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  1. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    A new beast is born.
  2. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    You can fly stuff the same size as the strat just only the race that u chose
  3. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    Of course, you can't play any 'premium' game on the free version if you want to play it seriously, lol. The free version is just to give u as much time as u need to to join like a corp of noobs and have fun so much until u want to take it a step further.
  4. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    Everyone given up already? :D
  5. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    Yeh BASTKain, never really used it though, lol
  6. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    Cool, well if u need help and I'm not in that channel just hop on IRC and I'm probably there to explain shit.
  7. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    Lol, if a strat would've died to a dessie I would've laughed. Cool, how u finding it? Don't forget to join the "Bastage Network - Public" chat as described above
  8. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    Yes, sounds harsh but that's what makes eve as thrilling as it is. The adrenaline rush u get when u start PvP and put your ship at risk if it's pricey is insane :D I've lost a lot of ships but I've killed a damn sight more
  9. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    sry can't get rid of that ^^ We're u in an astero or something by any chance? Lol
  10. EvE is F2P (after midday)

  11. EvE is F2P (after midday)

    Today's the day it's going sorta F2P. For anyone that does it wanna give it a try: http://secure.eveonline.com/signup/?invc=81b73706-4374-4dee-b5dd-ce84d404ee06&action=buddy Tbh don't even know if that link will work after the patch but if it doesn't just google eve online download. Basically on an unpaid accounts now there's these things called "alpha clones" which basically allows you to train basic skills up to a maximum of t1 cruiser of your chosen race. (May I recommend choosing Gallente or caldari but it's purely your choice). Of course if you choose to sub and pay like I do then you get access to all skills and ships so to some degree it's not really f2p but still gives you unlimited time to play the game. If you do decide to try it after midday, if you get stuck either join the channel "Bastage Network - Public" by clicking the top left E > social > channels and see if I'm around. If I'm not then try just ask any questions in the Rookie Help chat which you're automatically in. Read stuff like this: http://www.pcgamer.com/eve-beginners-guide/ and search for videos. There's almost videos for everything these days. If enough people do try it, I might take people out on a noob PvP roam for the lolz to see how decent the game is. If you want to earn money, mining is the quickest and easiest thing to get into but PvP is by far the most enjoyable thing where as industry is just like satisfying once you've finished something. And don't go into low/null/wh space unless you think you're ready. But remember, more risk > more reward.
  12. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    He'll quit once he realises he can't use any of his haulers or freighters. I've never given up with it, just play eve more. MTA is just slow for me lately in comparison to eve... Cool, hit me up if u need anything. SO WHO'S COMING TO TRY EVE TOMORROW THEN!?
  13. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    You playing much anymore @Haas or given up already? :D
  14. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    Miner kills are fine by me lately, I've been slacking.
  15. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    SO WHO'S COMING TO LET ME KILL YOU ON THE 15TH? I mean ermm let me help you