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  1. lick my ass

  2. Equality

    oh firefox thanks for letting me know... i usually dont read posts from cunts
  3. Official Quote Wall

    UE are white sandniggers.
  4. Enternia's Media

    As u've seen the construction works we're finaly able to open our restaurant again!. The army decided to hire our private meeting room.
  5. Poor Jonas

    wtf... u misspelled ur own name
  6. Enternia's Media

    *EVENT* We had a last minute call that we needed to sell some hotdogs to the prison.
  7. Enternia's Media

    Opening the restaurant once again , first prepairations of a renovation.
  8. Enternia's Media

    We decided to steal a vehicle that we wanted to have in order to do more businesses. "The roleplay went good , besides the fact that someone was triggering car respawns every time http://imgur.com/a/oVU5m
  9. Enternia's Media

    Restaurant opened for a short time
  10. Enternia's Media

    We decided to do something different & special for valentin We started small , we ended big
  11. Enternia's Media

    Working at the restaurant + Valentin special desert's already!
  12. Enternia's Media

    Working at restaurant + a fight outside the restaurant
  13. Enternia's Media

    *LEAK* As u may have heard there was a big explosion on a boat on the ocean...
  14. Rennie invites you all to play his favourite game

    I roll first Damn , did i end in the jail ;(
  15. Just beware of this people...

    i've sent it a fucking week ago.. u fuckin liar