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  1. The~YakuZa| Media Center

    28.02.2016 Turf~War Before : After :
  2. The~YakuZa| Media Center

    27.02.2016 Turf~War Before : After :
  3. Team name: TBTeams group(Mixed if participants aren't from same group): YakuzaTeam leader: RizoroTeam: Rizoro , OLAF , Expert , EloThAm , xRaider Substitute(s)(Max.2): Disaster , XStrong
  4. The~YakuZa| Media Center

    Roleplay#127: Missed opportunity Date: 29.12.2015 Participants : Yakuza & SoA & SS Roleplay Strory : It was a full of adventures day for yakuza , today , we had called the sons of anarchy members as our risky task needs a bushy reinforcements . We were waiting in our base loacted in Bone Country , almost near the Ghost Town . After few minutes from our call , the sons of anarchy were there , we gathered together and the discussion began . We debated about the assignment which was as follows : the yakuza has decided to abduct a Secret Service Agent after we have received informations inform that a delivery operation of weapons will be done late at night by the sea from an unknown person , so the target pictures were given to "Jordi" by our leader "OLAF" .Both of gangs brought Sultans and Burrito to facilitate access and kidnapping the agents , also we carried with us the necessary weapons in case of openning fire by guards there. The mission was complicated very risky and reckless as the person who will be kidnapped is part of the government but we did not hesitate , we rode the cars and we intend the target. Our orientation was north Los Santos nearly the white house , the main special place for the government members. We passed from the main street and fortunately we found ourselves face to face with our target who was with his fellow about to quit the white house so we intercepted their road by the cars , we descended and took up arms in their faces , we were more of them in number so they did not resist and obeyed our orders without exaggeration. Yakuza and sons of anarchy collaborated and kidnapped both of agents to the Ghost town near our base. There , we have tortured them to confess the operation location and appointment , but all in vain , they were strict and did not say anything so their loyalty and allegiance led them into the abyss. Mr.Jordi behold a deep hole next to an edging , so we pushed them thither and we killed them severely because we were not able to find out the time and place of the operation and we missed a valuable opportunity of our hands that we will be rich and undiminished through but unfortunately we have failed.
  5. No problem , joy in all cases and my team is willing .
  6. Awesome but a bit like Danny's tournament .
  7. The~YakuZa| Media Center

    Events: 131 Event Type: Fallout Location: G6 Prize: 1.500.000$ LWS/ZIP/G6: Sam# Winner(s): :HA:Sem[RC]
  8. The~YakuZa| Media Center

    Roleplay#119: Killing a bastard Date: 22.12.2015 Participants : Yakuza & Destin Roleplay Strory : The story began in Los Santos , precisely in yakuza base , out two members Mr.Expert and Mr.XStrong were chatting and talking about everything new in San Andreas . They were in that state in the terrace by suprise , they set eyes on a Federal Bureau Investigation member who was walking around , looking after quietness and tranquility to the citizens of Los Santos and overseeing the system and the extent of application by people . As yakuza members were well-known by their Cunning and riots , Mr.Expert and Mr.XStrong armed with few weapons and chased him until he stopped . Our two members didn't waste a lot of time , they took out the bastard of his car , and brought him to our main parking in Las Venturas . There , first they asked him to recognizes some informations about his squad leader , his family and his relatives , also they tortured and beaten him severely in order to admit the Intelligence site and tried to finf out if we are wanted or not by the police , but all in vain , he was strict and very loyal so that he did not utter even a letter so Mr.Expert and Mr.XStrong were obliged to kill the bastard .
  9. The~YakuZa| Media Center

    Roleplay#92: No Mercy Date: 21.11.2015 Participants : Yakuza & BS Roleplay Strory : Plenty of yakuza members were strolling around Los Santos , for the Surveillance of some ennemie's bases and some wanted persons , also to make plans to storm banks and stores . After few minutes of our covert operation and activities , we noticed a Black Syndicate member named "Nobody" was wandering with a luxury car and as we were bored and eager for some riots we decided to ambush him . We remained chasing him secretly and surreptitiously Without his knowledge , and at the right moment , we stoped him with surrounding and interception with a lot of cars and NRGs around him . We started with exorting him , by using bad bad language and giving some strong and painfull punches we tried then to know some black syndicate factories location , in order to steal weapons and equipments from it as they have the most imporant factories which produce weapons , drugs and explosives with high quality but unfortunately he didn't reveal even a little information . So we were forced later to eliminate him for being useless and bring his luxury car with us since it can provide some money or we can use it in our future operations .
  10. The~YakuZa| Media Center

    Roleplay#88: ambush operation Date: 20.11.2015 Participants : Yakuza & MMC Roleplay Strory : As usual yakuza's members were gathering at the base , having fun , banter , and talking about last news . We are so and suddenly two of mongols mc members passed by our base driving freeway . Mr.Strong hinted them , and as they are one of our arch-ennemies we picked up supplies , prepared two NRGs and a Sultan and we moved behind them trying to attempt to stop the two targets . After a chase which did not take a long time , we were able to catch them near Los Santos Docks and the discussion began . We threatened them in order to the revelation of some Mongols secrets as their leader location , his daily activities and his relatives , but they abstained to say even a little guide so we were forced to kill them for being useless , as we have noted that the freeways are luxurious and with high-value which we can sell it to get fortune .
  11. The~YakuZa| Media Center

    Roleplay#85: weapons Delivery Date: 15.11.2015 Participants : Yakuza & BS Roleplay Strory : Lack of bullets , weapons and the goods , Multiple opponents and battles , The large number of wars and the spread of hatred and resentment , chaos , terrorism and murder , made us in need of weapons to stay alive . So this situation leads to call the black syndicate which one of the best product of weapons all over San Andreas , known as his fast and high quality services , moreover his reasonable prices . And after providing the list of needed weapons which is 2 AK's , 2 M4 and 1000 bullets for each weapons , the black syndicate , sent 2 members to our base located in south Los Santos where we were waiting and paid the payment which assumed 10.000$ . Law of the jungle prevails , Survival of the fittest .