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  1. Donation: ProNuBs (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Sorted, thanks for donating! Get hold of an admin ingame to get your cash reward.
  2. Donation: Eusébio (Amount 29.00 GBP)

    Done, thanks for donating. Keep in mind you donated 1 GBP less than required for 3 cars, we will be lenient this time but not again. Ask any admin for the cash reward once you're ingame (link them to this topic, they should post here and lock it to confirm). EDIT: cash reward sorted
  3. Official Quote Wall

  4. Donation: Udearia (Amount 50.00 GBP)

    Vehicles awarded, thanks for donating.
  5. Donation: Petrow (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Don't forget to post your desired rewards.. @Petrow
  6. Add pizza boy call in service

    As others have said this is very minor (not really useful), please be aware we handle suggestions by priority.
  7. As your criticism on the price versus performance ratio was also right, the topspeed has been slightly raised. Also the damage taken has been normalised, doesn't feel like thin paper anymore. So everything that was left of your suggestion has been implemented, @Seervio Moved to Accepted
  8. Fair enough to reconsider the amount of damage it takes, as I agree it's over the top. This will be our pick out of the whole suggestion, ill get back to you and @Seervio soon in here
  9. Nothing changed to the damage taken, the handling of SGT hasn't changed for years. The note about "damage model" in news & updates, is just the VISUAL added deformation of the hood. It was just a change in the model, it would previously not show any sign of damage except for engine smoke. So your whole suggestion is based upon a mistake/being misinformed, unfortunately. I think you just read the word "damage" and made up your mind. So just to be clear, there are no changes to Super GT (especially not "todays changes") but visual ones, and that was a few weeks ago. For the next part of your suggestion; exactly this has already been discussed recently. The Super GT handling nor the price is subject to change, read here why: http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/99732-super-gt-and-other-cars/. There are reasons why the SGT is better than other cars, not strictly comparing its absolute topspeed. About the Tampa, it's noticably harder to drive due to it being a drag/muscle car. It can't handle open nitro well without being an experienced driver or using it carefully, and its turning is very limited due to its drag/muscle nature, which you can suspect from its rear height already. Do you see alot of people drive a Hotring Racer just for its speed? similarly, not really.. As you mentioned the Tampa to compare it to the Super GT on price/performance ratio; it's not really a comparisation that is to be made, due to the justification for the Super GT being so expensive with limited topspeed already having been discussed at the link I gave you.
  10. Balancing a bit.

    Major balancing isn't possible due to the broken state of server economy, but we've made slight changes that benefit the criminal side (cops have had enough updates recently) such as raising the pay of certain criminal activities. Criminals accept more risks to stick to crimside, hence why it's appropiate to be financial changes, contrary to the updates that benefited police in the past months. Read F1 under News & Updates for limited details on which criminal activities (amongst some civilian too tho) were raised in profitability. I think we did our best to meet your complaints halfway (although most of them were invalid, I see where you're coming from - let's talk about general balancing), so archiving this topic as accepted. @DraGunoV. *Note: further measures to improve economy and do something for other concerns you have named can be carried out after this post, infact smaller changes acting against the frustration seen here are still coming.
  11. [COMPLETED] Modded police SUV

    The exact mod @Patrol added image of has been added, but heavily optimized & edited.
  12. Punishment for fake reports

    Knowingly submitting false reports is already prohibited, it's covered by rule #12. We have punished in the past when it was discovered, rather than just deleting the false report.
  13. Some months ago the radius was added, but it hasn't been widened since that day, so you must be wrong. The reason for cancelling grenade explosions within SR has been explained by @Angelo. and to prevent people would just take a step back and throw a nade from the ground onto the SR roof (or just below where it would still damage people on the SR) the radius has been added and very precisely to just limit it as much needed. If we shortened the radius with one feet, they would be able to throw grenades onto the roof from some angles. So without the measure of that radius, our efforts to stop grenades from exploding on SR would be near useless, and the problems we aimed to resolve wouldn't really be eliminated. If you're complaining because of no longer being able to throw a grenade on police cars which arrive closely to the SR building, then.. where is the balance in that? Cops are already having a hard time to get onto the roof without being shot by the 15 guns pointed at them and their need to climb. Anyhow, in that case, preventing what we don't want to see (as Angelo explained) has more priority than preserving your overkill nading desire. And @ChasinTLSN your OP is a bit confusing, it doesn't read away comfortably and your actual goal isn't clear, you're generalizing the "cops vs crims" balance. But the only benefit I can think of is the one I described above and for which I defended why it won't be that way.
  14. Donation: Jim (Amount 10.00 GBP)

    Sorted, thanks for donating again!
  15. [COMPLETED] Firefighter job payment

    Done, the payment was raised to something more reasonable.