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  1. New Recruit

    We'd love to welcome @TheKiller101 into the SAES Clan. For those that don't know of him, TheKiller is part of the MTA Staff and has helped our developers on numerous occasions within the background of the server. Play nice with him :) Kind Regards, SAES HQ Team
  2. Gathering a mapping team

    Cus im a cunt I'm gonna leave this here as mine will actually benefit the server :))))
  3. No point tagging me, not my call. Kas made the forum layout
  4. Server Maintenance

    Hi guys, Just letting you know that from around 8:30 tomorrow (2/8/17) the server will be going down for some scheduled maintenance on the back end of the server. We hope to get the server back as quickly as possible so please standby during that duration. And from what I gathered any major changes done between 5:00am - 8:30am may be rolled back if complications occur so please take caution on what you do during these 3.5 hours.
  5. Official Quote Wall

    He's ginger. Let's not bully him too much.
  6. Housing Changes

    Due to Billionaire being happy about the change, we've no choice but to revert the entire system. Unfortunately, the goal of annoying Billionaire was not achieved.
  7. Housing Changes

    Well you can @System SAHA have 4 roles, sorting inactive properties for inactive players, being a middle man, regulating forum auctions go smoothly and setting all unrequested inactive houses on sales weekly.
  8. Housing Changes

    Housing Limit After a long poll which we've had today with over 100 votes, it concluded in a choice between 6 or 10 properties which neither side received a majority therefore we've decided to take a split down the middle and go for a total of 8 properties. This is enough for 1 in every city/county. All players will have until the 21st of August in order to match the limit of 8 properties and anyone exceeding this number after this date will have their property count scaled down to 8 with their highest value properties taken as punishment. This limit does NOT include donation icons. The housing amount will be pulled from the database therefore there will be no "evading" as all names will be written down in black and white. Ceiling Prices After a pretty much large majority of 75% requesting them to be removed we've decided to totally remove ceiling prices and therefore allow players to spend as much as they want when buying/selling properties. Auctions As voted, auctions are now allowed ingame again at the players own discretion. However if you do this, we highly influence you to screenshot absolutely everything important when doing these auctions in order to prevent scamming. No screenshots = Not our problem. Alternatively, SAHA members can now also act as third party "middle men" just to ensure auctions are ran smoothly and quickly. This is a highly recommend method as it is 100% guaranteed to take away any insecurities that may exist. Along with this, if players wish to attempt to receive the highest potential amount of revenue for their property, they will still allowed to create forum based auctions following the format found here. Inactive Properties Inactive properties will sort of be returning to the old method. If players wish to "hunt" for inactive then they are able to request these on the forum in the Inactive Housing Request section. The first person to post the inactive property in the correct section on forums will receive the property. If you post the property while the owner is not officially inactive you will not receive it. Only the first correct post wins the property. Owners of properties are officially inactive after they have no logged in for one month. Someone who has not logged in since July 2nd is officially inactive August 2nd at 00:00 and not a minute before. We calculate this using forum time and not game time. When an inactive property is being processed, players will be required to pay an extra 25% of marker price on top which will be taken as taxation fees and where a small amount will be kept as payment for the SAHA agent. On top of requested inactive houses, weekly checks will be done ingame for all inactive properties and any left over will be placed on sale by SAHA agents where a small amount will be kept as payment for the SAHA agent. On top of requested inactive houses, weekly checks will be done ingame for all inactive properties and any left over will be placed on sale by SAHA agents. Notices This system is running purely on a trial basis, especially the inactive housing system. It was almost impossible to make a poll about the inactive housing system as it's either this or the old one and can be changed at any time. If you notice your house price change at any point, it's probably due to a SAHA agent making it a more "reasonable" price rather than stupidly high or stupidly low. Any questions, please post below.
  9. Donation:sael-S (Amount 13.00 GBP)

    Sorted Thanks for donating!
  10. Car isnt there anymore.

    Donation Confirmation - Vehicles disappear during inactivity and therefore must be re-requested. Vehicle readded
  11. Donation:sael-S (Amount 13.00 GBP)

    Please provide your username so we know who to lock the vehicle to.
  12. Hate to be the only cunt reply but this is what I put on Dev forums After reading that suggestion initially I was never too keen. Making them out at sea wouldn't be great for like new players and in addition shitty island are megabyte munchers. It wouldn't improve the sea activity at all as I know for a fact everyone will be using helicopters. You won't catch a cop in a boat because he'll be obliterated within minutes.
  13. Trucking Update!!

    Perhaps you could a shed some light as to how your trailers are bugging out
  14. Trucking Update!!

    First things first, we've finally revamped and improved the Trucker spawn with Trucker v2. - Original Trucker has been removed - Money has been altered to range from 15ishk with 0 deliveries to 45ishk when fully maximised. (300 deliveries). With levels inbetween ofc. - Trailer collisions have been fixed by @Tut Greco so the trailer no longer falls through the map - Many new destinations have been added with every location offering atleast some 0 deliveries required jobs. - LV Trucker spawn has been moved to a more 'appropriate' location. - The trailer monging when you take a corner too fast or decide to take a ramp with a trailer is not a bug. Trailers wouldnt hold on IRL if you're doing big jumps. - Trucking is now completely legal as truckers are civs and not crims - There is now no reason for skyroads to be around therefore I would not like to see those unrealistic ugly pieces of crap around anymore. Thanks Invisible Wall Bug Fix The cause of the invisible wall bug occurs with those that have a GTA of higher version that 1.0. This is the bug that occurs when your trailer gets stuck/frozen on any major highway. This is NOT a SAES bug and can only be fixed by using the following link here. In the link contains a video tutorial of how to install for steam users. However in the video he recommends certain mods, DO NOT select any of these mods. This will result in Anticheat kicks via MTA. Make sure you make a backup of your GTA folders before you downgrade so you don't end up like @Slaine and fuck up :D Anyone not using the steam version that knows a downgradable fix, please post below to help others out. Otherwise, buy it via steam it's only like £4 and it fixes everything. 1.0 also allows you to see the sexy prostitute anims ;) Notable Bugs: - In order to take a job that has a minimum amount of deliveries that you've just met, you'll need to respawn first
  15. Donation:Toolbox (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Money sorted. Thanks again for donating!