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  • Welcome, roleplayers!

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    Hello! We have 2 great annoucement for the community of roleplayers of the server: 

    1.Fort Carson RP project

    We have been running this project for a while to test how it worked, now I'm glad to make it official and release it to public in this way. 

    Fort Carson RP project will make you able to get a completely new experience in the game where you will be able to do things your own way, you'll have to face new challenges and enjoy the fun with other community members more than anytime before. 

    You will become a citizen of the peaceful village of Fort Carson (Bone County), where you might succeed and become rich, be a criminal mind, defend the ctiziens as the Sherrif and much more!

    But.. will you be able to face the terrible truth of what Fort Carson hides? Is it a Government project, do the other citizens have something to hide, why does it grow so fast?? Give it a try and you won't regret!: 

    You can also find some pictures of the "testing time" here: 

    2. RP association is back!

    I'm glad to announce to RPers in general but mostly RP group leaders that are strugling to keep their groups active that RP Association is back! For those who don't know, you can find some information down there:


    HQ of RP groups feel free to contact me for forums password to start working into #TakingOurServerBack (as our motto used to be) as soon as possible!


    It's very important for both to count on the support of the roleplayers of the server, so stop complaining and now, help us make a change, thanks for reading.

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