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  1. New Youtube design sucks? Just switch back!

    Wasn't aware of this, though, I think I'll remain with new one now. I liked old design more, but I guess it's just a matter of what I'm used to see. I was shocked first day when I saw new YouTube design, but now, I don't mind it that much.
  2. Some events have winners, some don't. It all depends on skill level of players who attend events. Some events are harder to win, some are easier. If you see a price range of over 10.000.0000$, expect some very hard to win event which might end without winner if participants of event lack the required skill to win the event. Some events require above average shooting skills, some events require strong mind, some events require extremely fast reflexes, some events require good coordination, some events require good team work tactics. In these 5+ years I'm here, I saw quite a few events which didn't have winner, but were very possible to win, they just lacked participants with certain skills. You can't blame that on event host, nor LWS member who decides to help in hosting that event.
  3. I like how people start crying when they can't win a simple event. Dude, I know I suck at 90% of events that are hosted on this server and I know that I have no chance of winning most of them. I don't go around making topics how those events should be banned. I simply don't attend on events I know I'm not good at. You can't be good at everything. Just move along and stop trying to take away fun from others who enjoy these kind of events.
  4. Car Selling Prices "Upgrade"

    +1 for Worms idea.
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  7. Dota School

    When I asked if we need room for this, like 3 months ago, noone gave a single answer.
  8. I believe making such system would be too much of a hassle for something that already works pretty good.
  9. Alliance chat

    Not really, because you choose who your alliance is in this case and 2 gangs that are in alliance won't leak each others bank robs. In the team chat, however, not all gangs are in good relation with gang that is organizing bank rob, so some gang members take rivalry between 2 gangs on a different level.
  10. Alliance chat

    Certain gangs have certain cunts which are in better relations with cops, then with gang members, which makes this very stupid option as cops would be all over the bank long before criminals. Team chat for organizing bank robs is not an option, we have tried that already and we know what we are talking about. Gangs natural role is to have rivalry between each other, which is why team chat is not an option in certain situations. It's good for freeroaming, so we can have casual talk among ourselves when doing nothing, but when we are organizing activities, team chat is pretty much useless for gangs.
  11. Alliance chat

    Can't it be made that gang leader can send from gang panel alliance request to another gang and if leader of another gang accepts that request, they have alliance chat between each other made by automated system? You don't need to edit script each time hq team of certain organization wants to invite, or kick someone, so this should be possible as well.
  12. SAES bases archive

    We are not bikers, though.
  13. I wonder, isn't it possible to make car go up to certain speed, for example 10 mph and not go any faster until you shift 1 gear forward, which would allow car to go up to 40 mph max, then another gear shit which would allow car to go up to 80 mph max and so on? I guess shifting gears down would be a bit challenging. Not that I like the idea, I myself prefer automatic transmission (both ingame and irl), but I'm just wondering if it's possible to make manual transmission in MTA with a little work around.
  14. SAFP Base - Community Review

    I believe they apply only to objects you select yourself to be applied on.
  15. SAFP Base - Community Review

    Too high skyscraper on that location is a bit out of place. If you can find something else that would look good, but not too much higher then rooftops on buildings nearby, that would be perfect. Rest of mapping seems good from pictures.