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  • "If you are banned by me and I denied your appeal, please do not message me.  Answer is the same. "
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If you are banned by me and I denied your appeal, please do not message me.  Answer is the same. 

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  1. Official Quote Wall

    Freud once said ; Those who quote their own words are more likely to show signs of retardness. Source : My ass.
  2. My haters !!

  3. Punishment for fake reports

    Hello, Fake reports are usually obvious and those who is trying to forge are usually certain several players we know their names and approach their reports with additional attention. For other cases, staff members are qualified enough to take initiative in the favor of the victim of the fake report and punish the forger with hardest punishment possible after a verbal warning.
  4. Punishing someone after he killed 20 people in a SR won't really make a difference as he ruined everything already.
  5. Show us Yourself v2

  6. Fuck, Marry, Kill

    I'd kill Terry, too much waste of oxygen and would do the world a favor I'd marry myself so I don't have to share my wealth to someone else I'd fuck Hassoni so he would turn into a homosexual and lose his ability to breed. next : Sam (FOX one), Kristiina, Joe
  7. thats really SAD topic..
  8. The Sexual Frustration Topic

    they got reported for ruining RP and jailed earlier
  9. The Sexual Frustration Topic

    it was just me and mohd wanted to regroup our gangs.... ...then everything went complicated.
  10. Official Quote Wall

  11. Didn't read but +1 if you made it with Kristiina.
  12. Official Quote Wall

    When you want to adminjail faster than others @Toreno
  13. New Staff Members

    Most accurate recruitment I have ever seen, gratz boys !
  14. Show us Yourself v2

    ace* was blacklisted from SoA so I found it offensive