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  1. Show us Yourself v2

    fag beer >:)
  2. literally gay

  3. Hi kains bumlicker

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    2. Patrol



      Dear Jay, you have been selected by Teddy's dick administration (TDA). 

      Please, you need contact Teddybear on a personal level in order to follow the procedure. 


      If any /questions you may contact the head of the RRHH of TDA. 



    3. Jay

      Who am I bumming?

    4. Teddy

      I like how patrol is in charge of my dick

  4. What´s that ? 


    It is you gettin banned! 


    1. Teddy

      nobody can ban me

  5. whats that?


    u want de vehicles to be pink?


    can be arranged.

    1. Tut Greco

      Billedresultat for pink camo texture

      go ahead :D

  6. Official Quote Wall

  7. I feel so happy

  8. Desert Eagles Christmas Recruitment

    ANNOUNCEMENT - DE -DEHQCOM Due to the increasing threat of armed terrorist groups in our state SA. DEHQCOM has decided to bring forward the date of the next recruitment. Therefore a new recruitment will be hosted for all civilians willing to join the armed forces of San Andreas. We would also like to warm up the Christmas spirit with this recruitment. The recruitment will be taking place on Saturday. November 11. (The next week) 18:00 Server time - As always, admin messages will begin giving information and instructions before the recruitment, we suggest you come no more, but no less than 15 minutes in advance. Anyone arriving late will NOT be able to join the recruitment. You should come to the recruitment spawned as a civilian with no weapons and without tags. Good luck to all candidates and see you there ! The DEHQ Team General of the Army, @Patrol Vice General of the Army, @Bunny / Weeb fag Air Marshal Supervisor- @kenny Colonel of the Special Forces, @Tayber Air Marshal of the Airborne Unit, @Amit Major of the Assault Unit, @J!6 Commander of the MCC Division, @Royalty Admiral of the Fleet-Navy, @Hesha
  9. Best of luck gentlemen, just a reminder: lyin in your application will get you nowhere
  10. Show us Yourself v2

    Scrubs right, moccasins are cool
  11. Relic's reward change

  12. I agree that would be the best solution but it requires scripts
  13. Because it makes some players lagg due to their potato PCs but this has nothin todo with raining / snow etc , its only regarding night and day