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  1. Meet the new Government

    You saying that I can just go TWH and DM gov members ?
  2. The Ferry

    No1 uses It anymore. sad.
  3. New update woo!

    Thank you so much, I have been waiting this for a long time ! EDIT: /dropammo does not works with parachute, dildo and other weapons that have no ammo, I tried with /dropammo 1, /dropammo and /dropammo another number. @Angelo.
  4. I already suggested this, a lot of people supported but 0 answer.
  5. Na, that just cause crims spam nades when cops are near. Simply will cause more troubles.
  6. Official Quote Wall

    Magnus will RIP him from Youtube too (?)
  7. Official Quote Wall

    When 3 years passed but you still wanna join AA..
  8. Yes Or No

  9. Yes Or No

  10. I really support this, why? because I remember my first days on SAES working as Delivery Man (didn't know that Trucker had better salary), months and months working as Delivery hahah.
  11. State your money making methods below!!

    Nanobob confirmed It's each 15 mins and the prizes are nice.
  12. Races are fixed

    So specific hahah, ty.
  13. Races are fixed

    @NanoBob Can you tell us what time are the races exactly ? again thank you so much for this, We, the racers love It !
  14. State your money making methods below!!

    You should add races, since they are back and giving 60-70-80k for 1st and some for 2nd and 3rd, and they are very often (idk exactly but maybe each 15 mins) It's better than SR haha.