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  1. SF 8/8 Activity Whilst br
  2. Fuck, Marry, Kill

    Helena: Marry and fuck Kristiina: Fuck and Kill Cassandra: Fuck Next Thing,Nanobob,Blade
  3. Event #213 Arrest ThC LWS/G6: N/A Prize: 700K Each Arrest Winner(s): Piggy x2 Zomba x1
  4. Fuck, Marry, Kill

    Marry Slaine. Live happily ever after and dm everyday. Fuck apollo. Seems like he needs to know whos the alpha male here on saes. Kill crash. Annoying ass in ts. Next 3: Terry,System,Hassoni
  5. Late Night Activitys SF BR 8/8 =Turfing= Before After
  6. =Night activity 02:48=
  7. Participants @Revonex @Ramos @Blanco Today me and a few others dusted of our bikes and hit the road first we took a stroll around town to show that The Ruthless Veterans MC was still alive and kicking. Afterwards we took a hit at the jail and took out some people to keep a good image with the criminal world. Later on we went to a bar to patch in a new member Blanco.
  8. The Sexual Frustration Topic

    eeeew its rennies meme?
  9. The Sexual Frustration Topic

    You're the ssb meme squad always a boston asslicker
  10. The Sexual Frustration Topic

    boston's asslickers are invading