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  • "Ahmed Khayry was born in 1994 in Egypt at Mahalla Kubra city but he lives in Alexandria. He is currently 24 years old, He began his studies at the Delta University of Science and Technology in 2011 an…"
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Ahmed Khayry was born in 1994 in Egypt at Mahalla Kubra city but he lives in Alexandria. He is currently 24 years old, He began his studies at the Delta University of Science and Technology in 2011 and specialized in the field of commerce. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Computer science in 2017, currently working in his own company with a number of his partners.
Ahmed started his time in SAES server since 2011, he is known as "A7md" in-game. the criminal side is always what he prefers, so far, "Black~Bullets" Member since 2012, until the present time. this is nearly six years of being as a camel.

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  1. Before I talk about the Roleplay Story in detail, let me clarify some of the features on this subject. The roleplay in summary is an assassination mission, but not like our traditional operations, a special and new assassination task, a noisy operation in partnership with "Cripz" and "DDT". Every organization member here has a role in this process. The mission is requested by "Black Syndicate" Company, they wanted to get rid of a certain person, and in fact they asked us to do such a difficult task as we are the best in the assassination, no doubt about it. Let me explain the role of everyone in this mission, but I will explain first about the mission plan. The point of this operation was to kill a certain person as I said earlier, not in the traditional way but in a new form, by placing a high-explosive bomb in his own car, So it was the role of "Cripz" to put the bomb in a car similar to the target car, as they are the best in this area and this type of work, the field of car modification has never been our specialty, and there is nothing better than Cripz in such business. And since the process requires explosives, there is no better than "DDT" in such a field, they are of course the best in the industry of the most efficient types of explosives. this was their role in this process, to make us an effective bomb. After knowing some of the features of the Roleplay, let me talk in detail about the story On Sunday at 8:00 am, while I was sitting, I had an urgent call on my private phone from Black Syndicate. The caller was a member of this organization called "Zero". Yes, it was a new assassination mission for us and that's what we're doing. I asked Zero for full details of the target he wanted to kill, so I asked him to come to our headquarters to discuss this matter. several minutes passed, we sent our location to Zero, there were alliances between our organization and them so we didn't worry about sending our own site. Four hours passed, there was a parked car in front of the entrance to the headquarters, there was a signal that must be done by Zero to realize him, is to light the car front 4 times continuous. when the signal is confirmed, I sent one of our Agents to pick him to the headquarters. Then we talked about the task he wanted to do, a special assassination mission, in fact this was not a simple mission for us, but it will bring a lot of profit and money, so we couldn't refuse. The target was a well-known political man, named "Aureilo". a political man who has always been against the goals of Black Syndicate, so they wanted to get rid of him and bury him alive. Since "Aureilo" was a man of authority in the state, he was always heavily guarded, and it was not easy to kill him through our traditional ways. So we decided to look for another way to eliminate him. from here came the idea of placing effective bomb in his own limo, It wasn't easy either, but possible, I contacted Cripz and DDT to attend and participate in this task, and of course we will all be rewarded with a lot of profit. The next day, Monday. A member of DDT, Jihadist "Mohsen.Jouda" and Cripz "Harb" arrived at our base. We welcomed them and brought them in our conference room to plan and talk about what we would do in this mission. the plan was as follows: to put a bomb in a car similar to the target car, and to switch them together. 1 hour passed, we already moved and started the plan. first we went to "Mohsen.Jouda". His role was to make us a very explosive and effective bomb. DDT are certainly the best in manufacturing the explosive bombs they use in terrorist operations. We went to his workshop in Los Santos, he showed us several weapons and bombs for this operation, and explained to us how to activate and work with this bomb, it wasn't difficult but it needs a lot of condensation. I bought the bomb from Mohsen and brought him money from our safe. After i finished with Mohsen. i went to Cripz base. since Cripz are the best in the field of auto modification, i went to Harb's garage at the "Cripz" headquarters near the beach of Los Sanos. Harb greeted me there, then he took the car and placed the bomb that I handed him. Harb placed the bomb under the limo car, it took two hours to modify the car. When Harb finished, I counted him with money from my car's box. I took the car and went to the work place of the target, not far from me, about 30 km from the headquarters. When I got to the exact place, I appeared in the clothes of the driver of the car, and then parked in front of the exit destination, after which I got out of the car, and went away from it, ready for the bombing, waited about half an hour. The target actually appeared, I waited for the right moment for the explosion, when the target entered the car and the countdown was already started, until it reached 0 and the car exploded, ending his life. It wasn't easy, but it was a very profitable job for us. The next day Tuesday, while I was watching the news on television about Aureilo's death, a phone from Black Syndicate came to me to pay the rest of the money. I got to my car and went to their private headquarters. They welcomed me there, drank alcohol, and took money. In fact, this was a very profitable task as they gave us extra amount of money. Credits: Black~Bullets - Black Syndicate - Cripz - DDT
  2. u accept me?

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    Sadly i play on eune not EUW but Thanks for your point Nirjhor, will keep it in mind. Yes, you are right Mrwan, it's doesn't depend on the champion you play with, it depend on the player who play with it. As you said above, if you can play with a specific champion very well even if that champion cost only 450, You can rape any other champion easily. I got garen already and i pick him most of the time, trying to get use on him with his top build, He is good indeed at top lane, but i wanted to know if there better than garen to Play with in the future, Anw thanks for your support my friend, i will keep your words in mind and hope we play together in a later time. yes Tritosh trynamaere is very good but i prefer Garen. anw thanks for your advice. I'm trying to gain knowledge as much as i can to rape you in-game in the near future.
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    it's Khayry correct, gimme yours! Eu Nordic and east
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    add me: Khayry
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    hello there! Can you guys make a list of your top 10 champions or give me options on your favourite ones, because I'm kinda new in the game trying to save some money for a badass champion (6300 IP) but i need help in because I'm a bit confused! anyways my fav lane is top/bot and was thinking of Yasso/Jhin.
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    Khayry - EUW
  8. 11/1/2017 Activity San Fierro & Las Venturas banks SA MAP