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  1. Official Quote Wall

    tfw you think knowing how to code is a game and not part of your profession
  2. Official Quote Wall

    The words are interchangeable.
  3. Best squad on SAES by far is ICE POLICE
  4. Official Quote Wall

  5. MTA Screenshots

    @Jay we're famous
  6. Adding a police medic spawn

    The emergency spawn is free for everyone to use, they have access to that unit. I would support changing how wanted levels work to allow more freedom for medics to be in prison. Medics can enter BR's unwanted for instance but creating an entire new class is completely pointless. Medics shouldn't be able to arrest. If you make a new class and remove the ability to arrest from it, then it's pretty much just the medic spawn. Medics should not be able to kill people, it completely contradicts the role of a medic, both on SAES and in the real world. I get where you're coming from and I think reforming how a medic gains stars is the answer. Not an entire new class and system with even more rules. Rulez are for foolz!
  7. Adding a police medic spawn

    Medics are already an emergency class. I suggest removing medics gaining stars from entering Jail but to create a whole new class with the ability to shoot and arrest (they would be able to arrest if under the police team) completely undermines what a medic should be. Medics should only care about the injured, they are not crime fighters and should not take sides.
  8. Evolving meme format, you saw it here first
  9. Show us Yourself v2

    That is Ahmed Nadim Ahadi who can be found here: https://noizz.de/entertainment/haftbefehl-gegen-youtuber-apored/5htd2p2 Nice try friend
  10. This is a bug, it has nothing to do with afk turfing or how quick it is to turf. I don't see how a bug fix will change turfing speed.
  11. The Sexual Frustration Topic

    This, legitimately, makes no sense.
  12. New Staff Members

    GM's decide who join staff? Since when? You're the same guy who said "good people leaving only cunts left" when Danny got kicked so it really shows your intelligence lol
  13. New Staff Members

    @Tritosh I tried to get them to invite Billionaire but idk.. fucking racist SAES members smh
  14. Official Quote Wall