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  1. Bas that only ignores the problem, not solve it. I've already tried that, that only makes it so that custom radios won't work. It doesn't make default radios work.
  2. Hi scripting team and community! Something that has been bothering me for a long time personally, is that whenever you scroll your mouse while in a car, it goes to 181.FM, EDM, Kennys kids radio etc. Without the ability to turn this function off. I'd like to be able to listen to the original default GTA:SA radio stations, when I mouse scroll in a vehicle, such as KDS-T, Radio X, etc. Right now we are incapable of listening to the default GTA:SA radio stations. That's silly. Unless we go to Youtube and listen to it off from there. And honestly, if you'd like to hear these custom radio stations, as 181.FM, and EDM, simply click "M" > Music > Choose radio station. I don't understand why it was important to implement it into the mouse scrolling, and removing the default GTA:SA radio stations completely from SAES. I would like to either remove this function of the mouse scrolling custom radios, or have a function to disable it. This is more of a minor suggestion, but playing GTA:SA without hearing the default radios while in a car, doesn't feel right at times! Sometimes I'd like to get the GTA:SA nostalgic feeling while ingame
  3. SAES Meme pictures!

    Teddy has a vietnam flashback
  4. Remove or adjust Tampa

    Talking about vehicles being off, what about the Buffalo? It's slow and sliding more than an elegy with 2 popped back tires. But then again, it's interesting that theres variations in handling, it would not be fun if every car was like a Super GT?
  5. K panel blip icon change

    Hi scripting team and community. Playing as police it is often confusing to keep track of the target that we claim and locate with a blip through the 'K' police tracking panel, since the icon is identical to the squad base icons. I would like to suggest a new icon of the blip on the map, for recognizing purposes. This screenshot shows 3 icons on the minimap. One of them is a criminal I've located through the 'K' tracking panel. The other two are squad base icons. Can you guess which one is the criminal? The blip icon could be changed to anything, even another color would do the trick. If coloring the blip target could be challenging, new coloring of the squad base icons could also be an option. I would just like to see a difference between squad base icons and located targets.
  6. SAES Meme pictures!

  7. Internal Affairs.exe

    When you don't realize you're wanted and you tase someone
  8. S.W.A.T. (Old Topic)

    I apologize on behalf of the team, but I have to post because what you've said is false. I know this won't change the decision. I was not kicked from SWAT, I left it. I even took a video of me leaving the squad as proof in case something like this would happen. If possible try to find the logs from 2014 from the squad. There is the evidence that I left. It does not say I was kicked, I don't know where you have this information from. But it is false. And I had no idea that I would be blacklisted since MrKii wanted me back as he saw I left, messaging me on forums asking for the reason I left and wanting to re-invite me. I feel like a certain person has taken responsibility of Mr.Bullshitter and caught you guys in on a big lie. I'm dissapointed in the development direction SWAT has taken ever since the old leadership was taken down. I checked the Roster and I could not find MrKii mentioned anywhere, the vice leader who has served it for several years! I guess he is blacklisted and forgotten too. I won't post any further posts here.
  9. S.W.A.T. (Old Topic)

