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  1. Show us Yourself v2

    Miss ya too lil faggot 2 <3
  2. Show us Yourself v2

    u lil bitch, miss ya and gz for the staff position
  3. Show us Yourself v2

    Lmao she's younger then me
  4. Show us Yourself v2

    Le update, me and my GF in Bali
  5. Show us Yourself v2

    Leeee update, my girlfriend to the left, me myself and I in the middle & friends to the right.
  6. Show us Yourself v2

    aww yea, moved from Sweden to Australia for 5 months ago, soooo felt it was time to post a pic of me and my girlfriend.
  7. Show us Yourself v2

    From the prom yesterday my bae and i.
  8. Show us Yourself v2

    U wish sexy motherfucker though <3
  9. Show us Yourself v2

    I'm still alive, even though my MTA is still hella broke.
  10. Show us Yourself v2

    Was a while ago, guess i'm unknown these days.
  11. New Community Staff!

    Congratulations fellas.
  12. CSGO :: General Chat

    This is freaking awesome
  13. CSGO :: General Chat

    Respect for Taz.
  14. CSGO :: General Chat

    Back when NIP were able to do something Back when NIP were able to do something Indeed