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  1. S.W.A.T on SAES

    Every police group or squad in the word use that skin, something like https://goo.gl/images/JUEi8z
  2. S.W.A.T on SAES

    Maybe Tst, safp and nnb should copy the swat inactivity same than ur skin :")
  3. Hello sir!

    Your PFC member has killed me for no reason. I have a screenshot and your HQ member (Niceez) didn't warned him! 


    The Kill Screenshot is :



    Please Check It!

  4. Thanks Tut, we will use it :)
  5. Why are you still such a noob? i'll come back just to kick your ass.

  6. Sorry but hbd kristiinab! 

    1. Kristiina

      thank you halo :)

  7. #SheraP. Your test/process was hard and long and we appreciate your interes for SAFP. There are many negative opinions about you but just is that, in SA Federal Police believe in the people and the 2nd chances also is nice to see people with talent in our squad. For now congratulations, you have passed all the tests and we are happy to invite you. We hope you enjoy your staying here as much as we will enjoy having you with us. Halo - SA Federal Police Commissioner.
  8. And Harmy? He deserves it
  9. Hola bebé

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    2. Halo_

      En el mismo bar donde te vi bailando la primera vez :$

    3. Jesuus-

      Omg me mataste


  10. Hey Halo <3

    1. Halo_

      Hello man :) 

    2. wtfmen

      How r u? I get my unban bro <3 xd

    3. Halo_

      Fantastic !! Wb :p

  11. #Officer Jo. We have decided to give you a chance, find a CPT+ in game and ask him for the tests. #Officer Tio. Welcome to Sa Federal Police. #Officer Charles and Fantasmatico. Your application to SAFP has been reviewed and discussed by our HQ team and we decided to deny you both because you do not fit our minimal requests. Regards. Halo - SAFP Commissioner of Police.
  12. SAFP Internal RP/Event. The Medal of Honor. The San Andreas Federal Police Medal of Honor is the highest award that may be bestowed upon a member of the service. Recipients of this medal are chosen from an already distinct group, those honorably mentioned in Department records for individual acts of extraordinary bravery intelligently performed in the line of duty at imminent and personal danger to life. Specifically, the Department Medal of Honor is awarded for acts of gallantry and valor performed with knowledge of the risk involved, above and beyond the call of duty. The acts of bravery, exceptional valor and dedication to duty we are recognizing today illustrate why our country remains the safest country in the world. Their courage,loyalty and professionalism is sampling about the work in San Andreas Federal Police (SAFP). We honor those who answered the call of duty and rose above it. For their courage and dedication, these officer have earned the police department’s highest acclamations,All of today’s honorees put will before fear and performed extraordinary service for the people of our country. For that we say thank you, and offer our most sincere congratulations on this special day. The officer Scooter received the Medal of Honor, the Police Department’s highest award, for his actions last february when he intervened in an armed robbery in progress he observed while off-duty. Despite being shot in the chest by the perpetrators, the officer Scooter managed to warn bystanders, and in a remarkable display of marksmanship and calm under fire, shot one of the assailants while applying pressure to his own wound, and gave chase to the two remaining suspects until he encountered an ambulance and was transported to a hospital where doctors removed a .380-caliber bullet from his chest. The officer metrixz while on patrol in Las Venturas when responded to a call of a man with a gun inside an apartment. The suspect was holding another male at gunpoint, refused the officers’ repeated orders to drop his weapon and turned his gun at them. After an exchange of gunfire, the perpetrator was arrested. The police officers being honored today have distinguished themselves both personally and professionally, and they embody all that makes SAFP. Each circumstance was different, and each case unique. But the one constant among these officers was commitment—commitment to the Squad, commitment to the people of our country, and commitment to our solemn duty to protect all lives, even at the expense of our own. To protect with courage, to serve with compassion. - San Andreas Federal Police -
  13. #Officer Rex. Your application has been reviewed and discussed by our HQ team, we're giving you the chance to join the squad. Your status is now pending, you must find and ask a CPT+ for your test in-game.
  14. Good Day Sir Halo,

                                    I appeal to you because of the instructions which i should contact HQ in order to enter our FORUM, basically they said ask HQ for password. Thank you.

  15. #Officer Tio. We are excited about your interest in joining San Andreas Federal Police. We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. For now patrol with us ingame to improve your chances of being accepted. You will get the answer soon . #Officer James. Welcome to San Andreas Federal Police. #Officer Charles. Your application to SAFP has been reviewed and discussed by our HQ team, and you've been DENIED. You provided false information and failed to follow directions for completing your application and you applied to gangs. #Officers Babe/Lex/Nicole. Put more effort in your application or you will get denied. #Officer Gunman. Your application to SAFP has been reviewed and it's been discovered that you have copied parts of your application from another player's application. There are multiple discrepancies with information provided in your application.. You may re-apply after 2 weeks have passed from today or get your Procop in SAPA and you can reapply in a month. http://saesrpg.uk/community/forum/324-sapa-application-section/ #Officer Sherlock. Your application is under review by our HQ team. During this time, we'd like to see what you're capable of. Try to patrol with our members in-game if they aren't busy. Good luck and we hope to see you in-game!. Regards. Halo - SAFP Commissioner of Police.