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  • Changes to Auctions

    , posted by: Shaun 16 comments

    SAHA will be dropping all support for forum auctions as of today. This means all rules relating to forum auctions have been removed. The forum will instead be used as advertising space, to receive maximum exposure for any properties you intend to auction ingame.

    To summarise:

    1) We will not monitor bids or chase buyers once the auction is over.

    2) Bids will be made directly to the owner. You are no longer required to post them.

    3) There is no longer a 48 hour limit. The seller decides when to end it and which bid to accept. All topics are archived after 2 weeks regardless whether it has been sold to keep things tidy.

    4) We will continue to offer a middleman service to players who request it. We will not deal with any reports where players have been scammed without the use of a middleman. You have been warned.

    5) As a result of this change, ALL current housing bans have been removed.

    See the following topic for more info:


    16 comments on this article

    This means that an auction topic can stay for months and people keeps bidding? 

    @M7mod As they said, all topics are archived within 2 weeks, means you can keep your auction open for maximum 2 weeks.

    If a topic is moved to the archive after 2 weeks you're free to make a new topic for the same property and continue where the last one ended BTW, we decided to move topic biweekly to keep the forum from flooding with dead topics. 

    Good, shouldn't have even made these changes in the first place. Buying houses shouldn't be so fucking hard and time consuming. Nor selling them.

    After 2 weeks of this update i don't think it was a good idea....a lot can fool around with this new changes and make topics just to troll people as there's no time limited for the auction so if there were no winners the topic gets archived and they can post it again and keep foolin around...

    @Carl the people make topics to get a good offer, If all offers are really low for the prop u selling, ofc won't sell.

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