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    , posted by: Shaun 86 comments

    Evening all,

    Thank you to those who expressed an interest in joining the Community Staff team this time around. After some discussion, we have come to the decision to accept the following applicants.

    Please join me in welcoming @Human_ @nicus. @ProNuBs @zeking @Toreno @Hesha to the team!

    This leaves quite a gap in the SAHA roster, so expect an announcement to follow on that shortly as well....

    Congratulations to the new staff members, and good luck keeping your sanity amid the deluge of reports you're about to experience!

    86 comments on this article

    Most accurate recruitment I have ever seen, gratz boys !

    Oh damn, thank you and congratz to others!

    Groove missed the Favortisme trainstation :(

    Humafk_, nigus, pronubbies, zekingacCcio, torpedo and hushka, congratz.

    Ehh it could have been better. I guess that adding another SAHA there would have been too much lol.

    Anyhow congratulations to everyone.

    To be honest Groove deserved it far more than anyone. Congratulations to the new staff members anyways!

    Favoritism is stopped here since Groove didn't get it.

    yaaay, more slaves to abuse!!!

    congratulations & welcome aboard nubs

    @Adistar., Illuminati doesn't want you to know that being SAHA actually means being SAES***> so they added a Tape 2.0 and someone that isn't inactive but somehow has around 600 hours of gameplay.

    Now for real. I don't have any beef with any of the two, and I'm quite happy about @Human_, since I deal with him more in-game, but I'm pretty sure you could find a way to add a third SAHA in there somewhere.

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