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  1. == RDMC EVENT == == Chicken Shooter == LWS/G6:[AA]Sweman Price: 1,000,000 $ Winner: [HS]MaxxaN
  2. clear ur damn inbox or meet me ingame need to ask you something!!

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  3. Event type: Knock me off my bike LWS/G6: [AA]Sweman Prices: 1.000.000$ Winner: UE|Koko
  4. ~~The Trade~~ Few weeks back i set up a deal with organization zero. The deal was we got new moddifications on our bikes that no other MC has and for that we payed with drugs and guns. I got a messeage from meta that the bikes were done and ready for pickup. So i loaded the van with the merchendise and i took off. I arrive at their place Meta is there pointing me into the garage. I get out and i open the back doors. Alright here the stuff. E,Canabis,LSD,Cocaine 2kg each. Weapons, 2 crates of m4a4 2 crates for tec9 1 crate of colt 45er 1 crate of sniper rifles. Sounds awesome dude. Let's take a look at your bikes. I kneel down and i check the engine holy fudge never seen anything like this. Where do you get your hands on these things. Secret source my friend. Haha alright well let's load them into the yankee shall we? yeah. We grab each bike and we drive out. Well please doing business with you devils. Same here! I'll contact you if we need any more bike modifications and you can always call me if you need any merchendise! Will do see you around!
  5. ~~Meeting with Comando Da Capital~~ Few days ago i got a call from a guy called Eien from CDC he were in need of some new guns. So we set a meeting at 4th January. The day came 18:00 He pulled up at the back of the club house i were there waiting for him. he got out of the van and walkt up to me. Hey ace is this the stuff? Hi! yeah let me open the box for you. Ooh yeah this is beautiful so two crates of this. Alright go inside the bar with your friend grab a beer i'll meet you in there. Alright, I take the forkclift and the crates and i load their van. I walk into the bar. Alright it's all packed. Great 80k right? Yeah 80k, Okey let me call my guy he will transfer it to you. Alright it's done you should recive it in a few hours 4 tops! Alright no problem. Yeah i'll meet you again next month same date if you can for the next shipment? Surely i'll call you in advance if something comes up. Okey sounds good. We shake on the deal and they leave.
  6. Event type: Lucky Tube with freeway LWS/G6: [AA]Sweman Prices: 2.000.000$ Winner: SoA|KenZa
  7. count to 1,000,000

    Now fuck off
  8. Event type: Bar Fight LWS: [ALT]Batman Prices: 2.000.000$ Winner: [CDC]Rolando
  9. ~~The hijacking~~ As we just patched in a bunch of new prospect we needed to get ourselves some bikes. So i contacted a inside man who said there was a shipment around los santos beach area. So i took a prospect with me and the van. We stop at a gas station and there it was the trucker was having a break from a night of driving perfect time to strike we ran up to him i opened the door and told him to get out. Alright if you don't do exactly as i say you will die understand? Y-y-yes, Ok get in the truck you're driving prospect take the van. I gave him directions to one of our old farm places perfect to hide the bikes. As we arrive he park it between the barns. Okey get out. Up against the truck stand still. I walk over to the prospect and i whisper to him. When i say i'm a man of my word you shoot him ok? yes boss. Alright sir what's your name? It's jonas. Okay jonas as i'am a man of my word 'bang bang hes dead' Alright prospect bury him over there i'll take care of the rest.
  10. ~~The arms deal~~ Today i ran check thru our weapon storage and we were almost out of m4's. So i called one of my contacts from arms assassin. Hey kmeta it's ace i'm in a need of about 20 m4's can you hook me up? Surely we got a full stock come to our place. Alright, i grabd my van and took off after an hours ride i arrived he was waiting at the gate. he let me in and went into their garage he backed up his car with the guns. Hey so lets take a look at the stuff. So we just got a full stuck these m4a4. Easy recoil easy to cary. Yeah they look really nice. Yeah test one grab a clip and a m4 and follow me. We walk out the back i shoot a few rounds into the air. Yeah you're right this recoil is great. and lightweighted i like it a lot! We head back inside he helps me load the crates with the m4's. Let me grab the cash. I walk up to the passenger seat and i take the brief case and i hand it over. That's 50k right there. Well i'll count it later i know where you live so. Haha yeah thanks for meeting me i have a thight schedule cya around brother! Cya!
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  12. =Activity Check= =Bank Robbery LS/LV= 02/01/17 =Turfing= Before After
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    Anyone here that plays world of warcraft add my battletag NO FUCKING HORDES FUCK YOU! Ace#22841
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