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Hello everyone, and welcome to my profile.




















My membership:




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I was in:

















I am currently in:






























Some of you know me as Gengar, ingame name: Gengar Sanchez. I was founder and Leader of South Kings. Now I am HQ of Organization Zero. I am owner of San Andreas Martial Arts School and I am main instructor in charge there (SenSei). I also work as chief of medicine in only medic group on server: San Andreas Medics and as supervisor in events and stunts designing company, EZip. I work as ZIP worker and San Andreas Housing Agency staff. My latest job is as Enternia's Undercover Mafia, captain of Red County crew. During night, I am San Andreas Pirate, so be aware.







RP Backstory of Gengar Sanchez:



Garulio Sanchez was born in 12th March of 1993 in Liberty City, where he was raised by his parents during his first 8 years of life. On his 8th birthday, members of Mafia killed Garulios parents in front of his eyes. After that, Garulio was adopted by one Japanese family who already had 1 son called Ninpo. Garulio was raised in that family for next 10 years. On his 18th birthday, he found out that Ninpos father was part of Yakuza cell in Liberty City and he had garage with large amount of firearms and explosives. That night, Garulio sneaked out of house, stealing some weapons from that garage. Garulio stole 1 car from parking close from his house and put all weapons he stole from Ninpos father in trunk except for Desert Eagle which he put in his jacket. Later that night, cop pulled Garulio for basic licence check. Garulio panicked and shot police officer with his Desert Eagle. Now, he was wanted by police. He was hiding days and nights in dark alleys of Liberty City, killing small criminals in fear they would kill him. He became most wanted man in Liberty City and he knew that cops were 1 step closer to him every night. Garulio escaped to Vice City. He lived there for 10 months as member of local gang, which helped him in becoming fearless and calm. Garulio had become cold blooded murder. He killed lot of people during that time, so he had to make run for it again. This time he escaped to state of San Andreas, more precisely, to San Fierro. He met his old friend Ninpo who was at that moment employe of small, but strong company called Eden Initiative. Thanks to his connections in San Fierro, Ninpo managed to change Garulios identity. That's day when Garulio became Gengar Sanchez. He practiced martial arts with Ninpo who was grand master of martial arts and SenSei of Martial Arts school located in San Fierro. Gengar graduated as Martial Arts Master and few days later as Martial Arts Instructor of Ninpos martial arts school. Gengar tried to leave his criminal past behind him and join Ninpo in civilian life, but he just couldn't turn away. One day, Gengar started his own gang with few arms dealers from Los Santons. That gang started growing and by time, it became one of most feared gangs in whole San Andreas who never feared of anything, including San Andreas military. Gang was even breaking into several military facilities in search for some good weapons. After a while, cops had 1 well organized raid of their gang base and arrested almost everyone. They never saw Gengar, so they are clueless about who was leader of that gang. It is known that Gengar works as chief for strong health care organization called San Andreas Medics and he became owner of Ninpos martial arts school. He lives in apartment in Blueberry, in Red County, just outside Los Santos.

Ingame role of Gengar Sanchez:



Gengar enjoys spending time in nature, breathing clean, fresh air which can not be found in big cities, so one of his favorite locations are Mount Chiliad and forests of Flint County and Red County. He is skilled martial artist with great knowledge of human body anatomy, which makes him really dangerous person in hand to hand combat. He is good with chemistry and works as chief of medicine for San Andreas Medics, so he has access to different drugs which can be very lethal if used in proper mixture. Gengar is very familiar with all kind of weapons, but his specialty are cold weapons such as knifes and katanas, as well as he is specialized with many kind of explosives. Modifying fire arms is just one of things he is very good at. He is organizing small arms trades of greatest weapons you will find in San Andreas. As he has great knowledge of electronics and software engineering, he can often be found hanging with dangerous criminals, providing them security while they are making deals. Gengar is very calm, coldblooded and fearless person who can not loose control over himself regardless of what is going on around him. He knows how to torture any kind of information out of anyone, so he is called in rare occasions when it is really necessary.

