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  1. Enternia's Media

    Restaurant opened for a short time
  2. Enternia's Media

    We decided to do something different & special for valentin We started small , we ended big
  3. Enternia's Media

    Working at the restaurant + Valentin special desert's already!
  4. Enternia's Media

    Working at restaurant + a fight outside the restaurant
  5. Enternia's Media

    *LEAK* As u may have heard there was a big explosion on a boat on the ocean...
  6. Rennie invites you all to play his favourite game

    I roll first Damn , did i end in the jail ;(
  7. Just beware of this people...

    i've sent it a fucking week ago.. u fuckin liar
  8. Enternia's Media

    Activity + Working at restaurant
  9. ArdronTECH Highly Modded Server (OPEN)

    upgraded to 4,2Ghz
  10. blame those noobs modding our cook skin ;( weird that i cant find him in the list though lol oh and a side note ,im trying to find a new skin for cook skin as i've asked this today , so far didnt found any skin that fits
  11. Enternia's Media

    To those who cannot wait already to see the screens ; Reopening screens http://imgur.com/a/E9Tu6 PART 1 http://imgur.com/a/3HHWc PART 2 Thanks for joining the rp! Will edit this post later to make it more awesome
  12. ArdronTECH Highly Modded Server (OPEN)

    did not die ^ was up for couple days already in new world inactive noob! , host is just updating their servers atm it seems edit ; server is up for me though ;o
  13. Official Quote Wall

    u sudoed me! its fake! this is the real pic:
  14. Farming Simulator 2017

    im up
  15. ArdronTECH Highly Modded Server (OPEN)

    Ardron updated the server to space astronomy. Version stays on 1.7.10