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  1. I support everything except for money suggestion. I think earning for medics is fine as it is. It's other jobs that should have earnings reduced a lot.
  2. SAES on Discord

    Never had any problems with Discord myself and I'm using it quite a while now.
  3. That would be overcomplicating the resource - writing engine durability for every single vehicle model. Keep it all the same, 200k is reasonable for every vehicle.
  4. Impounders taking your vehicle away is them role playing. What else do you want?
  5. Oil and filters change as well on each 10.000 km and let engine last 200.000 km. 50.000 km is to low even for Alfa, or Fiat Punto.
  6. My idiot topic

  7. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    Everyone second: http://www.everysecondcounts.eu/
  8. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    I'm pretty sure you're not the only one. If I didn't live where I live, I probably wouldn't believe it myself.
  9. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    No need to think, I live there and know that for a fact.
  10. Police Base Mapping.

    Besides what Tut said, overall location of that base isn't really fit for any police station. That is poor area which by its look says that there is high criminal activity around, which is usually not the place where you will find police station. Base itself is good and I like the idea behind the mapping, but that crate with weapons and armor doesn't fit there.
  11. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    Bosnia has 3 presidents and one high president who doesn't even have Bosnian citizenship.
  12. Can we say America first but Turkey second?

    No idea why this has so many dislikes, this is good stuff.
  13. SAES on Discord

    Although, our server does have voice channels you can join with your friends.
  14. You do realize that role play is by everyone defined as acting your role? Good. Now, do you realize that impounders impounding their vehicles are acting their role? Yes, when they impound your vehicles, that's role play in RPG terms, which this server is. Trainees arresting you is them acting their role, therefore, they are roleplaying in RPG terms. Impounders impounding vehicles is role playing. End of the line, if you are too lazy to properly move your vehicle out of the road before leaving it, you only have yourself to blame.