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  1. SAES bases archive

    We are not bikers, though.
  2. I wonder, isn't it possible to make car go up to certain speed, for example 10 mph and not go any faster until you shift 1 gear forward, which would allow car to go up to 40 mph max, then another gear shit which would allow car to go up to 80 mph max and so on? I guess shifting gears down would be a bit challenging. Not that I like the idea, I myself prefer automatic transmission (both ingame and irl), but I'm just wondering if it's possible to make manual transmission in MTA with a little work around.
  3. SAFP Base - Community Review

    I believe they apply only to objects you select yourself to be applied on.
  4. SAFP Base - Community Review

    Too high skyscraper on that location is a bit out of place. If you can find something else that would look good, but not too much higher then rooftops on buildings nearby, that would be perfect. Rest of mapping seems good from pictures.
  5. Giveaways

    I was always hoping they will add this game on Steam. Gosh, now I have to start using Origin as well. :(
  6. Reward change

    All sorted.
  7. Donation:TgoSavely (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Vehicles sorted.
  8. Donation:TgoSavely (Amount 15.00 GBP)

    Money and vehicle sorted.
  9. Donation:TgoSavely (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Money sorted. Awaiting request for vehicles.
  10. Donation:TgoSavely (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Sorted vehicles and money.
  11. Noooooooooooo. Now I want to read it.
  12. I really hope to see some honest opinions presented in humorous way.
  13. Skin shaders library

    That might be, but this topic is making it a lot easier for those people who are "stealing" scripts. Now, if other organizations don't mind it, I won't go into that. But I won't just sit around while someone is distributing proper format around for my own organization. There is very little chance that whoever steals scripts actually knows how to convert this to .dff and .txt (otherwise, they wouldn't be stealing other scripts), so I stay at my point. All I'm asking is for Z shaders to be removed from there. As far as other shaders go, I'll leave that to HQs of other organizations (some agreed that their stuff should be put on topic and that's fine).
  14. Skin shaders library

    I'm not checking every single download link I find around the internet. Instead, I go by what you yourself said in this topic. I see image of Z skins in topic you yourself wrote, so its logical to assume that they are in download as well. Plenty of people around the internet have SAES files, yet anyone found distributing them around, or using them for their own purpose ends up punished by us. This isn't any different and if anyone plans on using them on other servers, I'm not going to sit around while someone else is making it easy for those people.
  15. Skin shaders library

    I though I denied request for usage of Z shaders in your topic. I want them removed from this download link immediately.