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  1. Rocket League

    Add me on steam nigguz, been a long time since I have played RL
  2. Help Omar get into a group!!

    Omar is lws, he just doesn't have a spawn, he's lws toilet cleaner
  3. FBI, SWAT, SAI, SAFD - RP [video]

    Don't forget that i was also the bomber
  4. Selling alcohol in /sell

    Denied, it will lag!
  5. There's no need for an unlimited timer since we can check if a player hasn't left the jail after breaking free. Good idea tho.
  6. haven't had time to look at this yet, will try within a week.
  7. Alliance chat

    Already replied about this, its not possible at moment to add anything to the gang panel.
  8. Alliance chat

    That would hardly happen but still, imagine TT has added as alliances CDC and AA, CDC has TT as alliance and so AA, but they aren't an alliance eachother, when TT speaks both can see, but when eachother speak only TT can see.
  9. Alliance chat

    hm,we can't check for that, but what we can is the following, 1 player starts an alliance chat with another gang, after it he is considered the owner of the chat, thus he can set other people to be administrator of that alliance chat, for example: make HQs administrators. This way only the owner and the administrators would be able to delete or invite another gang to the alliance. cant be done
  10. Alliance chat

    Could be done easily, the only thing i see against it is that we would chave to change the script everytime an alliance is changed
  11. Rocket League

    Shit player
  12. Im having connection problems on MTA servers, dont expect this soon.
  13. SAFD Suggestion

    Picking that suggestion we can give criminals a new "job" commit arson, that way either its random (accident) or someone set it up(criminal)
  14. Suggestion for Mechanics

    Rather than create another panel i would suggest to add another argument to the /mech, like partial name. Then the mechanic classes would get that information by doing for ex: /mech jokila
  15. Onde está a cadeira? 

    1. JoKilaPT

      What chair? 

    2. Rennie

      Common you know what chair! 

    3. JoKilaPT

      Err no?