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  1. Lo siento por responder aquí pero tienes los mensajes bloqueados, enviame un PM en el foro, abrazo! huh.
  2. I am 90% sure I won't move to KATLA so I don't like the idea of not adding scripts to SAES just because "KATLA is close" which was an excuse for years..
  3. Official Quote Wall

    big rekt
  4. Suggestion for Mechanics

    Does people still using /mech ?
  5. Official Quote Wall

    I stills doing..
  6. Yes Or No

    Are you insulting me ? YES Have you ever used a dildo ?
  7. A way to avoid annoying cops!

    I don't see the point of nerfing cops, looking that 1 of 5 players in SAES are cops. Really easy to avoid cops, you got a lot of crims helping u adding the quantity of guns u want. I think cops should be buffed instead of nerfing.
  8. Time in prison

    Considering It's TOO HARD to getting arrested, 7 mins is fine + add you can just go youtube, facebook while you wait the time.
  9. Drug Dealer Sell

    Could be nice but only If It's balanced, If a crim can save 1000 speed drugs, that crim would be impossible to arrest. If developers find the correct balance It's good idea.
  10. Meet the new Government

    You saying that I can just go TWH and DM gov members ?
  11. The Ferry

    No1 uses It anymore. sad.
  12. New update woo!

    Thank you so much, I have been waiting this for a long time ! EDIT: /dropammo does not works with parachute, dildo and other weapons that have no ammo, I tried with /dropammo 1, /dropammo and /dropammo another number. @Angelo.
  13. I already suggested this, a lot of people supported but 0 answer.
  14. Na, that just cause crims spam nades when cops are near. Simply will cause more troubles.
  15. Official Quote Wall

    Magnus will RIP him from Youtube too (?)