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  1. Would be quite amazing indeed !
  2. Impressive! good job!
  3. Signatures

    That +1
  4. Official Quote Wall

    Jesus christ where the heck did you got that shit from mate I remember, i was spawned as PC and i did open the red door at jail when danny was lookin at me hehehe. So Danny reported me and i was super afraid of getting banned
  5. CS Application Results

  6. F.B.I--21st.Branch

    DENIED, not even the app format
  7. Mountain Chilliad Military Base

    #Like (Looks like a fuel / ammo depot to me tho) still a great job tho! ;) (and dam though this topic was new , fattie you noob)
  8. DE Doing their job!!!!!!!

    well kain and royalty have their own special relationship.. you know what i am talking about ;)
  9. F.B.I--21st.Branch

    Topic updated - #Core #Background History
  10. thanks everyone, ll do my best!