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  1. What did saes give to you ?

    stress...lie he gave me a bunch of friends who still playing together, and stress too, funny moments with these people, now we are a family yes i mean CDC, and others friends from other country's with other culture, so we've learned much about these places and these people, so i can say i was growing in the cultural aspect playing here and improved my English
  2. Unban Ratolicious!!

    Im here to ask to unban Rato, we know these guy made one or two DM since played here, but i ill tell you he changed, its true man he changed and want back to server, its serious he changed, Rato as find Jesus crist and is a regenerate Man!, he was working in the church cause, and no ill break the server rules never more, unban Rato he is a cool guy who have made some errors, forgive Rato! Unban Ratolicious!
  3. count to 1,000,000

  4. Leave O Join CDC hahahaha

    1. Hotfire


      nein! Leave CDC and join O! lmao

  5. Brazil or Portugal?

  6. Post some pics of your country (Taken by you!!!)

    Curitiba, My city Capital of Parana State, is on the list of the 15 most beautfull citys from unesco list, with Buenos Aires. to me Buenos Aires is more attractive.
  7. Show us Yourself v2

    when i was on uruguay making some paramilitary activities.
  8. My SAES Video Archive.

    Record with Fraps without audio adn edit with sony vegas pro 10 thanks mate, :D we see in game thanks tut, is the first ive used audio effects, its nothing compared to yous vids but ok, ur are pro :D
  9. My SAES Video Archive.

    Action Video Gameplay My First CDC Video Promo Thanks For Watch, Apply To CDC...