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  • Housing Changes

    , posted by: Kain 24 comments


    Housing Limit

    After a long poll which we've had today with over 100 votes, it concluded in a choice between 6 or 10 properties which neither side received a majority therefore we've decided to take a split down the middle and go for a total of 8 properties. This is enough for 1 in every city/county.

    All players will have until the 21st of August in order to match the limit of 8 properties and anyone exceeding this number after this date will have their property count scaled down to 8 with their highest value properties taken as punishment. This limit does NOT include donation icons.

    The housing amount will be pulled from the database therefore there will be no "evading" as all names will be written down in black and white.


    Ceiling Prices

    After a pretty much large majority of 75% requesting them to be removed we've decided to totally remove ceiling prices and therefore allow players to spend as much as they want when buying/selling properties.



    As voted, auctions are now allowed ingame again at the players own discretion. However if you do this, we highly influence you to screenshot absolutely everything important when doing these auctions in order to prevent scamming. No screenshots = Not our problem. 

    Alternatively, SAHA members can now also act as third party "middle men" just to ensure auctions are ran smoothly and quickly. This is a highly recommend method as it is 100% guaranteed to take away any insecurities that may exist. 

    Along with this,  if players wish to attempt to receive the highest potential amount of revenue for their property, they will still allowed to create forum based auctions following the format found here.


    Inactive Properties

    Inactive properties will sort of be returning to the old method. If players wish to "hunt" for inactive then they are able to request these on the forum in the Inactive Housing Request section. The first person to post the inactive property in the correct section on forums will receive the property. If you post the property while the owner is not officially inactive you will not receive it. Only the first correct post wins the property. Owners of properties are officially inactive after they have no logged in for one month. Someone who has not logged in since July 2nd is officially inactive August 2nd at 00:00 and not a minute before. We calculate this using forum time and not game time.

    When an inactive property is being processed, players will be required to pay an extra 25% of marker price on top which will be taken as taxation fees and where a small amount will be kept as payment for the SAHA agent.

    On top of requested inactive houses, weekly checks will be done ingame for all inactive properties and any left over will be placed on sale by SAHA agents where a small amount will be kept as payment for the SAHA agent.

    On top of requested inactive houses, weekly checks will be done ingame for all inactive properties and any left over will be placed on sale by SAHA agents.


    This system is running purely on a trial basis, especially the inactive housing system. It was almost impossible to make a poll about the inactive housing system as it's either this or the old one and can be changed at any time.

    If you notice your house price change at any point, it's probably due to a SAHA agent making it a more "reasonable" price rather than stupidly high or stupidly low.

    Any questions, please post below.

    24 comments on this article

    I can't make people spam to Joe anymore :(

    Well you can @System

    SAHA have 4 roles, sorting inactive properties for inactive players, being a middle man, regulating forum auctions go smoothly and setting all unrequested inactive houses on sales weekly.

    Kain has done something which the crowd wanted from a long time.

    Heil Fuhrer Kain !!

    Due to Billionaire being happy about the change, we've no choice but to revert the entire system.

    Unfortunately, the goal of annoying Billionaire was not achieved.

    Well done with this. 

    As much as people hated on Kain, you got to admire the initiative in making changes for the future of SAES. 

    Human was useless,still useless,and will be useless in the future.

    At least you doing voting before changes. Well done Kayen .

    Zaza has 76 houses admin let's remove them all 

    I Wish to see this ingame but i'am banned :(

    thats great i missed this big update that i was waiting for it long time ago ..


    server roll back fucked all the deals we made in auctions..lost all the money and properties..half got benefitted from this and half people lost all..all 3-4 hours doing auctions wasted in vain...

    Oooooh, damn, I need to sell some of my props now :(...It won't be easy, but I'll do my best :)

    Leaving the part of the house limit, all other stuff start running from now ?

    PS: Good job Kain.

    On 25/07/2013 at 3:05 PM, Zaza said:

    GodFather-Meet me ingame for talk


     acceptemt in cripz

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