    I. Personal Info In-game Name: Silence Username / Account-name: alpax Age: 20. Gender: Male. Nationality: Danish. Languages Spoken: English & Danish. Rate your English skill level: I'd rate my own English at the higher end of the scale. I do not have any problem composing a sentence via text, neither while speaking. However it is always more accurate having another person rating your level, but I'd give a [9/10] Also by the fact that I've always recieved top grade during my entire time studying the English language. Average Ping: My ping is on average 40 - 50. Average FPS: My average FPS is 60+. Do you use Teamspeak/IRC: I do, I suppose this would also now include Discord. I do frequently use it, and I enjoy talking to the other officers that I'm patrolling with, to give it a more live feeling. Socializing is important! Tell us about yourself (Requirements: minimum 50 words; cohesive text): I'd like to tell about my story on the server, as I think it is important for my acceptance in the group. I am an older player on SAES, so the ones with a lot of wrinkles on their faces and long grey hair might remember me. I started playing on SAES in the early 2013; I immediately knew that the police side were speaking to me the most, so not long after starting my career I met some people from the inside of, at that point Secret Service, whom were a squad at that time. I was told that it was possible to write an application through the forums, so I created my forum account some time later after I started. I joined Secret Service and were actively patrolling with my new partners that I met. Months passed, and summer came along, inactivity of the entire Secret Service at that point were bottom rock. After some talking to the higher rankings, I decided to leave the Secret Service and aim for a more police like squad. I then joined the MI-6, summer 2013. I stayed the in MI-6 for several months, and that played a bit part in creating my experience that I have as a Police Officer on the server. I learned everything from the basic rules, to the advanced through the MI-6. Long story short, MI-6 was never active to start off with, but I saw it as a serious squad at that point, so I chose to join it, in order to gain valuable experience. I soon understood that I had hit the point where I found myself fit to move along to my final goal, joining SWAT. Once again, I talked to the few members that were online, and to the old leaders of hte MI-6 at that point, Roman and El-Keeber. The leader was even inactive. We came to a conclusion and I left the MI-6. Now at this point, I had gained my Pro Cop, so I thought to myself that there would be no better time to go for what I've wanted. November 2013. SWAT at this point was very respected, their recruitment were closed and no one was capable of joining, only a very few handful of exceptional Police officers, who had proven their skill, loyalty and seriousness. I got to know the members more and more by patrolling, and they had a liking for me. I got a private test and through a voting on the private forums I was chosen the most fit during the time of the recruitments being closed. I was invited by Mrkii who was Vice Leader at that time of SWAT. Since that I have been a part of SWAT and served it for almost a year from 2013 - 2014. 2014 is now 3 years ago, and at that point I made a stupid decision of trying something new on the server. I thought I'd give the criminal side a try, due to the fact that my entire time that I had been playing on the server was played through a police officers eyes, so I left SWAT without saying much to many except for Mrkii, he knew it, and some other members the reasoning behind why I left. I joined Hell Soldiers, and as I thought I made the right choice I began to realize that I was slowly regretting my decision and out of frustration of knowing that I made a stupid choice I started to rulebreak the very server rules which I got punished for. I left the server from 2014, and never looked back at it again. 3 years later I've found myself perhaps giving it another shot, I have changed, so I hope that another chance would be given to a serious member of the community. I strongly believe that everyone can change through determination, and even though I've had my fair bit of disagreements with a certain member 3 years ago, I think it is time to let things go and move on, as I am here to prove what I am made of and show that I am capable and have what it takes to once again become a part of the squad that I had the most respect for, and get my position back as a SWAT member like the old days. II. In-game experience When did you join the server: I joined the server in the early 2013, and created my forum account not long after. How much do you play each day: After my long inactivity, I would say that a few hours every day should be very plausible. Previous Squads/Gangs/Companies: I'll state each and single squad/gang/group that I have been in, in punctuation, as it is going to be a fairly long list. I have experience from every corner of what the server offers. Also these are in date wise order, from beginning to the end. Secret Service MI-6 Pro Cop S.W.A.T. Hell Soldiers ZIP SAM Name the reason(s) for leaving: As I've also stated previously in the tell about yourself section - The secret service I left due to the inactivity that were occuring in the squad 2013. I talked to the higher rankings and we said farewell to each other and wished each other luck. The MI-6 was never active to begin with, but I through observation, I knew it was a fairly serious squad, so I saw it as a perfect opportunity to gain the needed experience and knowledge as a Police Officer both to get my Pro Cop diploma, and to mvoe on to reach my final and upmost goal of joining SWAT. I once again talked to the very few members that were online, and wished them luck and left thereafter. Serving the MI-6 for several months. Now time for the time I served SWAT for almost a year. Here I say it again, with deep regret that I should never have left the Police Side