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  1. Inactive cunt, get back to SAES!

    1. TuRtt



      ok maybe :D

  2. Streaming KATLA development

    We waited years for 2.0, we gave up hope. quit and left this forsaken community.. now we'll return, we'll return to bring back the chaos and embrace KATLA!!!! - is that what you think is going to happen??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Just saying, most of us have grown the fuck up and 2.0 or project katla will prolly bring back only a few peeps who will prolly quit after a few weeks. We wanted 2.0 ages ago, you know.. when the community still had players. Why work on a dead game when you can work on something better, like a pokemon go mod for CSGOOOO!
  3. i miss u


    just joking


    pm me


    i miss u ._.

  4. Last visited: Friday at 3:55 PM

    Holy shit you still alive ?!?

    1. TuRtt

      yeee :p


      Downloading mta rn lol


      Going to visit ingame, maybe i'll bump into you

  5. omar u little slut stop checking my profile every 2 weeks i wont give you any fucjking nudes ffs

    1. Omar.

      but...but why?

  6. i just saw a screenshot on the official quote wall of you talking in bb clanchat, holy fuck r u active ingame? :D

  7. Official Quote Wall

  8. Where the fuck are you faggot ? Get back

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    2. TuRtt

      ahah lol, dunno man. i'm kinda busy irl atm.


      give me a few weeks and i'll maybe visit ingame :)

    3. Terry



    4. TuRtt

      sorry mannn


      give me a week or so, when i sort out my new job and stuff i'll hit you up when im available to play saes

  9. just passin by.. *subscribes to topic*
  10. Show us your in game money

  11. Turtt you Filthy bastard how you doin ? :3

    1. TuRtt

      I'm aight, what bout you? Nub camel

    2. KEMO

      1- Took you damn long to answer :P:D

      2-me es good bra .... Missed you :3 <3