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  • "Hello, Well, I am 22 years old and live in Austria. (GMT+1) First of, I am currently studying Business Informatics / Computer Science in real life, so I have my ups and downs concerning activity. When…"
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Well, I am 22 years old and live in Austria. (GMT+1)
First of, I am currently studying Business Informatics / Computer Science in real life, so I have my ups and downs concerning activity.
When I am not occupied with my studies I usually spend my time playing games on PlayStation 3/4 or computer (if interested look up my PSN ID / Steam name).

A short summary of my time playing on SAES:

  • Joined the server in May '12
  • June '12: joined SAPA
  • June '12 - September '12: PC membership and  promotion to SAPA Captain (level 3)
  • October '12 - November '12: left SAPA
  • January 1st '13: joined S.W.A.T.
  • April '13: Desert Eagles Recruit and Military Civillian Components member
  • June '13: Desert Eagles Naval Unit and SA Interceptors Deputy
  • Spring '14: SA Fire Department Fire Fighter
  • August '14: S.W.A.T. HQ Rank
  • May '15 Naval Vice Admiral (Naval HQ)
  • November '15 Resigned from DE Naval HQ
  • April '17: Desert Eagles Special Forces
  • May '17: SWAT Vice Comander (Vice Leader)


Ingame Nicknames / RP names:

[SWAT]Geri / ViceCommander.Geri

Geri|PC / Officer.Street (From the movie S.W.A.T.)

Sgt.Geri|MCC (MCC Reserves)

DEN-417|Geri / V.Admiral.Geri (Desert Eagles Naval Unit/ Special Forces)

Deputy.Geri / Jim_Street (SA Interceptors)

[SAFD]Geri<E67> (Fire Department)

and some userbars about me (back then when we could add them under our posts :P)




ex: SAPA_Captain.gif



SWAT (currently: Vice Leader) (January '13 - now)

ex: SAPA (June '12); old Nickname: SAPA|Geri|CPT-A


Pro Cop Member (July '12)

Desert Eagles Naval Unit (DE-R April'13 / DEN June '13 / Naval HQ May '15 / DEN November '15 / DESF May '17)

Desert Eagles Reserves Sergeant (MCC) (~ March '13)

SAPA mentor (ever since I joined SAPA even when it wasnt official)

SGS HQ of San Fierro (-retired-)


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  1. I guess this response is kinda late but like 2 months ago I made a nearly finished prototype similar to what you suggested (has some bugs left to fix which I did not find the time for because of university work). Here's how my version more or less works: Periodically (like every hour) a marker appears at one of the major PDs. Once enough cops (!) have gathered in that marker a securicar spawns and only cops can drive it. The truck has to be taken to one of the (major) banks, chosen randomly, but it will never be the one in the same town as starting PD. The driver of the truck is the only one being able to see the target's destination tho. Once the truck spawned, a $ blip is placed on the truck for every cop and criminal to see so they can try to escort / attack it. If the truck reaches the bank, all nearby cops (like a radius of 200m) will receive a reward. Unlike your script/suggestion, criminals do not have to take over the truck but they have to damage the truck up to certain percentage of health (f.e. /vh of 20%). When that threshold is passed criminals (and only them) can trigger money bag drops by ramming the truck (the amount of bags that can be dropped is limited f.e. 4 bags per truck; the truck itself is indestructable [except when you dump it in the water, etc.] but can be damaged up to 75%). A bag can than be picked up by either a cop or a criminal: Criminals have to take the bag to dropoff locations. Cops on the other hand have to recover the bag by taking it back to truck or directly to the bank (in case the truck has reached the bank already or in case the truck has been destroyed). When dropping off a bag every criminal nearby gets a reward, same for cops side and their dropoffs (except for "back-to-truck-recovery") respectively. The main reason for the rewarding all nearby players of a team is to endorse team play and not to have everyone for himself. Once the truck reached its destination and all remaining bags have been dropped off the cooldown timer starts and the event can by started again after set period.
  2. Hearts of Iron IV

