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  1. If we were gonna do this, you'd need to think of a good way to implement it. The way I see it would be, would you make it like groups are currently or would you make it like gangs/squads with levels but still have it as a group way. Personally I think company levels would be the only way to go around such a thing due to the blurry lines in when a group is actually "good" or not to deserve a spawn otherwise you'll end up with some mong approving a spawn for a group that's only had 3 active people themselves when they're not too active themselves. *cough* SDO *cough* A second point would be combating the group whores or peoples friends inviting them to every single company. There'd be almost no point in having companies as groups if they were just gonna end up like another civilian populated spawn. In my opinion the only way to control that would be to only allow 1 company per person however implementing a system for companies that's very much like the /gang panel could pose difficult maybe. Thoughts below.
  2. Respawn as last spawn

    We know there's a bug with not having weps when using this function, standby while it's fixed. Thanks. EDIT: - Fixed
  3. or lets just remove Ardron's radio access :))
  4. Just wanted to tell the GMs my thoughts.

    Alright now I've got the proper time to reply. In simple terms, show us you deserve to start climbing the ladder or whatever shit I put basically means there's insecurities about whether the gang will survive or not. The pending month basically just allows us to see if you're still alive by the end of it however from the attitude above I can definitely see that pending was exactly the right call. Now you've got a choice to either A) Prove us wrong and survive the month continuing what you're doing. B) Prove us right, carry on moaning and close it. I hope for SSBs sake you choose the right choice there. Secondly, if you do have any queries as usual, this is not the place to do so. You can contact the GM team directly rather than making such topics. Thanks, GM
  5. Just wanted to tell the GMs my thoughts.

    I mean... We don't give pending twice
  6. KATLA?

    So jealous tombaa
  7. KATLA?

    Whose is the gay ass voice on the video. Bet they suck cock on the daily
  8. New Recruit

    We'd love to welcome @TheKiller101 into the SAES Clan. For those that don't know of him, TheKiller is part of the MTA Staff and has helped our developers on numerous occasions within the background of the server. Play nice with him :) Kind Regards, SAES HQ Team
  9. Gathering a mapping team

    Cus im a cunt I'm gonna leave this here as mine will actually benefit the server :))))
  10. No point tagging me, not my call. Kas made the forum layout
  11. Server Maintenance

    Hi guys, Just letting you know that from around 8:30 tomorrow (2/8/17) the server will be going down for some scheduled maintenance on the back end of the server. We hope to get the server back as quickly as possible so please standby during that duration. And from what I gathered any major changes done between 5:00am - 8:30am may be rolled back if complications occur so please take caution on what you do during these 3.5 hours.
  12. Official Quote Wall

    He's ginger. Let's not bully him too much.
  13. Housing Changes

    Due to Billionaire being happy about the change, we've no choice but to revert the entire system. Unfortunately, the goal of annoying Billionaire was not achieved.
  14. Housing Changes

    Well you can @System SAHA have 4 roles, sorting inactive properties for inactive players, being a middle man, regulating forum auctions go smoothly and setting all unrequested inactive houses on sales weekly.