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  • Your chance to win dinner with ... ME

    , posted by: Kain 60 comments


    This is your opportunity to meet the new SAES HQ member in person and share an evening of fine dining and conversation with Kain himself and up to three friends or members of your family. You have to be in it to win it, so participate now!

    PM me with the current format to be automatically entered for the chance to join me for dinner in London.

    Full name: 


    Why should we meet?


    The prize includes:

    • A two-course gourmet meal prepared by McDonalds and soda (FREE REFILL) for each course, specifically chosen by Kain.
    • Kain will join you and your friends for the evening meal.
    • For the dinner to take place in your home, you must live within 35 miles of London city centre.
    • Alternatively, or if you live outside of the 35-mile radius, the dinner will be hosted at the McDonalds restaurant based at the city centre.
    • Up to £2,000 in travel costs will be reimbursed if travel to the restaurant is required. Proof of spend is required.
    For you chance to enter, PM me now!

      60 comments on this article

      Meanwhile on the tracker...



      damn that dinner is gonna be so awkward :D

      this is a joke isn't it ?

      No, Kain thought this was a neat way of bringing the community closer to HQ... His idea and he even pays for the travelling cost.


      Let's spice that McDonalds up

      Been playing on this server long enough to be suspicious of this. You're gonna sell their organs to someone, aren't you?

      I guess webcam sex on skype would be cheaper.

      Well I could make a short visit from Manchester, hmmmmmmm

      Well currently I've had no applications. 

      Nice to feel wanted isn't it :(

      cum to tunisia, I've enough liquor and much weed for a tough night.

      he probably won the lottery or something to afford us to pay the ticket Lmao! I want to see some screens who has been on the trip kain

      na man, i rather go kfc with Brophy  in Birmingham :DDDD. 

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