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  1. gov plox
  2. Coconut Crab Thread

    jesus christ is that real holy moly
  3. Hi bunny, would you please givin me back my fookin cockies?!

  4. Hello young hoe boi

  5. DE could still do this, but not until we end some other projects d:
  6. A gift for a Great HQ

    Indeed, zeking was also a great lad when i was in SAPA years ago , much love zeking
  7. Meet the new Government

    @Ardron Imma get you killed >:=)
  8. Meet the new Government

    No, its not that simple , you cannot just go to the WH and start shooting poeople as that would be considered Deathmatching. You must create RP history, envolvin some RP characters etc and if it is really needed to kill some Gov Member then you may do it but accepting all the consequences
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  11. Exactly, what about havin a feature that allows players to disable the dynamic weather if they want? just like with the snow
  12. As i said... >" And about those people who complain that their screen laggs etc, just make a "press f4 to remove all the weather differences" , just like when theres snow in saes during xmas time.