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  1. Update from SAHA

  2. How do you imagine the users to look.

    @viki @Gogo @kokicha13 aka koko
  3. Deadshots rewards change

  4. SAES Meme pictures!

  5. Official Quote Wall

    Np @Boston, I saved your children.
  6. Fix it please

    Fixed. No idea why your donation got deleted but i re-added it where you asked me to at WMC base. It's a Tampa vehicle. Enjoy!
  7. Silvio_Sylvester

  9. I appolgize

  10. @Boston this is the main one I think. He loves to DM when he chooses to. He loves trolling, he is immature as shit (no idea how he was admin, lol) and he is incredibly good at pissing everyone off. Other players and I noticed that he only uses the admin panel to warp around so he dont drive because he is too lazy and he uses it for his own purpose.. like wtf???? how the fuck this guy became admin? someone explain me please he totally brought the abuse to a next level..thanks god he is not admin anymore
  11. SAES Meme pictures!

  12. RAMPAGE It's me thesaes i have been your friend and i'm a big fan of you on Youtube Please unban me

  13. Show us Yourself v2