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  • Bastage MTA:DayZ Server Re-Opened!

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    Thanks to Brophy, DDerek and Nanobob, the MTA:DayZ server has now been re-opened after a period of inactivity!

    Details from DDerek:

    Hello guys!
    Yep, you are right,  BAST MTA DayZ server is re-opening, and guess what? it's going to be full of new surprises and a lot of new adventures.
    After a looooong discussion, we finally got @Brophy's approval to re-open the server.
    We will continue with a new  version of the old server, trying to bring a lot of new updates and stuff to improve your gameplay.
    I already contacted one of the MTA DayZ developers, but we're still waiting his reply, he could provide us a updated version of the old gamemode used in the last server.

    Since i know there's a lot of players, playing in other servers, so now you will have the oppurtunity of playing with the community  also a lot of people didn't know the old BAST MTA DayZ server, so i'm going to present you some of the old amazing features:


      Reveal hidden contents


    - A fantastic building system, you need to gather the recources needed and build your own base with it, even with doors etc. ( Will be better explained later.)

    - A  group system, with editable ranks and permissions.

    - The famous supply drops containing a lot of good and rare items.

    - A VIP system. 

    - And the BAST shop, used with our server currency ( Bastage Points ).

    - A donation system.


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    We will keep and improve the old features and add a lot of new stuff.
    We also thank the old staff members such as @Sam, who did a excellent job in the last DayZ server,  and will always have a spot open.

    Regarding the server management, the current server admins are:

    As soon as we get everything running fine and if really needed, we will recruit some people to the staff team!

    We will receive a lot of updates in the old systems such as the VIP system, that will receive a major update in the rewards etc. ( I will also post the server rules. )

    SERVER IP: mtasa://

    Please answer this question/ suggestion, so we can add stuff that everyone enjoys:

    -What would you like to see in the server ( suggestion )?

    Well that was it, feel free to PM me or contact me on IRC with any further question.

    Also we really appreciate for all the help and the gamemode provided to  .:CiBeR:., one of the MTA DayZ main developers, and the rest of his team!

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