in order to try something new. Bottom reality was, for my entire time on the server I had only played as a police officer, so I had never tried the criminal side, and after a long time serving SWAT, I came to the decision of leaving SWAT to join the criminal side to try it out as I saw it appealing at that point. Not long after leaving, I was filled with regret and I wanted to take time back. The Hell soldiers, well.. To put it rather simply, after leaving SWAT I was upset and I started doing non acceptable things as I did not care much about the server, and I did not care whatever would happen to me afterwards, so that goes along with that. That was the end of reasons behind why I left every squad/gang I was a part of. Following with the punishment given in 2014, the groups that I was a part of fell apart with it due to me being inactive. I have never done any rulebreak regarding the groups that had gotten me removed, it was mere a side effect of the punishment in 2014. Current group memberships: After my 3 year inactivity there are not many groups left that would keep such a member, now would there. So I am not a part of any groups currently. Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s): Here comes what I've also mentioned previously. I had a punishment in 2014. I have not been kicked or have had any minor punishments either. Only once in 2014, and that is what caused the inactivity of 3 years. Name the reasons why you received these punishments: Deathmatching. III. Personal skills and knowledge (*= this question has to be answered in full sentences) Your strengths*: I do have quite a variety of strenghts, I'll start with my social strenght. I communicate well with other people, and can create a connection with another player in little time and get to know them. I am a straight forward guy that is honest. Now regarding my strenghts ingame, I'd like to rate them from a scale from 1 - 10, the classic scale rating. I would like to start with my driving skills ingame, these are pretty stable and I'd give it a [8/10], just like my real life driving, I think. Now I've always found the shooting mechanism interesting on the server, because at the time I played ping difference would cause a disturbance in where the bullets were hit, but looking apart from that, I'd rate is a fair [7/10], not my strongest link, but when needed I hit. Now for something that a lot of members take less seriously, roleplaying. Now my roleplaying is one of my strongest abilities, if not the strongest on the server. This is also what has kept me motivated on the server for such a long time, it is the addiction and idea of living a parralel life, just virtually. I'd rate my roleplaying skills [9/10]. I have a hard time imagining many other players on the server having such a skill in both creativity and creating scenarios to start and keep a roleplay on going. Your weaknesses*: My weaknesses, those may be fit to put in my piloting abilities. I am no exceptional pilot, and I have a hard time steering a plane ingame. Also general weaknesses as to shooting wise, certain techniques and camera angles that give you an advantage, but those can be learned through experience and more practice, to become a better marksman. Why do you want to join S.W.A.T.*: I would like to take this moment and speak from the very heart. I would like to join SWAT once again, due to the nostalgia of my time serving SWAT, and how awesome of a feeling it was, being a part of an elite squad that had their recruitments closed and knowing that you were part of the very best police officers on the server with exceptional skill. It gave you a nice feeling. I would like to join SWAT because I would like to make up for what I had done wrong during the time that I had served it from 2013 - 2014. I hope that another chance would be given so that I could prove that I am serious about what I mean. I would make an extra ordinary addition to the SWAT team, and give it strenght that has not been seen in a long time, both roleplaying wise, and skill wise. I have a lot of abilities that I can offer, and will offer if I am given the opportunity of a chance. Why do you think you will be good for S.W.A.T.*: I believe that I have abilities regarding roleplaying that is very difficult to find these days, I am a hardcore roleplaying guy that can put myself in any situation and roleplay from there on. Creativity is no exception to this. I've had a lot of people wanting me in their roleplays due to me being the guy that just kept the roleplay alive and avoided those awkward silences of people not knowing what to say during a roleplay. I always come up with something and that is one of my strongest strenghts that I could offer to SWAT. I am an old member that would like to offer SWAT my strenght like the old days, and I think that SWAT would be missing a valuable opportunity by dismissing me. Describe a SWAT specific RP and how you would approach the chosen situation (Requirements: minimum 200 words)*: SWAT has, as their main roleplaying background as this group of exceptional good police officers that has been specially trained to handle situations that would require both a lot of physical strenght and experience. This is no job that any police officer could take. SWAT is to be called in a highly dangerous situation, as an example it could be a hostage situation. Now in situation like this, the SWAT is to be called due to the situation simply put being too dangerous for the average police officer. Their job would be to handle the given situation by planning a thoughtful strategy and being able to minimize the risk of losing police officers, and at the sime time maximizing the survivability of the hostages. This often goes with rushing in from several angles creating a lot of stress for the people holding the hostages. Sometimes it is needed to neutralize the targets that is keeping the hostages, and actions has to be taken very fast in such a given scenario. After all, it is the Special Weapons and Tactics for a reason.
  10. Your favourite GTA:SA song

