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  1. New Staff Members

    Congratulations to the people who made it, but there's a gap left.. Groove should've made it aswell.
  2. Promotions & Community Staff Recruitment

    Congratulations @Mohd, @Nemesis., @Piem11 Good luck with your new task ahead
  3. Official Quote Wall

    I'm going to reply only once. So, why do you need to make a drama out all of this? + you don't need to hide his name, @Rimmyy was the one I spoke to. Alright, I was just wondering if Rimmy was gangless and when he mentioned ''Nah I'm in SSB cunts'' so I mentioned AS A JOKE ''quit it :p'' ''and join us xD'' As you can see I use the '':p'' and ''xD'' means I'm not being serious about it. Why would I STEAL YOUR MEMBER? give me a explaination for it as I would love to hear that. Now to the part about ''Ssb is basically nothing to be honest bro'' was my opinion and I stay with it. And to you @Rimmyy : I never expected you to take a picture of our private conversation, thought I could have had some trust in you but I see I can't after all, sad. Once again, nothing was about to steal your member and to join us. Also, might be more mature from your side to just message me in private next time and we could have handled it right away and in a mature way not by adding the public to it. Oh one more thing about my picture on Whatsapp? Who are you to care about that? Do I complain about your pictures? I don't think so and it's a GTA V picture not MTA.
  4. - MEDIA ARCHIVE - In this topic we'll share our media with you. We will be posting here everything related to our roleplay, to show what kind of activities our club do. - Only club members are allowed to post club activities here -
  5. Bro<3 miss u man!

  6. MEDIA ARCHIVE In this topic we'll share our media with you. If you have taken part in an activity with a Ruthless Veteran member you're welcome to post it here.
  7. Fuck yeah.. been hoping for a new metro game to come
  8. Last Letter!

  9. count to 1,000,000

  10. Meet met at FB messager please.. need to speak with you

    1. J a x

      J a x

      Could I message you privately on somewhere?

    2. XgangsterX


      Me? If so what do you need?

    3. J a x

      J a x

      Just wanted to ask about props but guessing you're still not going to sell any ? lol.

  11. Rest In Peace Red Devils Mc

    It has been a good ride my friends! - Once again, RDMC would not have came this far without it's members. RDMC members, thank you for your support you gave us!
  12. 28-05-2017 Activity! Camels In Da House! B~B - One Gang, One Family!
  13. Why aren't you a staff anymore?

  14. Look who's back :) welcome back buddy ;)

    1. Luke


      Hey dude, hope things are going okay for ya! Catch ya ingame soon hopefully.