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  1. Seems I misunderstood but it said the auction would end 7th january .. so Hunter's 14m bid shouldn't be the winner price already? kinda confused :P


  2. Same way people joined before there was public worker spawn, by role playing with other ZIP members.
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  5. Hotel interior.

    Could you give me link to that laptop mod you are using? :D All in all, nice mapping.
  6. Base Mapping

    I'm not really sure whether to be honest, or to move on to next topic without posting anything. Well, I'll guess I'll just post my honest opinion about it, hopefully, which will help you to improve your mapping skills. When mapping, you first need to have an idea of what you want to make. What type of role should be played at that location, if it is some illegal hangout area, where can people take cover, where to hide, where to store their merchandise, their goods, equipment and many more. All that are just some of many factors you need to think about before starting to map any base. This mapping is just randomly throwing objects to fill in the area, without any sense, nor meaning. Well, outside is not that bad, it can actually be left as it is. However, when you enter inside, it's a complete mess.
  7. Sales / Games on Offer

    I'm sorry, but what? Discount on free games?
  8. taxi park

    On the outside, in my personal opinion, the colors do not really fit the area, which could probably be fixed with a little bit of shadering. Other then that, looks amazing. Picture of what I'm talking about:
  9. Remove Monster

    Every single player here earns around half a mil on daily basis. That 5k is really such a big deal.
  10. Or do what the man here said:
  11. Autoschool San Fierro

    Keep the mapping. I might buy it from you at some point if I do any project at that property. :)
  12. Luxury house on the mountain

    That's a nice penthouse. Maybe if it was a bit closer to the top of that hill, but all in all, very nice.
  13. CarShop Los Santos

    This mapping is pretty amazing. When it comes to mapping, I'm perfectionist and I look for tiniest details possible. Can't find anything wrong in this mapping from these screens.
  14. Dota 2 Official topic

    I know, read about it. :D