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  1. #Trump2016

    When everyone in SAES starts caring about politics out of no where, that's when you realize hell just broke loose!
  2. Decision 2016: Election Night

    We are fucking doomed either way, I voted for Jill just for the fuck of it!
  3. Where are you noob

  4. CLO VS DE

    Si si men!!!!!
  5. such a hater eyo accept me finally? =[ =[ =[ =[

  6. Where are you? 

    I didn't see you much time!!

    take care 

  7. Gorda <3.. :D

  8. AA Media Archive

    Arms Assassins Takes Over LV Turfs! Arms Assassins Takes Over & Robs SF and LS Banks! Arms Assassins, Inactive? Dead?
  9. Official Quote Wall

  10. AA Media Archive

    2 Bank Robberies at the SAME TIME! (AA & Z) We all gathered at Z's base with 2 shamals, splitting ourselves up into two equal teams. Both started the BR at the same time in order to play with the Police Officers' minds!
  11. AA Media Archive

    Bank Robberies here and there!