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  1. Urgent

    Yes, because causing disruption and discord with in the community makes you EPIC. Breaking the rules of the community makes you EPIC. Thinking you are some kind of untouchable god makes you EPIC. Pretty much everyone you listed in your little 'honest' post was banned for countless rule breaking, disruption to the community and abusive negligent behaviour which they had been called up on before many many times. We have every right to make an example of these people for their abhorrent behaviour, these people should be an example of how NOT to behave around people in the community and in real life. It's not childish to punish people for their rule breaking or make an example of them. What is childish is that thinking 'not giving a fuck' is cool and EPIC!
  2. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    you need to join the chat channel 'Bastage Network - Public' (see https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Channels) Usually one of us in there at some point during the day.
  3. Most random name ever? Or did you let your cat sleep on your keyboard?

  4. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    it makes my battleship feel small
  5. [ CHAT ] Come and play with us!

    We should form an alliance!
  6. [ MEDIA ] Screenshots and Videos

    Had the exact same thing the other day Mary, came through a stargate and BAM! must have been at least 100 concord ships floating around it.
  7. pote jumperpt in mta in TT

  8. poe the jumperpt in TT

  9. es portuguese

  10. Remove my warning level you knob :(

  11. Official Quote Wall

  12. Official Quote Wall

  13. Benn(der) ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Happy birthday buddy!