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  1. Official Quote Wall

    hey hey hey ! fuck you i thought it was Radiotube not Redtube xD
  2. Official Quote Wall

  3. Only applicants and SWAT HQ are allowed to post here, so please stay on topic.
  4. Hi, nice to meet you.

  5. check you inbox.

  6. Freshmens in GM

    Much wow !
  7. why did u log in for 12 seconds and leave me

    1. Fyrr


      Someone told me that you were on, so i came on and kept saying 'hi' to you, but you just ignored me :(

    2. Teddy


      I was afk you noob


      and if you come online now you'd see I invited back Thomas!!!!!!!! Legend is back too

  8. hey you bish !

  9. Greetings! You have passed the application stage so meet any SWAT Colonel(HQ) in game for your test! All the rest of applicants are :
  10. Royal Mafia Media Archive

    Moved to the right section.