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  1. Official Quote Wall

    Sounds like a lovely place to be afk.
  2. Show us Yourself v2

    fag What beer is that?
  3. We've all been noobs

    Prick shouldn't have unbanned him...
  4. Show us Yourself v2

  5. And justice for kmeta

    Kankerbob unban already
  6. Official Quote Wall

    I guess Ghost was tired of Ghost stealing his name.
  7. Official Quote Wall

    Pie, mate.. Anyone need pie?
  8. Civilian Groups

    Not like it's hard to either get arrested or simply get a bribe..
  9. As far as I understand, it's basically this.. only its for DE/DDT/CLO?
  10. Official Quote Wall

    Seems about right.. damn turks
  11. Some stats about the server

    First five countries have the most retarded population = majority of the server is a bunch of fucking retards
  12. Please make this happen.. for the sake of Horkent
  13. DId system jail horkent? Is he even clo still?