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  1. Rennie invites you all to play his favourite game

    I roll first Damn , did i end in the jail ;(
  2. Just beware of this people...

    i've sent it a fucking week ago.. u fuckin liar
  3. Enternia's Media

    Activity + Working at restaurant
  4. ArdronTECH Highly Modded Server (OPEN)

    upgraded to 4,2Ghz
  5. blame those noobs modding our cook skin ;( weird that i cant find him in the list though lol oh and a side note ,im trying to find a new skin for cook skin as i've asked this today , so far didnt found any skin that fits
  6. Enternia's Media

    To those who cannot wait already to see the screens ; Reopening screens http://imgur.com/a/E9Tu6 PART 1 http://imgur.com/a/3HHWc PART 2 Thanks for joining the rp! Will edit this post later to make it more awesome
  7. ArdronTECH Highly Modded Server (OPEN)

    did not die ^ was up for couple days already in new world inactive noob! , host is just updating their servers atm it seems edit ; server is up for me though ;o
  8. Official Quote Wall

    u sudoed me! its fake! this is the real pic:
  9. Farming Simulator 2017

    im up
  10. ArdronTECH Highly Modded Server (OPEN)

    Ardron updated the server to space astronomy. Version stays on 1.7.10
  11. ArdronTECH Highly Modded Server (OPEN)

    As the activity lowered ardron decided to suggest a new modpack on the server named space astronomy : Space Astronomy is a space based modpack, that include loads of the latest tech and space mods. Explore the Universe with the help of the provided quest book that will lead you around and that required steps that you will need to take. Planets that you can explore: Solar system: Mercury Venus Overworld - Moon Overworld - Space station(Create your own) Mars Asteroids Pluto Sirius Solar system: Sirius B Koentus Diona Polongnius Nibiru Fronos Kapteyn Solar system: Kapteyn B MODS : This requires a new world! So inventorys etc will be reseted Incase u want this Please reply to this topic and say "yes" OR simply contact me on irc/ingame/...
  12. AZIS - Sen Trope (Jonasi remake)

    The only song i like/love is barbie girl
  13. AZIS - Sen Trope (Jonasi remake)

    What The Fock