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  1. How come Cummins isnt AltFm anymore?

    Sure the silence remains they don't give a fuck they only care about your money ..... stupid retards
  2. How come Cummins isnt AltFm anymore?

    This is also big nonsense i dint expect some people to ignore when they are asking you a qeustion also i'm having a hughe doubt about everything first you are saying there are no problems with saeg then after that token kicks me and cummins is being totaly disrespectfull and we need to talk with respect we cant rage or be selfish no cause then we are getting kicked also token was the one who kicked me and cummins from altfm this dude dont even knows me nor cummins also this ignoring players is a stupidety that comes with the cuntish persons i'm proud to say i'm inactive cause this is making nosense neither it brings up respect for you guys to handle it like this ...
  3. Chiby's donation

    Hello , i've donated 20GBP today this is what i want :D a Freeway and Wayfarer locked to chiby placed here -> and the money that comes with the 20 GBP
  4. Chiby's donation

    Donation Topic >
  5. Chiby's donation

    Hello , I Want a Elegy placed at this location : Locked to -> chiby , detox
  6. They say fear takes glory but not when mongols mc is nearby ! Roadtrip screen's! Roleplay with 507 screen's! Bar figth with 507 screen's Roleplay with S.Beverly Hope you guys enjoy these!
  7. Chiby's donation

    Hello , I've donated 20 GBP I a freeway and super gt and a small interior for my house
  8. Chiby's donation

    Locked to : chiby , betonmc ,drdog , naskosl02
  9. Chiby's donation

    1 yosemite locked to chiby , drdog , naskosl02 , betonmc and $1,500,000
  10. Chiby's donation

    Reward: Phoenix Black + White at MMC base RC And a Freeway at MMC Base RC Locked to betonmc , chiby , naskosl02 , drdog
  11. RedZone Race Video

    Keep it up ! , nice work and Goodluck !
  12. Awp Ace

    Wow , Awesome the last time i played soldier front was for a year back
  13. Funny thing in main-chat

    civilians would complain more about the cops ! then the criminals
  14. SAES Dreams May Come True... GHETTO

    Aigth , Felix nice to hear your dreams came out ! , i see that some people still don't understand the way of a biker or a brotherhood .. it's about loyality , Respect , be there for each other , Example when i go out for a beer there will always be a figth in a bar no mather what , but when i drink with my mates there will not be a figth ... Wish yah the best mate !
  15. New jail ?!

    I liked the Old prison ( San fiero on the water ) there where people could come with heli and jailbreak you out
  16. signature contest

    Agian paint xd
  17. I like this Money spam!

    Wow Nice Spam me with 1.000.000 Nah trolling then it would be Oped
  18. :(

    RUSSEL You Foolish cunt Now me needs to cry
  19. I'm stalking you :D