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    SECTION 1 1. Name: Jonas 2. Ingame name:Jonas133 3. Age:17 4. Sex:Man 5. English proficiency: 7 6. Native language: Dutch 7. Other languages:English , very little of french 8. Do you have a Pro Cop diploma?: Yes 9. When did you start playing SAES/MTA?: SAES arround 2012 , might be earlier 10. Total gameplay (hours): 2961 11. Aprox.gameplay daily (hours): vacations arround +8 12. Avarage FPS:60 13. Avarage Ping: 15 14. Previous organizations: SS,SAPA 15. Are you active user of Teamspeak 3?: Joining sometimes but not calling it active. 16. Have you installed IRC?: Yes but i dont use it anymore ,switched over to discord SECTION 2 A. Define our role (FOX):Fox is an group of highly trained officers that defends the people of San Andreas B. Define marker arrest: Arresting a person that is just inside the marker (so frozen) C. Minimum arresting level: 10 Unless theres made an exception under special circumstances D. Point out and define 4 major server rules: 1. You may not abuse ur animations(for example hiding urself in a wall with it) 2. Speak English in mainchat. 3. Do not deathmatch 4. You are not allowed to marker kill / camp / arrest before and after the bankrob has been started. E. Explain why you should attempt to roleplay before each arrest: Simply to keep the RP side in the game.IMO its way more fun in the game when u RP.And why wouldnt we? SECTION 3 I. Write about yourself in 4 sentences:Im jonas and i'm from Belgium.Currently im studying Electricity. I am 17 years old. And i love to make magical things II. Write your strengths and weaknesses:Strenght : Listening ,helping , patient , friendly Weakness : Hearing lies of people. III. Why do you wish to join FOX over other squads?:Simple because some of my friends are in this squad,including the fact that i like the way how FOX runs for example the fact that we dont arrest right away.Including their activity thats going on right now. IV. Convince us in 2 lines why you would fit the team:Im active in the game and able to listen. And i love to work as a team and i know many people in fox. V. Do you have any additional information you want to add:No i do not By posting this application, I am aware of our terms and that this application is only and only written by me , and states nothing but the truth. Retard test: http://imgur.com/rxGgX8Q http://imgur.com/IhZtll7
  2. you look cute on your profile picture

  3. Aahww ,im sorry but i cant marry you. #rejected
  4. Enternia's Media

    Enternia's hotdog mobile once more opened at LV X
  5. Enternia's Media

    Promoting our new beer on the market! Including making some waffles
  6. Enternia's Media

    Enternia's Hotdog Mobile!
  7. Poor Jonas

    why am i the only one that gets highlighted on topics like these? EDIT : I found out u couldnt write ur name "Dova"
  8. lick my ass

  9. Equality

    oh firefox thanks for letting me know... i usually dont read posts from cunts
  10. Official Quote Wall

    UE are white sandniggers.
  11. Enternia's Media

    As u've seen the construction works we're finaly able to open our restaurant again!. The army decided to hire our private meeting room.
  12. Poor Jonas

    wtf... u misspelled ur own name
  13. Enternia's Media

    *EVENT* We had a last minute call that we needed to sell some hotdogs to the prison.
  14. Enternia's Media

    Opening the restaurant once again , first prepairations of a renovation.
  15. Enternia's Media

    We decided to steal a vehicle that we wanted to have in order to do more businesses. "The roleplay went good , besides the fact that someone was triggering car respawns every time http://imgur.com/a/oVU5m