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  • "  My STORY:   I started to play on SAES in October or November 2011, created my account on the forum in February because I was wanted to join Rebels MC, at my 1st application, I got accepted, 2 months…"






I started to play on SAES in October or November 2011, created my account on the forum in February because I was wanted to join Rebels MC, at my 1st application, I got accepted, 2 months passed, and I left Rebels MC for join B~B, I got accepted, 3 or 4 months passed and I was wanted to join AA for improve my skill and become a respected guy. But I got kicked because I was using a other account (Twink alias Twinkie: for try my chance with the cop life, started with SAPA and finally got S.W.A.T, so my name was [sWAT]Twinkie) so after getting kicked from AA, I was unbanned 2 weeks later. And I applyed for HS, 1 years passed in HS and I was thinkin about create my own gang. So I created Hooligan's, Hooligan's is born between October and November 2013, Hooligan's is now level 1 and we have re-applyed for the level 2 because we got denied one time.

I'm in many group like SAP, OB, HBT, RB, SGS. Ex-SAFD.



Twinkie STORY:


I created this second account for try the cop side, so started with SAPA and some months later, I have worked hard to become SWAT and I won this opportunity, I was playing on Twinkie and Terguerre sometime but not at the same time, so when I got banned, I was [AA]Terguerre and [sWAT]Twinkie. I get unbanned by Magnus after 2 weeks and I choosen to stay in the criminal side.

But I haven't created this second account for make money or make flamewar, it was only to play as cop sometime without leave my gang (at the time: Rebels MC).



My real life story:


I'm Nicolas alias Terguerre, 20 years old, French, Firefighter Volenteer, studying for become frigorist in the high school called E.S.T.I.C, in the class: TFCA (Technicien du Froid et du Conditionnement de l'Air).

But I really want to become firefighter in the army in the base near my city: BA113 (translate: Base Aérienne 113) in the city of Saint-Dizier in France. I have many strengh and some weakness as everyone. My english skill look like 8.5/10. I talk french, english and a bit Spanish. I like many style of music: Harstyle, Hardcore, Jumpstyle, Dubstep, Frenchcore, Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock but I really don't like many RAP.

So, it's a little result of my real life.



























Some old screens:









Ex:HS, Rebels MC , B~B , AA, SAFD Firefighter Secret Service Hooligan's Leader Organization Zero

Now:  SAP Swashbuckler  The Agency  Black Syndicate

Almost famous 2 024

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  1. SAES is 13 years old!

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Black Syndicate ~ RolePlay Topic

    RP #515-The Bad Race Participants : Black Syndicate (Terguerre, MaRoO) and TST (Tamo, Rambo) and SAFD (SAES>Martjin) Location: Las Venturas, Los Santos Hospital Scenario: MaRoO and me were driving around Las Venturas with our monster car, a cop tried to follow us so we choose to speed away, we lost that cop and finally I lost the control of my car and I hit MaRoO car, MaRoO ran on the wall under a bridge and I ran on a pole. Some civilians were driving and call the cops and the emergency because we were in a bad situation, at the first place I was unconscious with my legs stuck in the car and MaRoO had pain in his head. After that the emergency rescue us, they drove us to the Los Santos Hospital to take XRay and find out my brocken leg. I said to the officer that was asking questions that I can't remember what happened before the accident so he can't arrest us for no reason. Screenshots
  3. Black Syndicate ~ RolePlay Topic

    RP #514-The Drunk Man Participants : Black Syndicate (Terguerre) and TST (Tamo) Location: Las Venturas Scenario: We had a long journey of work with our business so I just walk to the bar and bought a bottle of vodka and started to drink more and more, I was a bit drunk and choose to come back at home but I meet a officer. I tried to escape but I was too drunk and I just got tased on the ground. The officer drove me to the jail after that.
  4. Black Syndicate ~ RolePlay Topic

    RP #168 - Convoy of ammo to BS Factory Participants: BS Location: Whestone to Red Country Description : With the time and our business, we use a lot of ammo in our criminals activity, now it was the time to feel our factory because we were out of ammo. For that, I called our ally (out of San Andreas), they used a ship to bring the ammo to San Andreas, we finally used their truck and escorted him to our false sprunk factory to store every box of ammo.
  5. Petit passage sur ton profile ma poule :)

    1. Groove


      hehe, bienvenu alors x)

  6. DayZ Standalone: Screenshots/Media

    I think that DayZ Standalone is already better than the DayZ Epoch, and the develloping isn't finish so DayZ Standalone isn't going to die Ps: Why not create a event, where we can all meet in game and have fun, that's can be funny to play like a big team of 10 or 15 guys like I did there is 1 week
  7. DayZ Standalone: Screenshots/Media

    I personnaly use a piece of paper for lock the Z touch Lol
  8. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    Thanks E$O, it's good to read that sort of encouragement, that's encourage me to continue my work for keep Hooligan's alive Personnaly, we had bad and good time like every gang on the server, that's happen and I'm not going to drop all my effort for the error of one player, thanks again bro Thanks for the comment
  9. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    We only failed a BR, the result of this one was 2 safes because the bank reseted after 2 min after the 3rd doors so maybe a bug, our 4 others BR were: 1st: 6/8 2nd: 6/8 3rd: 8/8 4th: 6/8 so we haven't failed "some" BRs and yes we are working on our activity
  10. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    They can spawn crims, buy sniper, store it, and spawn cadet for take it after
  11. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    Fuck it Kain, you aren't perfect too. Anyway, you can understand what I was saying. And if you are so pro, come talk a bit french mate
  12. Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

    If I'm not wrong, it's minimum level 2 gangs/squads/compagnie. Just follow our topic and you will see our activity, still not the best anyway we work on it: http://saesrpg.net/topic/46431-hooligans-h-screenshots-and-video-archive-roleplay-event/page-15#entry966921