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  1. This is an automated post for: ProNuBsDonation: GBP 20.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! Thank you for your donation! - 1 police car in LSPD - 1 FBI rancher in LVPD
  2. SAPD -Roleplay Names

    Nub Nuber
  3. Ingame Nickname: ProNuBs Account Name: iampronubs Date of joining Pro Cop: 15/04/2018 ( Got reinvited, was procop a few years back) Who tested you: @Sam Who invited you: @Sam Approved by: @Magnus Current Squad/Company: SAHP Age: 24 How long have you been on this server?: Since late 2011 How long have you played as a regular cop before you absolved your Pro Cop diploma: On and off since 2011 Roleplay name: Nub Nuber Police Officer Nub Nuber (( ProNuBs / iampronubs ))
  4. ProNuBs' Reward change

    Someone sorted this, probably wasn't locked due to forum problems
  5. ProNuBs' Reward change

    Part I: How much have you donated for the server? 40 When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? Oct 17th 2015 Why do you need to change the location: Donations were removed because of inactivity at some point and never bothered to request them again. Links to your donation topics: Links to your previous donation changes requests: Part II: What I Want to be Removed n/a Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Roadtrain Vehicle 2: Tampa Vehicle 3: Sentinel Location: at this prop: (South East LV) Vehicle 4: ambulance Location: LV Hospital Username: iampronubs Interior: n/a
  6. Changes to Auctions

    If a topic is moved to the archive after 2 weeks you're free to make a new topic for the same property and continue where the last one ended BTW, we decided to move topic biweekly to keep the forum from flooding with dead topics.
  7. Official Bastage team

    Nick: GNARFiX Rank: not ranked this season Role: Support (Usualy tankier supports)
  8. League of Legends Players

    GNARFiX (EUW) got into playing it a bit again, I mainly play arams tho
  9. Your /stats

    I know theres one for arrests around
  10. Link to the GDS application topic: http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/95777-general-delivery-service/ Link to our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/6f4GxJ9 This is where we will post all of our events and roleplay, as well as other media related stuff. If you were in one of our events or roleplays feel free to post your screenshots as well.
  11. Civilian Companys

    @Kain Any more info regarding this ?
  12. Sales / Games on Offer

    Yeh tried bo buy the ETS2 essentials pack earlyer, it tried to make me pay 50 instead of 13
  13. Sales / Games on Offer

    https://www.whenisthenextsteamsale.com/ Should be stating soon
  14. Arrests scoreboard

    Claiming that last spot!
  15. As stated in the title it would be nice if all the vehicles that haven't gotten a speedboost yet to get one, theres multiple vehicles that are super slow compared to other ones, vans for example have a top speed between 115 and 130 depending on which one you take and their fuel tanks are smaller than the ones of normal cars. I'm pretty sure there are other vehicles that could use a little boost aswell to make them more common or more used by different gangs to fit their role better.