will try to calm down the 2 young men, trying to explain them that there is no need for them to die and that it is better for both sides if everyone comes out uninjured, plus they would be offered an easier sentence during the trial if they choose to cooperate. If the suspects would have some demands, we would try to see if any of them can be done, and maybe use that in our advantage to get in some of our troops and put down the suspect in case it is possible. If not, in a final and worse scenario, either the snipers would take down the suspects at the same time if in a good shooting position/range, if not, the assault team would try to rush in and secure the woman, but this only as a complete final solution, since the life of the hostage comes first.