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  1. Freshmens in GM

    My dreams finally came true. Congratz boys. Deserved
  2. The Outfit

    Event #60 Event Title: Fallout The Outfit members present: O|Human and O|Jacob Prize : $1,000,000 Winner(s): Carpet Screens:
  3. If only I had a fucking mic, it'd be a little more fun :P
  4. The Outfit

    Posted December 29, 2016 · Report post Random Activity #05 Description/Title: The Outfit *ACTIVE* The Outfit members present: 01/01/2017
  5. How do you imagine the users to look.

    @Rzz0 and his family @Kmeta missed the family pic cause he's out stealin.
  6. Piercee's shitty youtube vids

    https://gyazo.com/2c72e91fca9e2e4f83e2479c811723ce Got some Ubisoft games as well I think.
  7. Top 3 highest Scores!

    Nice topic, @J!6! I'll make sure to post some of my stats later. @Bazuka U could've screened your bank balance ;-) Though 310m is not even close being the richest.
  8. Piercee's shitty youtube vids

    What kinda games do u play? I'd love to play with u. That of course if we have any games in common :-)
  9. Show us Yourself v2

    Jesus fucking christ. You're both making me sick. Grow up! What's cool about being a gangster, @Madix? It's criminal and stupid. And stop being some beefy, @TonyMontana. You might live in a shitty area, but that doesn't make you a badass.
  10. But they're fucking easy. So stop whining. You don't need more than a cracker to JB. There's no cops at jail, so even a shitty cracker could JB u.
  11. Ubisoft giving out 7 free games!

    As Tombaa said. I did as well yesterday. Got 7-8 free games.
  12. Streaming KATLA development

    No offense @ChasinTLSN.. but you're speaking nonsense. First of all, the only reason there would be different players on the new server, is because of players like you which dislike changes and refuse to change. If every player from SAES managed to get their ass on Katla, we'd have the same community and we'd even have the chance to grow in player activity. I guess one of the reasons why they wouldn't implement these changes on SAES, is because of the people whining about all the work they have put into SAES. By making a new server, the players which are crying about losing their shit won't cry. Other than that. Why so negative for Katla, Chasin?
  13. SAES Meme pictures!

    Proper DMers does not get jailed. Trust me.
  14. Official Quote Wall