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  1. League of Legends - General Chat

    I suggest you to use only 1 page and change every game, depending on the champ you're using, your team-comp and enemies ofc. If you do that, you will improve and get game knowledge, If you're not sure what to use, just think in your champ abilities and how the runes can be applied in each abiltiy. Also you can use probuilds.net, there you got what professionals players use with X champ and VS who. :)
  2. League of Legends - General Chat

    A bit late but I come to share my happiness :)
  3. Housing Changes

    Leaving the part of the house limit, all other stuff start running from now ? PS: Good job Kain.
  4. I miss my old 1v1 races for cash. +1
  5. Modded Vehicles

    Tell that to Frisout, I asked for the SW bike and he don't :( /me cries.
  6. Well, could be usefull but I think writing "any arms dealer" someone will answer u.. At least 90% of times
  7. Nice but will lag the server.
  8. Help Omar get into a group!!

    What about adding him to Maxium Mong ? It's a group..
  9. My newest creation

    Oh god, just look at my profile photo, send me that code FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
  10. No ty, I spend 75% of my time on SAES trying to pink other people cars.
  11. Why don't making a mix between HR and SR, everyone happy.
  12. SRs in deep sea

    Excellent idea, It could add the activity of boats (which is really weird to see one). And general activity. Plus new things are always welcome to improve. +1
  13. Arrests scoreboard

    Stop arresting truckers. Kappa.
  14. Prison Warden Armor

    Rofl, you spawn inside the building, just not the interior, all you need to do is run to marker. Useless suggestion.
  15. Prison Warden Armor

    Yes, I agree with the part of you die a lot of times, but come on, you have a spawn INSIDE JAIL, even the Prision Warden Trainees spawn inside and you just need to spawn and rush over and over and you get a lot of money and easy arrests. Do you really think you need more than that ? lol. -1
  16. I will love the day you make that you can buy more than 1 parachute to save on disk and not getting 1 per 1.
  17. Hello, I think some of you will remember the old C-Pink Car, a car that spawn randomly in somewhere. All carjackers can see on map and need to steal to get money. This script was really funny cuz a lot of crims were going for It. This could add more activity, new job for carjackers (that currently no1 uses) and ofc a lot of more work for cops & squads. If this script was removed for a special reason, please someone tell me. And ofc give your opinion.
  18. Honestly I have no idea, I remember that old script from 2012, I trust you and developer team can make It fair for both sides and completly balanced. Feel free to modify whatever you want, I just remembered that script and thinked "oh, that was funny shit, would be nice to see It again". so here we are haha.
  19. We all know current jail is the worst jail we ever had. For both sides, If you try to JB, you cannot due the time It takes to enter. It's more worth to wait the time, also for cops, they even doesn't need to defend. But I don't think they change.
  20. New Class - Elite Arrester

    Having PC and State Trooper, I think that's useless suggestion. -1
  21. We all know that, but for some reason they think "that's only DM". SAES is more boring everyday.