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  1. Fuck, Marry, Kill

    Marry carnelas to get AA VL Fuck ikke cuz he's pretty hot Kill logi because he called me hijo de puta Next three: Licano, Halo and Sky
  2. New SAHA Members

    Nicus CS and now SAHA, RUN BITCHES RUN
  3. Official Quote Wall

  4. Official Quote Wall

  5. Official Quote Wall

    When finally the results of CS recruitment will be announced.. But you remember you're playing SAES
  6. Reduce time in prison

    When I get arrested, I just watch youtube video and the time fly. Also there are a lot of JBs.
  7. Show us Yourself v2

    Hello, I'm big naruto fan!
  8. Last Letter!

  9. Last Letter!

  10. I'm bored of SR and BR only, this could add more activity for crims and cops. +1
  11. Official Quote Wall

    Justice, @Karitos
  12. New tweaked website

    Good job
  13. League of Legends - General Chat

    I suggest you to use only 1 page and change every game, depending on the champ you're using, your team-comp and enemies ofc. If you do that, you will improve and get game knowledge, If you're not sure what to use, just think in your champ abilities and how the runes can be applied in each abiltiy. Also you can use probuilds.net, there you got what professionals players use with X champ and VS who. :)