    To be honest its quite difficult to choose one specific favourite song. These are definetely some of my favourites (not listed in order). Theres a ton more that I enjoy, these are simply what came to my mind. Reason of these songs might be because of a memory or nostalgic touch it has to me. So many memories passed by with these songs in the background during gta:sa. Great game.
  11. [TO BE SCRIPTED]Bounty on player system

    Couldn't help but think about this feature - tell me what you think! When you get killed, there is the original Hospital - Spawnscreen section How about adding a bounty button. It could be a predefined amount of cash, say 10000 or 25000..etc This button is to only be seen upon death of another player, so you're not able to /bounty 'name' as it would be abusive to a certain point. So in other words, the only way to bounty someone, is to be killed by him/her. And so you're only able to it then. The player that has recieved the bounty is now visible for every player globally on the minimap. This will both reduce the amount of deathmatchers, as they will notice that deathmatching someone draws a lot of people to your location, and at the same time add a small social event, everytime someone puts a bounty on someone.
  12. 'The Arrest of Dwayne Clarkson' ------------------------------------------------------------------- CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT #B90-4B Everything stated and written in this document is highly classified, and should only be handed out between federal agents of the bureau. The document should in no case be given out publicly. Written by Silence - Agent.S Agent in charge of the mission: Silence ------------------------------------------------------------------ LOG OF EVENT: "...The 8th of september.. Today was a.. Great day, in fact fantastic. Not only for the bureau, but for the people living in San Andreas. Today we got rid of another top wanted criminal, rather a disease, slowly eating up the society and stuffing them up with drugs of all sorts. We had intel about this guy, he had been seen in Las Venturas, he went under the name Dwayne. Hell if you ask me, this guy should be named little escobar, the guy has been dealing drugs to the whole Las Venturas for years, uncaught, and yet with so much intel you'd think it was impossible getting away. Today started up with a call from the Police department in Las Venturas seeking professional assistance as they had seen Dwayne luring down the cross area in Las Venturas, now you might think moving in would be the best strategic option available, however this pig of a man had armed vehicles, dozens of men surrounding him, there just were no way to get close to him, even the police could not move in as they did fear gun fights and civilians getting caught up in the fire. This was a scenario, rather a level that had been designed in such a way that strategic solutions were needed in order to outsmart and get in there. Luckily enough I was stationed in Las Venturas due to some investigations regarding a motorcycle club, however this urgent call made me focus on the one task that we had been hunting for some time, and now was a opportunity to strike in and get things done. I made a call to the bureau and gave them a brief update as to the situation, and how it was supposed to go down, I asked for equipment, tactical equipment to put it, because things were unsure if it could get bloody or not. The F.B.I.'s tactical division were stationed in the area heavely armored and the area were surrounded from a long distance without drawing attention from the deal that were ongoing near the cross in Las Venturas. A strategic plan were set up, we had two agents stationed on roofs, one of the agents stationed on top of the casino armed with a sniper rifle and camera lenses for photographs and intel reporting, the other agent were stationed at the forest near the cross camoflaged between the trees and grass, and were ready with his equipment - we needed camera and intel ranging from both directions, to get the clearest strategic setup. A helicopter were ready to fly in from Las Venturas police department, and a armoered vehicle were ready to move in as to drawing attention while the helicopter put the agents down with rope, two agents were stationed in the helicopter, and a SWAT officer nearby if needed. The helicopter was our main goal, as it were safe to get in position and move the agents in. ..The time went 15:05 and the mission went on, intel were gathered and reported from the casino tower letting us know every single detail ranging from their weapon types to equipment from above, the helicopter went up and as the helicopter went closer to the cross the armored truck went in position with its sirens distracting the gang members, causing panic and