Personal profile of Gengar Sanchez:



What is known by everyone:
Name: Gengar Sanchez
Age: 23
Date of birth: 12.03.1993.
Place of birth: Sweeney General Hospital, Portland Island, Liberty City
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 65 kg
Color of skin: white
Color of hair: dark
Color of eyes: black
Adress: Gengars apartment, Blueberry, Red County, San Andreas
Professions: martial arts instructor, chief of medicine, events designing architect and supervisor, housing agent, interior division staff, owner of several business across San Andreas
Skills: martial arts, electro engineering, computers and software engineering, building, driving, photography
Free time activities: jogging (thanks to these trainigs, Gengar is fastest runner in San Andreas), hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, scuba diving, practicing Tai Chi and martial arts, hanging out with friends
Where to find him: When not on work, Gengar is usually hanging around Buds internet cafe, Henrys restaurant, or he practices his martial arts either on Mount Chiliad, or deep inside Flint County forest.
Relationship status: single
Drugs: never
Cigars: never
Alcohol: in rare occasions

Favorite skin and weapons:



Most commonly used weapons:

My diplomas and documentation:






In real life:



I am 23 years old, was born in Slovenia, Ljubljana and now I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pale, small town close to Sarajevo. I can be friends with anyone who is good person, regardless of nationality and religion. I study computer and electric science, I train karate (brown belt) and I scuba dive (rescue diver). As I said, I like to help players in-game, but I also help people in real life, so if you have any problem that I can help with, just contact me ;)

My social life on internet:



You can subscribe on my YouTube channel and you can add me on Google+. You can also find me on Facebook.




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  1. Another deal

    ← Previous role play Next role play → Participants: Z|Gengar Z|Fire Z|Jesse420 VT|Sweet VT|Vladimir VT|Reggi DInaz Wolfy Detailed scenario: Once again, Organization Zero has gathered top quality weapons from their storage and delivered it to Venturas Tunings members, as agreed. Total earnings for Organization Zero were 54.000$, where Venturas Tunings were kind enough to give an extra 1.000$.
  2. ← Previous role play Next role play → Participants: Z|Gengar Z|Dickies VT|Vladimir VT|Sweet VT|Ziad VT|Nav VT|Brooks Karma Detailed scenario: As agreed on contract signing, last week, Organization Zero has gathered top quality weapons ordered by Venturas Tunings, packed them into their Securicar and took it to Venturas Tunings base in San Fierro. After getting there, Organization Zero has shown what they brought and allowed VT members to have a little test of weapons quality, after which, they proceed with purchase. Same as last week, Venturas Tunings have bought weapons from Organization Zero worth around 20.000$. Weapons were unloaded and payed for, which concluded tonight deal.
  3. Next role play → Participants: Z|Gengar Z|Dickies VT|SweeT VT|Vladimir VT|Nav VT|Eweg VT|Reggi VT|killer Detailed scenario: For the last two days, highest ranking officials from Organization Zero and Venturas Tunings have been negotiating possibilities of combined business and have finally come with terms which allowed them to form a contract. Contract form: Although the contract obligations start from 5th March, Organization Zero and Venturas Tunings decided to celebrate this new business development by making first delivery tonight, 4th March, 2018. In this delivery, Organization Zero brought 12 brand new, low performance bikes, each worth 450.000$, and some weapons, to Venturas Tunings base in San Fierro. After successfully meeting with Venturas Tunings officials, on mutual agreement, both weapons and bikes were moved to Venturas Tunings hideout in Los Santos. After arriving to the hideout, all bikes were unloaded, cut that Organization Zero is going to collect next Sunday was calculated and after that, weapons and ammo, totally worth at around 20.000$ were unloaded from Organization Zero Securicar and placed inside Venturas Tunings hideout. Weapons were payed for on scene of event. That was it for this night. Organization Zero and Ventras Tunings exchanged few more words to know how to continue business from here, Gengar handed out Sweet copy of contract belonging to Venturas Tunings and they all cleared out from the area before cops and tax inspection came snooping around. Until next Sunday.
  4. Some pictures from tonights bank rob:
  5. Base//Red country

    I can't figure out if this is gang of US government officials, gang of waiters and bartenders, or scavenger gang. Mapping overall looks nice, but when mapping, you need to consider for which role you are mapping and keep it within that role only. You can't put luxury meeting room worth hundreds of thousands of dollars next to pile of dead cops, rusty crates and other trash.
  6. Giveaways

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/368230/Kingdom_Classic/ Free for 24 hours only, as far as I've been told.
  7. Giveaways

    http://www.indiegamebundles.com/hitman-holiday-pack-is-now-free-on-steam-ps4-and-xbox-one/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/236870/
  8. I'm not sure if this is possible, but if it could be done it would be great. But i think The idea i suggested here is way easier. It's possible, but that would require a lot of work which noone is willing to do, considering that there are some other plans for SAES.