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  1. The Last of Us 2

    Fucking epic :D I'm so excited right now :D When did you return to SAES you puto? :P
  2. wowowowowo its a freaky

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    2. Freaky

      How you doing dude?

    3. Kawich

      Good man, and you?

    4. Freaky

      Not bad, semester's kicking my ass though.

  3. Logi's reward change

  4. Stroach´s donation change

  5. Sneijder's Donation Change

    Links aren't working, use imgur.
  6. Maestro donation change

    I couldn't find the stallion and picador. Add pictures to your post (parts 2 and 3) so that I know where everything is.
  7. Korkut's Donation Change

  8. Reward Change

  9. Hold the door! Man that scene hit me hard. D&D need to stop killing all the direwolves too! Rest in peace Hodor and Summer :(
  10. His name is TheStyle

    I need some new speakers... and new ears.
  11. Who still knows me (from 3yrs ago)

    Hey there! I remember the name.
  12. Donation Request