anxiety several of the gang members went to the ground when the armored truck went in, shouting with its megaphone 'F.B.I. surrender now', and as they gave green light ropes where hanging from the helicopter and two federal agents went down, and a swat officer, there were and estimated amount of 30 police officers stationed in the area ready to clean up the gang members and put them in vehicles. As we slid down the rope they started opening fire at the police vehicles, but at that exact moment we touched ground and tased several of the gang members leaving them all to surrender, however our Dwayne was running, but not for long as I did manage to catch up to him and tase him to make him go down. Dwayne was caught 15:09 and brought in for interrogation at the F.B.I. headquarters. Silence signing out.."
  13. The arrest of Peter Markley --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT #K28-5A Everything stated and written in this document is highly classified, and should only be handed out between federal agents of the bureau. The document should in no case be given out publicly. Written by Silence - Agent.S Agent in charge of the mission: Silence ------------------------------------------------------------------ LOG OF EVENT: "... Drug smuggling, arms dealing, market of stolen vehicles, murder - this were the title Peter Markley had for over 6 years granting him a special position in the F.B.I.'s most wanted list. They guy was a.. sneaky one, to put it rather. We've had him located several times in which cases him ending up dissapearing, its like he knew the smell of feds and everytime we had intel or a clue as to his position, he would vanish from the position in an instant, however, not this time.. March, 04, 2010.. We had the first call from the police department in los santos, telling us about this man that they yet had no pictures of, however he had killed two officers on the run after him, because he was wanted for drug smuggling, that was his first incident, and thats when we first got his smell in the bureau.. January, 21, 2012.. Yeah.. this day was a nightmare for the citizens living in Los Santos, the guy was on the run again, he had been for several months been selling weapons to a whole bunch of citizens in Los Santos, all the criminals even civilians starting to rage up ending in a protest all caused of Peter Markley's greed for money, he didn't care about the consequenses it had selling weapons and drugs to the city in such a strategic way, selling to hundreds each and single day, gathering up for several months ending up in so many deaths, that we in the F.B.I. started to take things seriously, and wanted this guy behind bars for the rest of his life, as he had deaths above his shoulders, and yet continued murdering, selling drugs and weapons.. April, 09, 2014.. Over two years had passed, nothing was heard nore seen from Peter Markley until a urgent incident, when a federal agent from the F.B.I. (Names classified) had been killed chasing him. Peter Markley was seen north of Red Country selling stolen vehicles.. Our federal agent took his last pictures he would ever take in his life, before he got killed.. June, 19, 2016.. Another two years had passed without any real clue of the location, nore intel of Peter Markley, its like he had dissapeared again, and every single time we had showed up he had dissapeared from the location. Four police officers from Red Country had been killed this day, intel pointed to the suspicious guy that we yet did not have a name on, however a federal agent were in the area and got several long distance photos, giving us an idea of the guy, this was critical for the guy we were looking for. After this day, the guy had a special spot in the most wanted list September, 07, 2016..Three officers were murdered in Red Country, however this time I was deployed in an urgent position in Red Country, granting me a chance to find him, I even heard the shots coming buildings down, as I heard it I quickly notified several federal agents that we had found the guy, as the guy saw my uniform he knew I was a part of the bureau., and not even half a second later the guy was running with all his power, as I was shouting 'F.B.I. give it up!', leaving him breathless after over two minutes of intense running when he chose to turn around and as he was about to point a gun towards me, I quickly shot him with a taser bullet leaving him on the ground motionless, at that moment I grabbed the handcuffs and handcuffed him, tossing him into my vehicle, calling for assistance for transportation for interrogation of him. His details were identified. Peter Markley, age of 28. After the interrogation period, he had confessed, and was handed out to the courthouse for his time.. Agent. S signing out.." ---------------
  14. Crazy speed!