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  1. SAES Meme pictures!

    This cracked me up so hard
  2. What you like to do

    Mate she's like fucking 12 you pedo
  3. Promotion

    RIP Bulgarians was nice knowing you. gz blade
  4. CS:GO :: Share your CS:GO plays here

    You've been slacking general. Time for some proper field training. Meet the robt at the training grounds 6 am on the dot!
  5. Your opinion about a Staff member

    Let me just get outta here and pretend this never happened okay.
  6. Your opinion about a Staff member

    you're most welcome ruffle feathers? I don't know what your talking about. On a serious note though. I think it could be quite useful from g/s/c's to get some actual good feedback and you could probably do that the best.
  7. Your opinion about a Staff member

    Joe's posted here before, and I assume you can guess how explained and detailed that post was ;p. I'd love to see a new one of him though showing how he thinks the g/s/c's stand. @Crash The jokes are always utter shite like the one you posted.
  8. CS:GO :: Share your CS:GO plays here

    What were you doing bonobo?!
  9. CS:GO :: Share your CS:GO plays here

    Gold Nova pride
  10. Official Quote Wall

    wait what?!
  11. Love the idea. Can't really hate it either since it doesn't affect the people who don't like it. Great idea
  12. Official Quote Wall

    maybe you should try /bartmanenglishschool