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  1. SAES is 13 years old!

    Happy Birthday, the special bunch of cunts.
  2. Why hello there! Since starting up my own YouTube channel couple of months ago, I've wanted to get some other players into my videos and what better way then to share on here and to ask you guy's if you wanna be in my videos! If so, all you gotta do is add me on PS4: uk_Diablo put in the friend request message like I'm from Bastage Network or SAES. I host party's and do GTA 5 custom/cunning races on weekends more people the better. The requirements: A good quality microphone/headset, games and a good respectful non-screaming like a little bitch attitude and personality lol. We are all there to have fun! So comment down below what headset and what games you have for the PS4. ill start a schedule of what nights and what games to play and with what people ask i do work :) Thanks guys! MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
  3. CS:GO :: Weapon/Cases Trading Topic

    How about you give it me.....FOR FREE!
  4. Show us Yourself v2

    Yeah he does
  5. Show us Yourself v2

    Sorry but the one in the jean jacket looks like a gang just done a drive by with some bb-guns to her face. But yeah tights ftw. lol

  7. Best mentor ever!

  8. Battlefield 4

    I got it on PS4, ill add you tonight bro.
  9. Sons of Anarchy | Media Archive

    should get me in on this lol
  10. MTA Screenshots

    was a good night.
  11. Free way modes - SOA HELP

    Looking awesome lads.
  12. hold up, what the fuck is this shit

    Does this guy even have our permission to upload any videos or containing our logo?
  13. Happy Birthday gayblo!