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  • The Bastage MTA DayZ Server

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    Good evening ladies,

    The past 2 weeks we've been working on an entirely new version of the bastage dayz server. This is a complete rewrite of the entire gamemode.

    The gamemode is nearing completion, and the first version will be uploaded to the server today / tomorrow (depending on your timezone) (15-04-2016) The server has currently been passworded in order to prevent people snooping around whilst I'm deploying the update. Expect the server to be unlocked sometime in the afternoon (I'll make a post here  when done)

    Now just to give all of you a heads up, since this has only been started 2 weeks ago the amount of functionality in the new gamemode is a bit less in comparison to the 'current' one. However it should have much better framerate. And (hopefully) a lot less bugs. If any bugs are found please report them on the bug tracker under the bastage dayz section.

    Any future suggestions can go here: http://saesrpg.uk/community/forum/604-mta-dayz-suggestions/


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    The server IP or Port please..