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  7. CSGO :: General Chat

    It used to be possible back in days to get even up to GE after first 10 games, I used to rank up new accounts to LEM and sell them to silver scrubs, but with new rank system it's not possible afaik
  8. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    [TT] - Tuga Thugs : I became what I am in this gang and I'm glad TbdS and JP4 gave me the chance to experience being part of TT [AA] - Arms Assasins : Used to have so much fun with them back in the days, today I feel kinda away from them [HS] - Hell Soldiers : I learned to DM here [MMC] - Mongols Motorcycle Club : First gang I even joined, it was beginning of my road on this server and community [B~B] - Black Bullets : Cant hate dem camels. Cool DMers if u ask me [RDMC] - Red Devils Motorcycle Club : I saw when XgangsterX started the gang with his brother and I'm surprised by the success gj bois [Z] - Organization Zero : They stole Dredd from me back in days, but thank God me and Dredd still loving couple [UE] - Underground Empire : Gays, gimme my casino back [SoA] - Sons of Anarchy : GJ NanoBob and Smack on creating awesome gang we all love today [BS] - Black Syndicate : Barely see anyone of them online, hard to tell anything about such inactive gang [T~C] - Texas Cartels : faggots, literally [TO] - The Omertà : rip [CDC] - Comando Da Capital : Lagdetta 2.0 Squads - level 2-5. [FBI] - Federal Bureau of Investigation : U bois need to clean some of the members u got since they cant have fun at all :( [SWAT] - Special Weapons & Tactics : If I become positive opinion i become DE? [SAPA] - San Andreas Police Academy : home of every noob who wants to join PC [SAFP] - San Andreas Federal Police : gays arresting me at hospital when I'm having DM fest with my buddies [FOX] - Fox Operation.X : idk, I'm not familiar with u [NNB] - National Narcotics Bureau : Most active squad atm, cant say much more. GJ over there [TST] - The Strike Team: Danny's gay Companies - level 2-5. [ALT] - All Load Trucking : I liked camping in this company while being inactive for most of the 2016, thanks for the stand guys and much love to Fabian :^)
  9. the 1m game means u have to find images in google, not use pain to edit your screenshots -_-