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  1. Cheess' reward change

  2. How do you imagine the users to look.

    No picture of Tombaa for you anymore @Rennie!
  3. Accepted. Please, see one of the HQ members ingame for your test.
  4. SAES Meme pictures!

    Not affraid to say that we are together tho, and it has nothing to do with being an admin! :)
  5. Your application is denied, also, you clearly didn't understand what Teddy told you to do. Secondly, your English skills and server knowledge are for sure under the level required in our organisation. Feel free to reapply once you learn some English and gain some experience on the server. В вашем заявлении также отказано, вы также не поняли, что Тедди вам сказал. Во-вторых, ваши знания английского языка и знания сервера наверняка. Не стесняйтесь повторного применения после изучения английского языка и получения опыта на сервере.
  6. Bastage Server back ON

    What did you lose tho
  7. Bastage Server back ON

    Server is already back on. Updates: Disabled one of the backup systems that was lagging the server; Updated Big Reactors power generation; Removed certain chunk loaders; Decreased the range of Chicken Chunks chunk loaders; Updates some other small configs;
  8. Bastage Server back ON

    Due to some technical issues, it will take a bit longer.
  9. Bastage Server back ON

    Important!! Server will shut down today, at 16:00 GMT time (UK Time - MTA Server time) for aprox. 15-30 minutes for maintenance work! Attempted fixes: Revision of the Big Reactors configs, increasing the power generation a bit; Unstable ingots fix; Decreasing the number of backups, and the interval at which they are being done; Setting up some group permissions; Other small fixes; Thank you for understanding. Will reply to this topic too once it's back up, in case you are not in game spamming the connect button!
  10. Bastage Server back ON

    The 1.7.10 Pack Hello, we just re-opened the Bastage Server using a TechnicPack Modpack, called The 1.7.10 Pack. A full mod list can be consulted on the page of the modpack, which is https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack.453902 . In order to download the pack, you need the technic launcher, which can be found at : https://www.technicpack.net/ (if you own a legit copy of Minecraft). Server is in offline mode, so "non legit" minecraft launchers can join too. Won't post a link for a download since it's against he forum rules, but if you need help with that, contact me or Jonas on teamspeak. So, the modpack contains aprox 250* mods, covering many areas, technology, magic, creativity, etc. The server is set on survival mode, with land protection against griefing, plots are provided for free for players with unlimited size (keep it decent tho). Before joining, make sure you have at least 4 GB of RAM. You need to manually assign ram to your launcher. If you need help with that, contact us! Rules: No griefing; Be respectful and listen to the OPs/SAES members; Do not bug/exploit abuse; Don't be a cunt;
  11. Jonas sucks