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  1. Official Quote Wall

    Not a quote.
  2. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    I think that's exactly why they only take people that are 16 or older
  3. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    Level 4* and I like your sense of humor hehehe
  4. Roleplay #206 - Vehicle Request (with Wild Angels) The Company was in need of a utility vehicle. They called the Wild Angels who were specialized in carjacking and ordered them to steal a Hummer model for them. The Wild Angels agreed and told them to get to San Fierro three hours after. When The Company arrived, the Hummer was loaded off the truck and parked for them. They drove onto the property, parked the car and then started to speak to the man in charge of the Wild Angels. First, the Wild Angels wanted to rip off The Company by asking an incredibly high amount. However, the supervisor was not happy and told them that they would get $60.000,- and not one penny extra. Then the Wild Angels agreed and gave them the car keys. Hunter, one of the men of The Company then handed over the bag of money. Then the members of The Company left the property and went back to their headquarters in the south of San Fierro. It was a successful deal but next time, the Wild Angels should not ask for that amount of money again.
  5. Roleplay #201 - Weapons to Authority (with Immigrations & Customs Enforcement) It was a Wednesday afternoon when The Company received a call from a government agency about a gun shipment they were interested in. Of course, The Company is always interested in working together with an agency with power and decided to meet them somewhere in Flint County. Once arrived, it happened to be about the Immigration & Customs Enforcement or ICE for short. The two members of The Company stepped out of the car and started to speak with the Lieutenant of ICE. He wanted to buy the highest quality arms that The Company had. Of course, they brought a couple of weapons for him to try. He picked the M4 and started to test it. He was very satisfied with the weapon and wanted to buy everything that The Company had with them at that time. For these, ICE had to pay $12.500 which was cheaper than the government's own price. The lieutenant was happy with the deal and paid directly. After that, the members of The Company got into the car and went back to San Fierro. ICE was supplied with their M4s for a while now and future business with this government agency was now concrete.
  6. Roleplay #199 - The delivery Service (with Hell Hounds MC) On a Thursday evening, The Company needed someone to deliver their documents to San Fierro. They had made contact with a new Motorcycle Club called the Hell Hounds MC. In order to get the job done, they had set up a meeting in Bone County. When arrived, the bikers were already waiting for The Company to arrive. Because they had never done business together, both organizations were a little bit on edge. However, when the member of The Company told them about the amount of money they would receive for this job, they were happy and said that The Company should consider it done. The members of The Company were ready to hand over the documents, and their colleagues in San Fierro would be waiting for them somewhere in the city. The bikers left and went on their way to the big city. The men in suits went away as well and informed their colleagues in San Fierro that the bikers were on their way with the documents. In these documents was information about the major of Las Venturas. This information needed to be given to The Company's intelligence agency as soon as possible, and they did not want the police to become suspicious. The members of The Company in San Fierro had received information and went to one of their safehouses to receive the secret documents about the major of Las Venturas from the bikers. After a while of waiting, they arrived and the end of the bargain could be started. They handed over the documents, and the payment was transferred to the account that the Hell Hounds MC had told about. They left and the members of The Company moved back to their headquarters as well to hand over the documents to their directors. The Company has made good contacts with a new motorcycle club in the state of San Andreas, and can surely benefit from their services.
  7. Mistigun Versus NNB Members

    Dont know whats worse, the video or the choice of music.
  8. = Late evening activity with the Night Division 21-03 =
  9. The purge in SAES.

    Nah thanks
  10. Roleplay #193- Prototype Gun (with Wild Angels) The Company's weapon importers had gotten a grip on a new prototype that would hit the market soon. A vicious weapon that would cause lethal damages once shot with. After a couple of successful deals with the Wild Angels, The Company decided to give them a gift. They called one of their members to meet them somewhere in Los Santos. After a short time, he arrived and walked towards the representative of The Company. They had a little bit of small talk and then walked towards the trunk of the large Mercedes that The Company had brought. In the trunk was a new model of the M4. The member of the Wild Angels had never seen such a new weapon before and could not wait to try it. They walked to the wall next to them and he started to shoot and get a little bit of a grip on the weapon. After a few shots, he said that it was the best weapon he ever used and that he was very grateful that their organization had the chance to get one of these as a gift. The Company's representative said that it was a gift for the hard work that they have done for the organization in the last few weeks. After that, the member of the Wild Angels placed the weapon somewhere save in his van, and the members of The Company had departed back to San Fierro. The Wild Angels appreciated the weapon and there will probably be a lot of future business with this organization for The Company.
  11. Show us Yourself v2

    So he is a Tunisian pretending to live in Germany, pretending to be a YouTuber who is German and Tunisian. I remember a Craby saying that he was in Germany and made a picture of himself which was totally not taken in Germany. I see some similarities between them. You'll see it in the next episode of ''The biggest liar of the universe''.
  12. Roleplay #192 - The stolen BMW (with Wild Angels) Wild Angels offered The Company their services last time for future business. One of The Company's members wanted to add another BMW to their fleet and were not interested in paying the full amount at a car dealership. They called the Wild Angels members to a location to negotiate the terms of the assignment. The Company's member told him that they wanted to expand their fleet with a new BMW. Since their specialty is to steal cars, they were the perfect organization to work with in this case. The members of The Company told him to get it today, so the members of the Wild Angels started looking for a suitable car that The Company was interested in. After looking for a while, they found the BMW that The Company wanted and jacked it from the guy. He was scared and directly stepped out of the car with his hands up. After that, they drove to the next location where the members of The Company were waiting for them to arrive with the car they asked for. While the Wild Angels were busy with the job, The Company's members drove to an alley where the car could be delivered without anyone seeing them. They gave a call to their contact of the Wild Angels and waited. After a while, they arrived and the car was in good shape. The members of The Company walked towards them and started to talk. After taking a glance at the BMW, one of The Company's members gave them a bag filled with cash, one of the members took the car and they moved away from the alley to avoid being spotted. Then they arrived at the base and parked the car with the other BMWs. It was a good addition to the fleet and very useful for future missions. As always, the Wild Angels did good work for The Company.
  13. = Midnight Activity 15-03-18 =