    Really love this game :D DLC-wise it's a bit expensive but if you get someone who has the dlcs to host then others can enjoy the "new" features as well at least
  3. S.W.A.T. (Old Topic)

    Accepted, but consider it as a final chance.
  4. S.W.A.T. (Old Topic)

    Accepted. Please, see one of the HQ members ingame for your test. Please don't post anything related to your result under this topic. - SWAT HQ
  5. Please fix your application, i.e. remove the quote, your post should only contain your application and fill out the questions correctly. Use the appropiate application format, which can be found in the first post of this topic.
  6. Please stick to one post only and use the correct application format.
  7. Accepted. Tested and already invited. Please don't post anything related to your result under this topic. - SWAT HQ
  8. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T. Activity Trainings Responding to store & bank robberies Patrolling Amit - Ardron - CheGuevara - Geri - Hesha - Konan - Predator - Rozloo - RedEye - Teddybear
  9. SWAT|Media Archive

    Bank Robbery RP S.W.A.T. Officers: Geri (spawned as SAI / SPTU for roadblock constructions), Rozloo, Sceptic, Teddy Other participants: Police: Turbo (as FBI), Mootje (as NNB), Sou (as NNB), Kanzo (as TST), Joe (as SPTU) Robbers: UE|Ammar (as robber), UE|Crank (as robber), UE|Legend (as robber), UE|Vladislav (as robber) Civillians: [NNB]Alper (as bank clerk) Description: Today at about 18:45 several heavily armed suspects stormed the bank in Bone County, forcing the clerk to open the safes for them. Unnoticed by the criminals, the clerk was able to set off a silent alarm. Police forces surrounded the bank, blocking off any possible escape route. While a sniper took position on the roofs across the street, an officer sabotaged the escape vehicle by puncturing the tires. As negotiations failed and screams could be heard from inside the bank, the police officers prepared to strom the bank. During the process, 3 of the 4 suspects were shot while the last one could be apprehended. One of the officers was wounded in the leg and had to be taken to hospital along with the bank's employee who was in shock. While the victims received treatment, the arrested suspect was taken to the local Sheriff's Department.
  10. Dear applicant, at this point you are denied because of: Recent temporary ban Recent admin jail Several complaints about you
  11. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T. Event Type of event: Dead by Daylight (Survive against killers with chainsaws) Prize: $5.000.00 Winner: Z|Gunslinger
  12. SWAT|Media Archive

    Bomb Threat RP S.W.A.T. members: Amit, Geri, Konan & Rozloo Other participants: Predator (PC), Laza (SAFD), Jack(SAFD), Sergams (SAM), Fattie (SAPA / SAM), Alien (SAPA) Description: We received an anonymous message about several devices hidden inside some appartments in West LV. Together with SAPA, the local police department and the SAFD, we closed off all roads leading towards the area. After SAFD fire fighters broke down the front doors using their chainsaws, the team of police officers checked room by room in each appartment until eventually the first explosive device had been discovered. SWAT Officer Konan worked on defusing the bomb while the rest of the team carried on with the search. They came across a second bomb but the timer had nearly run out. Barely the team made it out alive, as the fire, caused by the explosion, engulfed the house in flames. As S.W.A.T. Officer Rozloo was hit by shrapnel, he had to be treated by the medical staff of the SAM and the SAFD and was later transported to the hospital. In the meantime, the first bomb was defused succuessfully and SAFD fire fighters were able to get the fire under control.
  13. SWAT|Media Archive

    S.W.A.T. Room Clearance RP Training S.W.A.T. members: Amit, Geri, Sceptic & Konan Other participants: Predator|PC Description: We decided to work on our room clearing skills again. As training site we used the Jefferson Motel, as it provides a variety of scenarios that are vital to complete possible situations with the least amount of potential casualties. The training included approaching the room cautiously and clearing rooms using flashbangs. We also went a step further deploying multiple flashbangs and clearing rooms at the same time .
  14. Thank you for posting your application, however at this point you are denied (mainly) for: Applying for multiple squads / gangs Inconsistency in your details mentioned Lack of experience ...