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  1. clear ur damn inbox or meet me ingame need to ask you something!!

    1. XgangsterX

      Get your ass on whatsapp!

  2. let's create saes DD/DM/Race server!

    I used to play this a lot .. old times xD - It's a nice game mode indeed
  3. Show us your car!

    (PS: Whoever thinks he's funny to edit my message, I do own this vehicle)
  4. ProjectCars

    It's a nice game, I play aswell
  5. Clear your inbox man

    1. Eissa

      or open skype !!


    2. XgangsterX

      Just msg me at skype, I'll read it soon

  6. COD Remastered

    I do, playing on PS4 here a SS @Tut Greco
  7. Can i have permission to use your shader?

    @Tut Greco Hit me on PM, please
  8. Sad news indeed. Take care MI-6! Sad it came to a end like this. Was nice to have MI-6 around in the server. To the members, good luck with your new squad / or perhaps a gang
  9. Freeing up some space in CS Rosters

  10. Wtf man, why so !