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  • Meet the new Government

    , posted by: Henry 25 comments

    Tired of driving around? Feel like a potential Donald Trump or maybe an Adolfollower? This is your chance to show your creativity. 

    With the community support we hope to bring the fun back with activities and roleplays and Government couldn't be left to a side in this project. Until now Government was something fixed that didn't let those who weren't part of it to have some fun with its existence, and if it did it wasn't as interesting as it will be now!

    New Government system allows you to create a monarchy, from a democracy to a dictatorship without forgetting about anarchy. Some basic rules which can be found here and hopefully will be developed according to our needs will be your only limits: 

    Governent now depends on your imagination, everything is possible aslong it doesn't go against the rules. You may reach the power through elections, revolutions or coups. Take your weapons and head with your friends to the White House and implement your own wish! 

    You don't believe in politics? Become a hitman. Assasinate Government members for a profit, there will be people interested in taking some men in black out of the map. Maybe you would like to be a spy? Double agents share information between revolutionaries and the current Government, or is someone suspicious of planning a coup? 

    This and much more will be posible now when your roleplay actions will have a consequence in the story of the server.


    After the wars between political ideologies during Edward Thatch's presidency, his Government started to become more restricted and the laws start restricting the freedom. Government says elections will happen soon. Will you wait for that?


    Feel free to ask whatever both here and in PM. Thanks for reading and prepare your tactics, skills and your plans for the domination or to just survive! Only the start is set!


    25 comments on this article

    You don't believe in politics? Become a hitman. Assasinate Government members for a profit, there will be people interested in taking some men in black out of the map.

    So as far as I read here are we permitted to snipe goverment members whenever we see them? Or am I just wrong if I am tell me how it has to be.

    San Andreas is a state, not a country. Just saying!

    No @Bazuka it has to be done in a very nice RP fashion, otherwise it is considered DM.

    You saying that I can just go TWH and DM gov members ?

    No, its not that simple , you cannot just go to the WH and start shooting poeople as that would be considered Deathmatching.

    You must create  RP history, envolvin some RP characters etc and if it is really needed to kill some Gov Member then you may do it but accepting all the consequences

    F1 rules still apply so "killing someone without reason" is still DM. If you want to assasinate a Government member you should have a clear plan and better call a SAES member who's involved in the Government RP to watch it before those who can't RP start to cry and report you for DMing. So yeah, before doing an assasination, ask.

    @Seervio @Bazuka

    I like the idea of it, I hope that there will be more RPs, and first of all that people are actually gonna play as gov and make RPs. Looking forward to it!

    Look @Henry, @Patrol should get jailed. He admited he wants to kill me :(. Can I have an arrest warrant pls?

    If I spawn LWS or G6 can i build a wall?

    Viva Trump!!!

    what can i do to be acuban car

    pls any one answer 


    @Boston as long as it's proper RP and you're in the government!

    @Nikolai you need to be active before you start rubbing anything mate.

    @mohamed adnan Wrong place to ask, there's a topic http://saesrpg.uk/community/forum/257-cuban-cars/ here where you can read up on that.

    @Cryptic That's the point of the new system, if they don't RP and go inactive, Henry and the rest of the noobs overlooking Government can decide to change the government, so it forces them to work on it or lose it.

    I will change the world.....grab em by the pussy!!!!

    As of now i see its even more dead than before, not even a single activity.

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